Exclusive Video Interview: Manifest Stars Dallas & Roxburgh Talk Season 4, Premiering Tomorrow

ManifestTomorrow, fan favorite Manifest comes to Netflix. The series has followed passengers of Flight 828 who returned to their lives discovering that five years had passed. The passengers soon realized they might be meant for something greater than themselves as they started to get “callings,” or guided visions of future events, some of them coming to believe that there is a death date coming for them if they don’t use their knowledge to help others and change things around.

At the end of season three, misguided passenger Angelina (Holly Taylor) killed Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) and kidnapped baby Eden. This season, Ben (Josh Dallas) mourns the loss of his wife, but won’t give up hope in finding his daughter. The rich script made it easy for Dallas to tap into that darkness and grief. “Jeff Rake and our brilliant writers have created such a rich landscape for us to play around and tap into,” Dallas told SciFi Vision during a recent interview. “All those things were there for me to embrace and take into myself, just the idea that his wife was murdered, his daughter was kidnapped, and his son has grown older, so he misses out on more of his years. It was all devastating and not hard to tap into the melancholy and the emotionality of all that.”

ManifestDuring the interview the actor also talked about how Ben’s sister, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), has stood by him through his grief. This season, she's balancing trying to follow her callings while also helping look for Eden, all while not having her job anymore to back her up. “She's no longer a cop in season four,” explained Roxburgh, “which I think is a really awesome progression of her character, because she quit. She decided that helping the passengers was more important than a job, especially given the fact that she knows about this death date…[H]er main priority right now is figuring out what that day looks like and what she's supposed to do getting to that point…She's kind of taken the captain role going into season four, given Ben's grief.”

For more from the two, watch the full interview below and be sure to tune into Netflix; the first ten episodes will be available to stream starting tomorrow.

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