Submission Rules

Article, multimedia, and link submissions from new users must be sent using the contact form. If the content is approved it will be added and you will be given credit. If you submit a lot of quality content I may give you priveleges to upload your own content, but until that happens do not use the submission form as it will only reject users on the registered only level.

Rules for submission:

You must include:
1. author of the content
2. link you found the content

Submissions must not contain:
1. pornography, drugs, extreme violence
2. anything that could be considered extremely offensive (ie no flaming, etc.)

If content includes artistic content (art, fanfiction, poetry):
1. the work must be your own or
2. you must have permission to post it
3. no underage sex, etc.

I'm not strict, but I think you get the point. Also most likely artistic content will not be included on the main page (ie it would get put into a user gallery, etc.)

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