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Contributing Editor, TV Reviews: John Keegan (partner site: Critical Myth)

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Alyssa Grillo
Contributing Editor: Emily Katharina
Contributing Editor: Christiane Elin
Contributing Editor: Lynn Tackitt
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Contributing Editor: Dede Taylor
Contributing Editor, Movie Reviews: Daniel Denehy

Jamie Ruby is the founder and editor-in-chief of SciFi Vision, where she oversees the media site, as well as interviews celebrities and writes articles and reviews. She also previously served as Assistant Editorial Director in science-fiction at MediaBlvd Magazine. Jamie also has previously run official fan sites for a few celebrities, including Cody Deal and Jason Schombing.

Jamie, who graduated from Youngstown State University with a BFA, is not only a celebrity journalist but also a web designer and photographer. All of this website was created and designed by Jamie, and many of her photos of celebrities can be seen on this site and at the gallery.

Jamie also runs the podcast Fandom Access along with her two cohosts Karen Moul and A.J. Grillo. The live show, previously call Lost Causes, has welcomed many great celebrities in the past, including stars of the hit television series Lost, as well as Warehouse 13, Helix, Wynonna Earp, and more.

Twitter: @scifivision

Karen Moul interviews celebrities as well as writes reviews for SciFi Vision. She also helps with other press on the site and often assists Jamie at press events.

Karen cohosts the podcast Fandom Access (previously Lost Causes) with founder Jamie Ruby and cohost AJ Grillo.

Twitter: @kmoulus

AJ Grillo writes reviews and does interviews for SciFi Vision.

AJ along with, Karen Moul and site founder, Jamie Ruby, run a podcast called Fandom Access, formerly Lost Causes. Over the years they have interviewed many celebrities from shows such as Lost.

AJ, his wife, and their two children live in upstate NY. He currently is a manager at Office Depot. When not at work he is an aspiring writer. He is a self-published author at

Twitter: @AJ_SciFiVision

Kati Krieger

Twitter: @KatiK_SFV

Lynn Tackitt

Twitter: @Lyn4SciFiVision

Dede Taylor

Twitter: @DD4SciFiVision

Christiane Elin

Twitter: @CMESFV

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