Exclusive Video Interview: Stars Ramirez & Long Tease Season 4 of Manifest

***The following interview contains slight spoilers***

ManifestTomorrow, Netflix releases the first half of season four of the fan favorite Manifest. The series follows passengers of Flight 828 who not only returned home to find that five years had passed, but started receiving visions of the future called callings.

One of the ones left behind during those five years to pick up the pieces and try to move on was Jared Vasquez (J.R. Ramirez), fiancé of Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh), who was on the flight. This season, which picks up two years after the events of season three, he really balances the duty of his job at the NYPD with helping Michaela and the other 828 passengers. “He's put his job on the line for Michaela over and over and over again; this woman will always have a piece of his heart,” Ramirez told SciFi Vision during a recent interview. “He's tried to move on countless times…Over the two years, I feel like there's been a sense of maybe reflection that he's taken to work on himself and grow up and just accept what he has and what this life looks like with or without her. There's a sense of kind of calmness that you see that you'll see now…within the mix of all the other stuff. Helping figure out the Death Date and being there for Ben (Josh Dallas) and the family trying to find baby Eden, obviously he’s a very integral part to all that with his detective work.”

ManifestZeke Landon (Matt Long) who Michaela met after returning from the flight and later married, was not a passenger, but had a similar experience and also a perceived Death Date like the passengers. However, Zeke was able to survive the date, and after doing so became able to feel people’s emotions. This season, that power has changed a bit. “His empathic abilities have progressed a lot,” Long told the site. “Now, not only can he sense the emotion from other people, but he can actually now take that emotion. He can absorb it from them through physical touch. He's able to use that for good, but it puts them in a dangerous position, because there's only so much a person can take, and he sort of loses his sense of identity without these abilities.”

During the interview, Long also talked about some of the darkness the character goes through this season, while Ramirez teased a bit about his new parter. For that and more, watch the full interview below, and be sure to watch Manifest, available starting tomorrow to stream on Netflix.

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