Video Interview: Young Rock’s Uli Latukefu, Bradley Constant, & Adrian Groulx

Young RockLast night NBC premiered the second season of its hit comedy Young Rock, inspired by the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Other than Johnson, who also appears in the show, three actors play him at different points in his life, from childhood into the beginning of adulthood. That means that the actors have to have a consistency throughout their performances to make them seamless. According to Bradley Constant, who plays the character at age fifteen, the success of this partially had to do with the casting, but they didn’t really worry too much about it. “From our end,” said the actor to Jamie Ruby of SciFi Vision during a recent roundtable interview, “I think we really are so similar already in a lot of ways, and we just get along; we hang out together. It's in the writing too, and I don't think we really stressed too much about trying to make sure that it all aligned.”

Adrian Groulx, who plays Johnson at age ten, agreed that it happens without effort. “While we were hanging out together and doing these different events with each other, I think it kind of naturally did it itself with the similarities…we didn't really have to talk about it too much,” said the youngest actor.
Young Rock
“Adrian has a difficult job in setting up everything,” added Uli Latukefu, the eldest of the three, “so he's kind of the anchoring point for us. I have the advantage of looking at Adrian's performances and Bradley's performances and kind of tweaking anything for my own performance, but generally speaking, what Bradley says, is true. It's really from the casting.”

The actors also talked to the press a bit about the things they do inherently pick up from each other. “I think, for me, the warmth is so important, particularly between Dwayne and Ata (his mother),” said Latukefu. “That's such an obvious relationship… they're such a tight unit. That's evident in both Bradley and Adrian's performances. You get to see that warmth in that relationship.”

“I picked up a little notes of, with Uli, his determination going through that age,” added Constant. “He's really finding himself a lot more. There's a lot of strength in his core values and his family around that time. Around my time, he is finding that, and he's finding out what's more important. With Adrian, [he] is so smooth. Adrian is like, the coolest cat, and I think there's that amazing balance of having the coolest cat but also prioritizing family and having good strong core values. I think that culminates between all three of us and it just magically happens, like we said. We don't really force it.”

Watch our portion of the interview below, and be sure to tune into Young Rock Tuesdays on NBC.

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