Lucifer - Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer! - 5.02 - Recap

Lucifer - 5.02 - "Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!"

**The following is a detailed recap of the episode, which means it's full of spoilers. Please don’t read any further until you’ve watched it. You can also check out my spoiler-free review for the season if you prefer**

LuciferAn astronaut (Ashlei Tave) opens a sealed room in what looks to be some kind of spaceship. She sneaks with a knife over to one of the sleeping passengers and uses it to break open their lockbox. She pulls an apple out and starts to eat it, when suddenly another astronaut comes from behind and stabs her.

Chloe (Lauren German) looks for Lucifer (Tom Ellis), letting a still annoyed Ella (Aimee Garcia) realize he’s back.

Meanwhile, the doppelgänger (Ellis) practices Lucifer’s accent and talking to Chloe while naked in front of his mirror.

Chloe and Ella investigate the murder of Judy Mason, a biochemist and commander of the Red 2 Mars project, a simulation engineered by Brody Aerospace, run by Anders Brody (Stephen Schneider), the tech billionaire, who Chloe says she talked to last year on a boat. Ella says that now he has a spaceship and was planning to take rich civilians to the red planet to be the first Mars colony. Judy, who was the only scientist, was stabbed in the neck. They find a hair in a bloody footprint, but the killer must have cleaned, because none of the suits had blood on them. Since no one is allowed in or out of the dome, they assume killer has to be one of the five crew. Most of the camera footage has been wiped.

LuciferChloe heads back to the precinct to talk to the crew of the project, but before she can leave, Michael as Lucifer shows up. Ella yells at him and starts hitting him, and he plays along with Chloe’s story that he was helping his family in Florida.

Alone with “Lucifer,” Chloe asks about the fact that he just lied, which he doesn’t do. He tells her that even though he’s only been gone to her for two months, it’s actually been thousands of years for him and a few things might have changed, maybe even improved. He says a little white lie can be beneficial, and when Dan (Kevin Alejandro) walks in, he complements him and comments on his bracelet that Dan says is to cleanse his chakras.

Chloe talks to Linda (Rachel Harris), worried that Lucifer has changed as he’s acting different. She is worried that it’s because she told him she loved him, but then she denies that that is it. Linda tells her it’s probably been thousands of years for him in Hell. Chloe tells her that he told her that, unless he’s lying; he’s reconsidered his position on honesty. Linda says that he probably just needs time to reacclimate and remember what his life is like on Earth. Chloe stands up, assuming Linda means that she just has to remind him who he was and give him a jumpstart. Sarcastically, as Chloe walks out, Linda tells her they’re perfect for each other.

Back at the precinct, Chloe and “Lucifer” interview the suspects. He acts even more bizarre to her, becoming very serious. She even tries to egg him on to joke around or to find out their desires, but he wants to stay professional.

One of the people they interview is Sharon Osborne as herself. The only thing she reveals about Judy was that she was a party pooper and spoiled the ends of all of the books on the ship. Chloe asks her what she did, bite the head off of a bat? She tells her it was her husband who did that. She thanks Lucifer for what he did for Ozzy - from one prince of darkness to another.

Everyone denies killing Judy, and all they end up learning from the five people is that she was talking really loud on the sat phone.

Chloe questions that Lucifer is okay, as he doesn’t want to do anything inappropriate or sinful. Still trying to get him to act normal, she even tries to get him to eat Dan’s pudding, but he doesn’t. He just gives it to Dan, who assumes he spit in it or something worse.

Ella tells them that the hair was sheep’s hair - someone tracked it in from outside. Chloe and “Lucifer” go to talk to the people running the program.

“Lucifer” and Chloe talk to Sam Chavez (Cody Bell) and the woman he works with, Mandy (Erin Cummings) about Judy. Chavez tells them that no one goes in or out of the ship even to drop off supplies or fix equipment. Mandy says that they are testing the psychological strength of the travelers, because it’s difficult being isolated with strangers for so long. Chavez confirms this, as he participated the previous year in Red 1, and the experience changed him. Chloe questions that once he was back, he didn’t feel more like himself. Lucifer/Michael adds that it was probably hard on relationships, realizing she’s thinking about him.

They question them about the sat phone, that perhaps Judy was arguing with someone back home, but it was only connected to mission control. The two mention the possibility of it being Donovan (Matthew Bohrer) who used to work there but was fired after he got emotional when Judy was promoted instead of him.

Once alone, “Lucifer” tells her Chloe he knows by her questions that she’s concerned that he has changed. He says he has, but his feelings for her haven’t. He says she’s been patient, but he just needs a little more time. She agrees; whatever he needs.

Back at Lucifer’s penthouse, “Lucifer” is attacked by Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt). She screams, asking how he could leave without her after everything they’ve been through. He stops her by telling he he’s not Lucifer, but his twin, Michael.

Michael and Maze talk. He proves it’s him by showing her his wings, which are gray, unlike Lucifer’s white. He says he’s there to right a wrong. He’s pissed, because everyone in the Silver City was praising Lucifer for going back to Hell voluntarily. He says that Lucifer finally does what he’s supposed to do and gets praised - when do we congratulate a convict for serving a sentence? He knows that as soon as Lucifer hears someone is playing with his toys and maybe even breaking a few, he will come back and reveal his true colors.

Maze says that it seems like he’s the only one trying to fool people and good luck, because humans are smart, especially Chloe. He admits she’s become suspicious but says he will up his game and then break her heart. Maze questions why she would let him get away with it, but he says she should help him - he knows she’s mad at his brother, and if she helps lure him back to Earth she can then kick his ass.

Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is at Lux when Michael shows up. He’s surprised Lucifer’s back but questions who’s watching Hell. He tells him no one is. He knows Amenadiel is afraid for baby Charlie. Amenadiel asks what is to stop demons from coming back up and taking him. Lucifer tells him that he went back to Hell for a reason, but he’s not concerned anymore; they are all in line, and he needn’t worry.

Chloe and Michael go on a stakeout of Donovan Glover, the fired astronaut. They end up in a car chase but cut him off in the alley. When the detective and Lucifer get out of the car, Glover drives straight at them. Michael grabs Chloe and flies her over the car. Whether or not she notices his wings are a different color, she doesn’t say.

In interrogation, Glover tells him he thought they were repo men; his car is all he has left. He didn’t know Judy was dead but says he’s been in Texas all week. He reveals that Brody was having an affair with Judy. Michael and Chloe seem to be on the same page and think that perhaps Brody was worried his wife would find out and killed her. Brody had access to mission control and the ability to wipe surveillance. They decide to go talk to him.

Dan talks to “Lucifer,” knowing something is off. Chloe comes and tells “Lucifer” she can’t get ahold of Brody, because he’s currently in space on a sub orbital shuttle test, so they have the evening free. He tells her he’s going to go home and have dinner alone. Chloe is confused and questions to Dan after he is gone if that was an invitation. He just says Lucifer is an enigma.

Chloe shows up at Lucifer’s place with burgers and fries and sees candles everywhere. She calls out to him but finds him in the bed with Maze. Upset, Chloe runs away, and he runs after her into the elevator. She says she has tried to be patient, but she wants him to leave her alone; she doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He tells her that he was down so long that he got lost and is trying to get back to the Lucifer he used to be. He says that Hell came rushing back when he saw Maze but that it meant nothing to him; only Chloe matters. She asks how she knows he’s not lying since he does that now. He tells her that she is different, and he would never lie to her. She tells him that she has to go think and gets out of the elevator. Before the doors close, Michael smirks from behind her.

LuciferChloe and Michael show up at Brody’s press conference. Brody remembers Lucifer and uses it to his advantage, hugging him and thanking him for helping him find forgiveness. Chloe shows her badge.

Away from the press, they tell him that they know he was sleeping with Judy. He says he will get a lawyer. Chloe convinces Lucifer to “mojo” him, but to her surprise, he asks Brody what he truly fears instead of desires. He says he’s afraid that people will find out he’s a fraud; he hates space. He only started the project to compete with Besos and Musk as a publicity stunt. Judy did find out and threatened to tell the press, but he told her he had to go through with it at that point, and they made up. His only alibi is that he was home by himself vomiting because he had to go back into space the next day. He then says he’s getting a lawyer.

Chloe calls Dan, saying that they need more evidence. “Lucifer” asks if she was upset when he asked what Brody feared. She tells him that actually, the opposite is true. She thinks it helped her understand. From what he told her, Hell is a terrible place, and after being gone for thousands of years, it’s no wonder fear followed him back. It would be strange if he hadn’t changed, and it’s time she accepts that. She says she’ll see him at the precinct. Michael surprisingly looks a bit sad. Is Chloe affecting him too?

Linda goes to see Amenadiel at Lux who has Charlie strapped to his chest. He admits that he’s worried, because Lucifer is back and not in Hell watching the demons. Linda thinks he wouldn’t come back unless everything is okay, but she does admit Chloe says he’s lying now. She says though that they shouldn’t let their fears get the best of them. At this, it looks like the wheels in Amenadiel’s head are starting to turn.

Maze comes to the precinct, asking Chloe if she’s freaking out. Chloe says she knows what she is trying to do, and she sucks at it: she’s trying to apologize in her awkward demon way. Chloe tells her she was devastated but knows that she was in a vulnerable place and was lonely and missing Eve. It helped her to understand. Chloe says that Lucifer is also hurting too and was desperate for love and affection and would obviously reach out to Maze. She realizes she wants to be the one there for him - in every way. Chloe thinks it’s time to take their relationship to the next level. Mazes questions she’s going to bone him. Chloe hopes it will be a little more romantic than that, but they’ve waited long enough.

Ella falls asleep at the microscope, and Chloe says it’s time for coffee.

She and “Lucifer” head over to get coffee and touch the cups at the same time. She pours his, and then they touch hands getting the spoons. They are both nervous, but Chloe is obviously coming on to Lucifer. She licks/sucks on the spoon and moans quietly. She tells him she’s hungry and ask if he wants anything from the vending machine. She says that she forgot her money and asks if he minds. She then leans over and sticks her hand in his pocket pulling out his money and gives the majority of it back to him. She asks if he wants his favorite, or maybe something different. She tells him that she’s been thinking he’s different, but sometimes change is a good thing. She says that she likes the new Lucifer; he’s grown. She’s been stuck in an old version of them, and maybe it’s time for her to move forward - for them to move forward together. She asks what he thinks if she comes over to his place after the case is over, moving really close to him. She notices their reflection in the vending machine and comments; he says it’s rather lovely. Suddenly Chloe realizes something about the case and says that maybe there is a reflection. She excuses herself and rushes off.

Linda shows up to talk to Lucifer. Clearly upset, she asks him who is watching Hell. Last time he left it unattended demons came and grabbed her baby. He says he understands she wants to keep her baby safe but realizes it’s more than that. He says that she is afraid of being a bad mother, and he gets the feeling she has a good reason for that. Sort of snapping out of it, he tells her that Hell is being looked after, and the more he thinks about it, the more it might just stay that way. He smirks.

Chloe has Ella pull up the footage from the time of the murder to look for reflections. She finds one from before the killer stepped into frame and wiped the camera. The person has an external oxygen tank on their spacesuit, which Chloe realizes was probably changed later in an improvement on the suit.

The Detective and Lucifer go to Sam Chavez’s house. When no one answers the door, Lucifer breaks the lock and they go in, only to be shot at by Chavez. Chloe announces them, and he stops and apologizes, glad they are there, but she says they are there to arrest him. He says that he didn’t kill Judy; he thinks Brody did. He thought that was who broke in, and that’s why he shot at them. He tells them that Judy told him about the publicity stunt, and they were looking for proof to bring it to the press, but Judy was too emotionally invested in the project and Brody. He warned her not to confront him, but she got impatient, and now she’s dead. Chloe asks why he didn’t tell them before, but he says that Brody’s reputation is everything to him, and he thought he would come after him next.

She tells him that the evidence points to him. He’s the only one who had access to mission control and the video surveillance, and he owned an old space suit. She tells him about the reflection. Lucifer notices the sheepskin rug on the floor.

Chavez agrees to go with them but is stopped by his Mandy, the woman from mission control. Lucifer comments that Brody wasn’t the only one who broke the no fraternizing rule. She has the knife Judy was killed with and admits that she took his suit and killed Judy; she thought he was in love with her. He was sneaking around and hiding things, and she caught him whispering on the phone. He tells her he was working to expose Brody - the project is fake. He didn’t say anything to her, because he wanted to keep her safe. She says that when he went away, he was gone so long and came back different. She thought he didn’t love her anymore. He tells her that it doesn’t matter where he is, nothing could change the way he feels about her. She questions if that’s true even if she’s in prison. He confirms nothing would. Chloe handcuffs her.

At his apartment, Michael waits for Chloe to show up, but it’s Maze who arrives in the elevator. She says that she knows what he’s about to do and won’t let him. She has her issues with Lucifer and is pissed at Chloe, but kissing her was one thing; Chloe is good and doesn’t deserve it. Michael says that Chloe is special, which is why he changed his mind, and he thinks she did too. She likes the new Lucifer better. He says he will tell her who he is in time. He decided not to break Lucifer’s life; he’s going to take it.

He grabs Maze and chokes her until she passes out, carrying her off. He hides her when Chloe suddenly shows up.

Chloe comes in and asks him if he remembers the last time they were there and told each other how they felt. She says she meant what she said and loves him. He says he meant it to and loves her. They kiss. She says that once they do this, things will never be the same.

Suddenly, Chloe shoots “Lucifer” in the leg. She says that she once shot Lucifer to prove he was the devil, and now she is shooting him to prove he’s not. Michael doesn’t deny it, and the bullet of course doesn’t hurt him.

He asks how long she’s known. She says that she knew something was off the first time she kissed him, but he always had such good explanations and lies. She wanted to believe him, but then she saw him with Maze and knew. Lucifer would never do that to her.

She asks who he is, and he tells her. She shoots him again. He says that she knows it won’t kill him, but she says it makes her feel better. Chloe says he’s not the only one who can lie, and he is no Lucifer. She doesn’t know why he’s there and doesn’t care, but she’s glad, because he made her realize that all her fears that Lucifer had changed were only that: fears. What they have is special and real, and it doesn’t matter how many lies he tells; she’ll never lose faith in Lucifer and herself.

LuciferMichael asks if not lies, then what about a truth. He tells her that she’s a gift from God; she was never supposed to exist. Their father made her for Lucifer; she was put there to be his little plaything.

She says she doesn’t believe him, and it’s time for him to go. She screams at him to leave.

Michael is drinking at Lux when Amenadiel comes to talk to him. He knows Michael's true identity. He tells him that he never should have used fear to get inside his head; it was way too obvious. He asks if their father knows, but Michael says he does what he wants. Amenadiel tells Michael to go home; he doesn’t belong there. He threatens that he could tell Remy (Vinessa Vidotto) to come back, because Charlie doesn’t belong there either. Amenadiel tells him he’s not afraid of him and to go home. He says that Michael has always exploited everyone’s fears, but they’ve always known his: he’s terrified that Lucifer is better than he is. He denies it, but Amenadiel says that he knows Lucifer will always win. Michael says, “We’ll see,” and then disappears.

Maze wakes up bound at Lucifer's penhouse but easily breaks the bonds. Meanwhile, Linda sadly looks at a photo with her holding a baby from 1994.

Chloe is still at Lucifer's place and looks at the bullet on her chain. The camera pans down and down all the way to Hell.

In Hell, Amenadiel shows up to talk to Lucifer. He tells him that he needs to come back. Lucifer asks what has happened.

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