Lucifer - Really Sad Devil Guy - 5.01 - Recap

Lucifer - 5.01 - "Really Sad Devil Guy"

**The following is a detailed recap of the episode, which means it's full of spoilers. Please don’t read any further until you’ve watched it. You can also check out my spoiler-free review for the season if you prefer**

LuciferThe episode opens with Mr. Said Out Bitch (Jeremiah Birkett) on his yacht partying when he’s propositioned by one of the women. He goes below deck to get into something more comfortable, but instead he finds Lucifer (Tom Ellis), who reveals he’s in Hell and tells him he’s going to be murdered.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the team is investigating the murder. Mr. Said Out Bitch’s real name is Lee Garner. He’s been shot in the chest and is missing a hand.

Chloe (Lauren German) has brought Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) to the crime scene in lieu of Lucifer. Ella (Amy Garcia) is upset that Lucifer ghosted her, thinking he’s in Florida helping with his family business. Chloe is upset that he's still gone but says she’s fine.

Tom EllisChloe and Maze go to Lux for dancing and drinking, where Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) is the new boss. He sees a drug deal going down and goes over, telling the man (Philip Alexander) that it’s his club and he wants in on it.

Lucifer explains to Lee that he’s in a hell loop. He wants Lucifer to tell him who killed him, but it’s not his job anymore. He tells Lucifer that he had everything, mentioning his yacht they are on in Marina del Rey. At this Lucifer looks outside realizing they are in a version of LA within the loop, which reminds him of his life back on Earth. Lucifer tells him that there’s a good chance he knows who is on his case. For her it’s been two months, but down in Hell it’s been much, much longer. Lucifer says he’s going to do something he hasn’t done in a long time: he’s going to solve his murder.

Lucifer stops the demon from murdering Lee again in the loop, and Lee takes off his mask, but he has no face, as his loop is made from his own memories, and he never actually saw the man's face.

Lucifer takes him to investigate.

On Earth, Lee’s sister, Meg (Chasten Harmon), is brought in for questioning. She admits he wasn’t a very good guy; he was a thief and owes debts. Chloe asked if someone taking his hand could be a message or mean something, but she doesn’t know. She hasn’t seen him in years.

Maze brings in a lead (Kelsey Chock). They interrogate the man, and he tells them he thinks Lee was whacked by "Dirty Doug" Sargisian (Michael Graziadei), who runs a mobster high-stakes poker game, trying to send a message because Lee owed him money.

Chloe and Maze are on the same page and know they need to go to the game posing as poker players, but it’s invite only. Chloe muses that she knows someone who could’ve gotten them an invite. Maze, implying they don’t need Lucifer, says that she will get them one.

Linda (Rachel Harris) has been giving Charlie all kinds of crazy lessons “because he’s special” and invites Ella over to teach him science. Ella humors her. Linda asks if she’s thought about kids, but Ella says she doesn’t even have a man and she’s drawn to bad guys, but she thinks this time maybe she deserves a good guy.

Amenadiel comes to the precinct to talk to Dan (Kevin Alejandro), who has gotten deep into self-help type stuff, because he was in a bad place after Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) and needed some help. Amenadiel, who feels the need to help make the world a better place, came to report the drug deal at Lux.

Maze brings Chloe their invite: a bloody playing card.

Back in hell, Lee admits to Lucifer that he owed Dirty Doug $700,000. They move in Lee’s memories to a poker game where they see Dirty Doug. He had given Lee a marker for what he owed, but it’s not enough proof.

Back on Earth, the girls go in to play poker, pretending they are a couple, racking up debt like Lee did. When Doug offers them a marker, they ask him questions but realize he’s only taking credit for a murder he didn’t commit. Meanwhile, overhearing them, another man (Mark Elias) runs off and they give chase, which ends with him getting hit and killed with a car.

Ella finds a 45 on him, which is likely the weapon that was used to murder Lee.

Maze makes a comment about Ella being attracted to Doug, but she tells her she’s done with the bad boys.

Down in Hell, the man who was just hit by a car walks in and ask where Lucifer is.

Back on earth, the demon Gromos has entered the man’s body to give Chloe a message from Lucifer about the case. She asks how Lucifer is, and he says he’s the Lord of Hell, so he’s great. He gives her the message, “It’s safe where you stored it.” Chloe’s confused. The body is too messed up for the demon to remain longer, so the man dies for good.

Back in Hell, knowing the message has been delivered, Lucifer is ready to leave Lee to his torture, but he starts asking about the detective Lucifer keeps talking about who must be important to him. Lucifer realizes he’s really just trying to manipulate him. Lee denies it, saying that he just seems like a “really sad devil guy” and taunts him that he could help him leave if he wanted to. Lucifer tells him that the whole thing is his own fault, and he will show him why he’s really there.

On Earth, Dan brings self-help books back to Linda and thanks her for watching Trixie (Scarlett Estevez).

Linda has been teaching Charlie Japanese among other things. Dan tells her that he learned the best part of being a parent is slowing down and enjoying it. He says to make sure she is present in the moment.

Lauren German and Lesley-Ann BrandtBack in the lab Ella reveals that their “squashed possum” is Vernon Gill, a known hitman. The gun they found matches the bullet that killed Lee. Maze also found twenty grand in his trunk which was likely for the contract hit on Lee. They don’t think Dirty Doug hired him, because Maze talked to him when came in the previous night and Gill said he threatened him for taking credit for Lee’s murder as it was bad for business.

Chloe tells them what Gill/Gromos said, letting Ella think it was from a confidential informant. Ella says that Lee’s credit card statement had regular payments to a storage facility called U Stored It.

Chloe and Maze arrive at the storage facility and the unit is open. They find Lee’s sister there who pulls a gun on them. Maze takes it from her.

At Lux, Amenadiel comes to talk to the guy who was selling drugs and Dan and the police come in to arrest him, but it turns out he is not a supplier and only had a small amount of drugs he stole from family members.

Amenadiel tells Dan he just wants to make the world a safer place for Charlie. Dan relates, as he tried to round up all the criminals he could when Trixie was born, but he says that removing all the bad people is like trying to bottle up the ocean. He tells Amenadiel that if he wants to keep Charlie safe, he should just be there for him.

Meanwhile, Lucifer has brought Lee to a memory of his sister’s baby shower at his parents’ house where he grew up. He hasn’t been there in fifteen years. It was the last time his family was all together. His mother was sick and died not that long after, followed by his father. It was his last chance and he never even went inside.

Back at the storage facility, Meg explains that she found the place on Lee’s receipts and kept wondering why they would take his hand until she saw the biometric safe inside. Someone hired Gill to kill Lee to get his hand to open the safe.

Meg was there when she saw them coming and freaked, pulling the gun, thinking it could be the killer coming back.

Chloe says she went through a lot for a brother she claimed to not care about, but she admits she missed him. She says she spent every day expecting him to walk through the door and has to accept he’s not coming back. This obviously parallels Chloe, who is missing Lucifer. She offers to take her home, but Meg wants to get some of his stuff first.

While they wait, Maze asks what’s next, but Chloe says that they need to take a beat to process things. She’s says she’s been avoiding dealing with the fact Lucifer isn’t coming back, but Maze thinks she figured out she doesn’t need him; they don’t need him or anyone. Maze says they are good and then tries to kiss Chloe, but she pulls away. Chloe says she isn’t good, and she doesn’t think maize is either. Chloe says she doesn’t know what happened between her and Eve (Inbar Lavi), but Maze denies it’s about her and says it’s about what’s right in front of them right now. She tells Maze that she knows what it feels like to be abandoned; she’s been throwing herself into work and going out with her so that she doesn’t have to face it. Chloe thinks maybe they’re using the partnership to fill a void Lucifer has left behind. She thinks it’s best if they step back from working together. Maze says it’s a good idea, but it’s obvious she’s upset.

Lucifer tells Lee to go inside, but he won’t. He doesn’t believe they really wanted him there. Lucifer says he stayed out because he was afraid, because he knew that if he went in, he would screw something up. Sooner or later he would disappoint them all over again and he’d rather stay away for all eternity. It’s obvious Lucifer is projecting and comparing himself. Lee admits it’s true but realizes that Lucifer is not only talking about him and asks whose Hell it is.

Chloe brings Meg back to her house and they find the hand sitting there. There’s a guy with a gun. She recognizes him from running with Lee. Meg asks if he killed Lee, and he says he gave them no choice. He owed them their cut for their last job. He is still after the money; the safe was empty. Meg's not surprised it’s gone. The man shoots a shelf to scare them, demanding the money.

Chloe lies and says she has the money in her bag. Instead she pulls out a gun and shoots him, and he goes down. Three more men come in and shoot. Chloe and Meg hide behind the counter.

Lee questions Lucifer that it’s his hell loop, but Lucifer asks who else’s it could be. Lee suggests that he’s torturing himself. He could have chosen any moment to torture him, but he chose this one. He knows it resonates with Lucifer, but Lucifer denies it has anything to do with him. Lucifer says he’s there because he’s the king of Hell and it’s his job. He thinks Lucifer is just making excuses. He should know; he spent his whole life making them. He went fifteen years without talking to his family, and he should have just got out of the car and walked in. He missed his chance. What about Lucifer?

Lucifer gets angrier, calling him a self-centered human and questioning how he can presume to compare the two of him. Lucifer says it’s his responsibility; demons were revolting. He had to protect humanity – and her.

Interrupting him, someone brings out the man Chloe shot, saying he has news about the detective.

Back at Meg’s house, Chloe tells her that they are going to stop to reload and for her to run while she draws their fire.

Lauren German and Tom EllisBefore that can happen, however, Chloe hears whistling. Lucifer walks in and knocks out one of the men. Chloe shoots the other. He breaks the third man’s gun and throws him into the wall, but he grabs a shotgun on the way down. Chloe knocks him out from behind.

Lucifer says that he thought she could use a hand, but it looks like someone beat him to it and indicates the severed hand.

Chloe just grabs him and kisses him. She then looks at him a little funny and asks if everything is okay; he seems different. He says that for her it’s only been a couple months, but time is different down there. For him it’s been thousands of years, but the only thing that has kept him going was thinking of her. She hugs him.

There’s a montage. Amenadiel and Linda are giving Charlie a bath. Ella slept with Dirty Doug. At the precinct Dan looks at a picture of Charlotte. Maze comes into Lucifer’s apartment and rips apart the piano, screaming.

While “Lucifer” hugs Chloe, back in Hell, Lee questions that Lucifer isn’t going to go up to help his “lady friend.” Lucifer says he has every faith in the detective; she is quite capable of taking care of herself. He is exactly where he belongs. He says she’ll do just fine without him.

Meanwhile, the scene changes to show them still hugging and “Lucifer” gives an evil smile over her shoulder.

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