Killjoys - Sporemageddon - 4.10 - Post Mortem

Killjoys**Following the review is a detailed recap of the episode, including quotes. Note that there are many spoilers for episode 4.10 in both the review and recap, so please don’t read any further until you’ve watched it. You can also check out my recent spoiler-free review if you prefer**

From the get-go of the episode, Hannah John-Kamen instantly embodies the character of Aneela, as it is obvious who the boys are dealing with. I loved how they play her off to Pree (Thom Allison) as a drunk Dutch. I also liked how she continues to call John (Aaron Ashmore), Johnny Favorite, through the episode, and seems disgusted by it. Definitely not a term of endearment.

I also enjoyed the explanations that Aneela gives in the episode to help viewers finally piece together what we know about the Green. A lot I’m sure most fans had guessed, but it’s nice to get some confirmation.

KilljoysAneela also has a fun conversation with Turin (Patrick Garrow) as she tries unsuccessfully to act like Dutch and be nice to him. He just doesn’t know how to react at first, and I love the lines in the scene:

TURIN: I think I prefer regular bitchy Dutch to creepy nice Dutch.
JOHN: Oh, they both have their moments.

I also greatly enjoyed her interactions with Johnny and D'avin (Luke Macfarlane). They put up with her bull shit, because they know they have no choice.

Johnny’s lines about D’av’s “weird green ‘splody [powers]” are some of my favorite lines in the episode, especially:

JOHN: Well, [D’av] kind of just makes a “poo face” and then people’s eyes explode.

There are of course also great emotional moments in the episode as well, and I was moved by the brothers’ memories, especially Johnny wanting to save Pawter (Sarah Powers). I was hoping that somehow, he would be able to bring her out of the Green with them, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

On the flip side of the episode, Zeph (Kelly McCormack) and Pree were especially enjoyable. It’s fun to watch Zeph’s mind work, and their conversation about bravery was really emotional, as was realizing that Pree forgot who Gared (Gavin Fox) was. That was devastating, as was watching Zeph’s memory slowly slip away.

Towards the conclusion of the episode, I was happy to see that in the end Aneela chose to do the right thing, even if she couldn’t stop the Lady.

It took me awhile though to realize that the “virus” was part of the Lady’s grander plan, assumedly a way for everyone to forget the truth so she could create her own reality, or whatever it is she is after.

KilljoysThat is where I start to get a bit lost. Are the final moments an alternate reality once the Lady is done playing with their memories? Or are they perhaps an altered memory and not real? Maybe somehow the Green survived (Aneela is still filled with the Green) and the Lady has somewhere altogether different to trap them?

Also, the biggest question for me, is if it is all caused by the Lady, overwriting their memories or something similar, why would she choose to put Dutch together with Johnny instead of Dutch and D’av? Was it to separate them so they wouldn’t function as well in a different dynamic? Is there a reason at all, or was it just a cool twist to add to the show as something some fans might like to see? Or maybe the Lady's just messing with them, playing house.

There is also still a part of me that wonders about Aneela. Perhaps Aneela made it out of the Green herself. After all, the only thing we saw was what was presumably the Lady’s arm. We have no idea what happened after that, or in all honestly if that really was the Lady. Also, what was with Khlyen (Rob Stewart)? Can Aneela just summon memories of people at will like the Lady, or like the others seemed to be able to do with objects? Is he somehow still trapped in there?
Also, another thing that stuck out: why was Gared not sick/didn't have memory loss?

Needless to say, my head is spinning, and it’s a long wait until season five, but it will be well worth it. I can’t wait to see where Team Awesomeforce goes next.


KilljoysThe fourth season finale of Killjoys, “Sporemaggedon,” picks up right where the last episode left off, with Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen) having returned from the Green in Dutch’s body. The boys quickly take her out of the bar before she can be discovered, telling Pree that she is drunk.

Aneela wastes no time in explaining to the brothers that she needs to bring D’avin into the Green to help defeat the Lady.

She quickly explains what the Green is (by smashing a flask at the annoyance of Lucy (Tamsen McDonough) ) - a living repository of universal memory. It’s a transdimensional space that records everything. She also explains that the Green is not what turned people Hullen, that was the Lady.

She needs D’av, because he can stop the Lady long enough for them to destroy her and get back out with Dutch; however, she has no intention of bringing Johnny along.

On the way to the Green in the lab, Aneela talks nicely to Turin as she tries unsuccessfully to be Dutch.

TURIN: I think I prefer regular bitchy Dutch to creepy nice Dutch.
JOHN: Oh, they both have their moments.

The boys bring Aneela into the lab to use the green pool. Zeph doesn’t want them there.

Turin comes in, having quickly figured out that Dutch is actually Aneela, and is not about to let her follow out her plans without a fight, bitter about all the death and destruction that she has caused.

Meanwhile, Dutch tries to find the Lady, but finds a red box like Khlyen has given her in the past instead. It’s empty, however.

Turin is ready to shoot Aneela, and the brothers tell him it will kill Dutch.

ZEPH: Has the testosterone made you guys all under raging assholes, or did I just miss something?
ANEELA: Men need to fight; it gives them meaning - and us entertainment.
ZEPH: Well, I am not entertained.

Zeph asks her if she’s in Dutch’s body how she can physically bring anyone into the Green.

Giving more of an exposition, Aneela explains that it has nothing to do with the physical. The Green operates on a subatomic frequency akin to radio ways that she can manipulate mentally. Zeph asks if she has considered D’avin’s repulsion effect on the Green. She’s counting on it.

Zeph confirms it should work, but Turin doesn’t care. How is he supposed trust her?

D’av says he’s not and tells Zeph to give the spore compound to Turin. If shit gets weird and Aneela is playing them, he’s to use it, even if they aren’t out. D’av doesn’t trust Aneela, but does trust him to do what has to be done if they can’t.

ZEPH: Ok, you guys seriously all need therapy.

KilljoysBack on Westerly, Gared finds Ginny, the kidnapped girl’s mother from one of the previous episodes, sick and lying down on the street. She doesn’t seem to know what’s going on.

When they bring their toys into the lab, Aneela explains to the boys that guns are useless. They already have what they need.

JOHN: D’av’s weird green ‘splody thing? Technical term.

She tells them that his repulsion to the Green is from the result of a previous operation on his amygdala (from a previous army experiment). She injects him with something in the base of the neck to repress it long enough for them to enter the Green space. Once inside the Lady will attack, and he needs to harness his ability to fight back.

D’av asks how he does that. She asks him how he did it before.

JOHN: Well, he kind of just makes a “poo face" and then people’s eyes explode.

All he needs to do is hurt the Lady long enough to distract her to give her the time to get the three of them out.

Johnny says that if D’av is the secret weapon, he needs someone to protect him. Aneela tells him that everything they care about is a weakness, especially family. They know; that’s why they removed the location of Jaq (Jaeden Noel) from their memories.

They then attempt to tell Aneela about her son, but she doesn’t want to see photos or know more, because the Lady will use everything against them, their greatest fears and worst moments.

When Da’v leans over, Aneela shoves him in the Green pool.

D’avin wakes up reliving the moment where he was not in control of himself and was beating up Dutch.

KilljoysMeanwhile, Johnny wakes up at the moment Pawter was killed. This time he plans to stop it and attacks everyone.

Elsewhere, D’av realizes what’s happening isn’t real. ‘Dutch’ laughs at him.

Inside the Green, the real Dutch wakes Aneela up. She tells Dutch that Johnny insisted on coming too. They need to find the boys before the Lady finds them.

Dutch says she hasn’t seen Khlyen, but gives Aneela the box. When she opens it, there is an apple. Dutch thinks it was meant for Aneela, who says letting go is never easy. She can hold the Lady off until she finds the boys but not much longer.

ANEELA: Go. Be brave.
DUTCH: Be brutal.

Once alone, the Lady comes to Aneela as Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen), wanting to talk.

KilljoysBack on Westerley in the Royale, more than just Ginny is sick. Pree is starting to feel it too, and there are a bunch of others that have come seeking Zeph’s help. Whatever it is, it’s spreading fast. She seems to realize something and says she needs to check something.

The Lady says she just wants to talk to Aneela while her friends are busy at the moment. Aneela doesn’t care whose face she uses, and doesn’t want to hear it.

The Lady, however, finally convinces her to listen, asking her what she could do if everyone could get what they wanted and no one had to win or lose anything. She wants to show her.

Zeph realizes those that are getting sick are the ones who were in contact with the children.

Ginny suddenly has a seizure. She is stable, but her brain has shut down, putting her in a coma. Zeph’s never seen a natural virus spread that fast. Turin thinks it’s an act of war and puts Westerley under quarantine.

The Lady explains to Aneela that her race was already ancient before she was born and had spread to every corner of space, driven by an instinct to dominate and rule, until she was the last of her kind left. She asks Aneela if she knows what that is like to have everyone you’ve ever known or loved crumble and die.

Then she found the Green, where nothing is lost, and it is a place for everything to be remembered. Aneela questions that she’s just a memory; she only exists in there now. She tells Aneela that it’s not fair, but Aneela she counters that it’s the natural order to live and die. The Lady reminds her that she has let her live for almost three centuries, but Aneela says that she didn’t ask for that. The Lady knows she didn’t, but that’s what she gave her and doesn’t think it’s too much to ask for something in return. Aneela asks what will happen if she can’t have what she wants. She tells her not to go to the worst-case scenario yet.

In the Green, D’av is in the forest looking for Dutch. She finds him and they hug. He asks how he knows it is really her, so she kisses him to prove it.

They need to find Johnny, and Dutch asks D’av what would his worst moment would be, the one he would never want to go back to. He knows where to find him.

Johnny has saved Pawter. She tells him that they can be together forever. He knows, however, that she’s not really Pawter. She questions if it really matters. Isn’t he tired of being lonely? It can be as real as he wants it to be.

Johnny asks what she wants from them, and she says it is something her race never had: memory. Something deep that allows them to remember connections to their past and imagine a future. It makes them unique but vulnerable. He knows what she is, yet all he sees is a memory of what he lost. If he stays, she will never die.

D’av and Dutch come to get him. She begs him not to leave her to die again. John just tells them not to let him turn around back to her.

KilljoysThose on Westerley continue to get sicker. Zeph herself is getting sick now as well. She cuts herself to test her blood.

Meanwhile, Turin has been working on getting her more supplies. A man from Qresh, from one of the Nine Families, Seyon Faresh, has come to help. Turin tells Zeph that the cavalry has arrived.

Moving not physically, but from one memory to another, the team is once again back in the woods in one of the Lady’s memories where she feels the strongest. Suddenly there are Ferren, and they are shooting at them, and they need weapons. Johnny says that the Green is a memory repository system; systems are meant to be hacked. They just need to get weapons from where they normally get them.

Dutch thinks of the armory at the RAC and appears there and gets them some guns.

KilljoysMeanwhile, the Lady is asking Aneela to join her instead of fighting her, but she tells the Lady that she has no desire to become another slave. She explains to Aneela that the Hullen were just a means to an end. Aneela has no idea what she plans to do when she gets out and what she can be a part of. She thinks they want the same thing.

They hear the shots outside.

According to Seyon Faresh the Nine Families have agreed that Westerley needs help. Turin tells him that Zeph is working on an antidote, but he doesn’t care and says they have no time for that. His plan is just to wipe them out with a nuclear missile and stop the outbreak before it happens. Turin tells him that they need Westerley to make money off of, but he says they will again once all the sick are gone. He asks Turin what he will do if the cure doesn’t work. He says that he will stop the one who started it all, looking at the spore compound.

Zeph is about to try the cure on herself, but Pree stops her, offering his own arm. They need a doctor to keep working, not a bartender. She says she is the one taking the risk with the medicine, that she should pay the price. He tells her that she is not being honorable, but rather stupid and cowardly.

ZEPH: Cowardly is letting someone else make a sacrifice that could get them killed.
PREE: No that’s making the hard call so the rest of us don’t have to. Like Pip did.

She asks him how she gets over his death, and he tells her she doesn’t. Life it’s about getting over things or letting go; it’s just about moving ahead, because there is nothing behind you but shadows.

Zeph finally agrees and injects Pree.

Dutch says that the Lady is just stalling for time. D’av has had enough and wipes the men out with his powers.

The Lady has felt that something has happened.

JOHN: Hold on, you could have done that the whole time?!
D’AV: So now someone likes my poo face?!

The Lady tells Aneela that it doesn’t have to be this way; she doesn’t know what she’s giving up. Aneela tells her that she knows what she took from her: time, a life, happiness, and she is going to enjoy taking it all back from her.

The Lady has a final offer for Aneela first. What if she could have her family back? She’s not talking about her father.

KilljoysThe trio head into where the original Green pool is. Aneela was supposed to meet them there.

Suddenly D’av hears his son, Jaq, calling him and follows the voice. The other two don’t notice at first that he has left. When they do, they chase after him.

Seyon Faresh tells his people to prepare the missiles, but Turin tries to stop him. Before he needs to, Zeph checks in, telling them that the antidote worked.

TURIN: Call off your firecrackers, sunshine.

Zeph turns to Pree and tells him that he will be up and dancing with Gared in no time. He says that’s great, but then asks who Gared is. Ginny is all right as well, but doesn’t remember her own daughter.

When Dutch and Johnny come in, the Lady, as Aneela’s mother (Karen Glave), is gripping Dav’s head, doing something to him, asking where Jaq is. He collapses, and Dutch asks Aneela what’s going on. She says that she’s sorry; he wasn’t strong enough. The Lady made an offer and Aneela made a choice to save her family. Dutch says that Aneela knows she is a liar: Khlyen is dead and her mother is hidden. She tells Dutch that the Lady is talking about Delle Seyah and Jaq. If they let her out, she will let them go. Dutch says that she can’t trust her; she wants to destroy them all. The Lady says that all she wants is what every living thing wants: more time, more life, and a family of her own.

When the Lady leaves the room, Aneela tells Dutch that she’s sorry and to remember what she said to her once: “You were here. You mattered.”

Johnny asks if what she did was part of the plan. Dutch doesn’t respond.

Once alone outside, the Lady tells Aneela that she can’t imagine how it will feel to be free again. She’s excited to see how Aneela brings people out of the Green. It’s always been a mystery to her. Aneela tells her she needs to concentrate. She says to take her time; “they” should be ready for her when she gets out.

KilljoysZeph continues to try to solve their problem, confused that Pree has lost his memory. She says that a virus is an infective agent and needs a host to replicate, but wonders what if it wasn’t about replicating, but about something else. The children were carrying it, and then it attacked their cerebral cortex...Zeph starts to forget what she was talking about as the virus takes hold of her as well.

D’av is still passed out on the floor. Dutch asks John how Aneela could do that. He tells her that she chose her family, but Dutch is surprised after all Aneela had been through, that she would just give up.

Angry, Johnny says that it makes sense; she’s going off with the second biggest bitch in the universe. He continues that “Queen Asshole” probably dosed the Green with the spore just to kill them for funsies.

That triggers something in Dutch. She starts to understand what Aneela meant. “You were here; you mattered.” She was there. She remembers talking to Aneela’s mother, and her asking her if she couldn’t save Aneela to do the honorable thing she couldn’t: destroy everything.

As with the guns, thinking about the spore cannister in the Green makes it appear.

D’av wakes up, questioning what she is doing. She tells him that Aneela is stalling for time waiting for them to find the spore, find her, and get out, at least that’s what she hopes, otherwise they have a small window for “I told you so.”

She suddenly throws the compound in the pool and everything starts crumbling around them.

Aneela and the Lady watch as everything starts to come crashing down.

The lady asks Aneela what she did, and she tells her that she will make sure she never gets out. The Lady tells her, however, that if the walls come down it opens a passageway in and out. Aneela says maybe, but she will never see it. She then kicks the Lady. They fight. Aneela appears to win.

KilljoysJohnny, D’av, and Dutch are heading out. They think Aneela is following after them, but the camera pans to show that it is presumably the Lady as Aneela, and she has knocked Aneela out. Khlyen is standing behind Aneela when she wakes up. Everything is coming down.

The team get out of the Green, but Aneela is not behind them. Suddenly the Green turns to water and all the flasks in the lab holding the Green explode. The Green is dead.

Dutch looks at her reflection and goes to touch it. Suddenly an arm reaches out and grabs her.

Then, the shit hits the fan.


Johnny and Dutch wake together in bed in the room above the Royale He calls her Yala. As they get ready for the day, in voiceover, Dutch talks about the story her father told her about a family getting lost in the woods.

John talks about going to work for his shift at the plant. She tells him to pick up hokk after work, but he wants to watch the game with the boys. He wants to keep her happy; however, so he agrees. Happy wife, happy life.

The voice over continues, saying that they left breadcrumbs to mark their paths so they’d never forget their way home.

KilljoysOutside, John throws money at a homeless man in the street, who calls him an asshole. It’s a long-haired scraggly version of Turin.

Gared comes up to John and asks if he is all set for the fight. He tells him that he is on bar duty, but to come afterwards for shooters on him.

John bumps into D’av who is dressed as a killjoy. He tells John to watch it, not recognizing him. Dutch comes out, saying that John forgot his lunch. D’av checks her out.

The voice over continues, saying that a monster lived in those woods, and one by one it ate everything they left behind.

KilljoysJohn tells D’av to relax and have a drink. Welcome to old town.

D’av looks down when he leaves. He has a warrant for Jaq.

The voice over continues, but in a young girl’s voice. She says that memories aren’t just where you’ve been; they’re who you are, and if she owns that, she owns them. And now that she’s out, she will own everyone.

The camera pans to show green smoke coming out of a plant. A young girl, assumedly the Lady and the one talking in voice over, glares.

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