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Alphas: 1.07 - Catch and Release"

AlphasSUMMARY: Agent Sullivan (Valerie Cruz) charges Dr. Rosen (David Strathairn) and the Alphas team with tracking down and protecting Skylar (guest star Summer Glau), an Alpha and technology whiz with a penchant for amazing inventions which, in the wrong hands, could prove lethal.

*Slight spoilers ahead*

This week on Alphas, Summer Glau (Firefly; Sarah Connor Chronicles; Dollhouse) guest stars as young alpha Skylar, who has the ability to invent gadgets and technology that no one has heard of, and quickly. When Skylar disappears and is being chased, it is up to the alphas team to find and rescue the girl. However, Skylar does not trust them and doesn't want to be found. In the episode Dr. Rosen must choose whether to do what he is told or follow his instincts as the girl is pursued by both the DOD and the NSA. ?No one really knows what Skylar is involved in and the twist will surprise you.

Without giving too much away, I will say that this week's episode brings about quite a bit of character development, mostly about characters having to make a choice between what they want to do and what they are told to do. We see Nina (Laura Mennell) fighting for what she believes is right, regardless of her orders, in order to help her friend. Meanwhile, at home, Bill (Malik Yoba) struggles with family issues.

Rosen, who is starting to get to know Agent Sullivan better, still spends his time nosing into the alphas' business, inquiring whether there is anything besides flirting going on between Nina and Cameron (Warren Christie).

Glau as expected did a phenomenal job as Skylar. She's good at playing the offbeat and quirky, and here is no exception.

Mennell was featured more in the episode and played well off of Glau's character. It was nice to see more into Nina's psyche and who she is. I also enjoyed her being stood up to by Skylar, who wasn't surprised she would try to "push" her, and came prepared with contacts. I would love to see her come back again at some point.

The other standout performance of the episode goes to Ryan Cartwright, who plays Gary. I loved seeing him assert himself to get what he wants, yet it was also comedic in a charming way. I think the best part is when even though he has no money he gets the cab driver to drive him around town agreeing to his eccentricities.

I think the episode struck a nice balance between action and character development. As the season progresses these characters are becoming more interesting and I'm finding myself becoming more invested in them.

Be sure you tune in at ?10 pm ET/PT tonight to watch "Catch and Release," as part of Syfy's Powerful Mondays lineup. 

Alphas - "Catch and Release"Alphas - "Catch and Release"
Alphas - "Catch and Release"Alphas - "Catch and Release"
Alphas - "Catch and Release"

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