Exclusive Video Interview: The Peripheral’s JJ Feild & T’Nia Miller

JJ Feild and T'Nia MillerThe new science fiction thriller, The Peripheral, recently premiered on Prime Video. The series, based on the William Gibson novel, stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Flynne Fisher, a young woman living in 2032 trying to hold together her family – her blind mother and her brother, ex-marine Burton (Jack Reynor). Besides working at a 3D printing shop, Flynne plays VR games for hire to help players level up to earn money to pay for her mother’s expensive medicine. While beta testing out a new VR headset, Flynne finds herself in a thrilling futuristic London but soon realizes that it isn’t virtual reality at all. Someone in London seventy years in the future has found a way to make a connection to the past, and Flynne soon discovers that life as she knows it is in danger.

JJ Feild, who plays the character of Lev Zubov, and T’Nia Miller, who plays Cherise Nuland, are key players – and potentially obstacles - that Flynne meets in the future. The two talked to SciFi Vision recently about Lev and Cherise's rather tumultuous relationship in the series.

“[They’re] part of a three-way power structure, and there's a great respect and admiration,” Miller told SciFi Vision. “They sort of lean on each other slightly in order for things to work. So, [he’ll hold his] corner, and I'll hold mine. Hopefully, it's sort of aligned, and when it doesn't, there's a problem.”

“In the restructure of the future as we know it…a deal has been made between three pillars of power,” added Field. “Now, the fabric of that is starting to crumble. It's [about] how we react to that and who's going to make the quick grab for control.”

For more, watch the full interview below, and be sure to check out The Peripheral, now available to stream on Prime Video, with new episodes every Friday.

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