Video Interview: Hanako Greensmith & Alberto Rosende Dish on Chicago Fire’s Love Triangle

The following interview contains light spoilers for Wednesday night’s season premiere

Hanako Greensmith, Daniel Kyri, and Alberto Rosende
In Wednesday night’s season eleven premiere, Chicago Fire wrapped up the Severide-Kidd wedding cliffhanger before throwing a few wrenches into everyone’s personal and professional relationships. There’s a new guy on the truck and his cocky attitude is sure to make waves; Kidd (Taylor Kinney) doesn’t like him already. Meanwhile, Gallo (Alberto Rosende) had an illuminating conversation with Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), who revealed that he took the fall for the Emma (Caitlin Carver)’s situation. Being a stand-up guy, Gallo shared the info with Violet (Hanako Greensmith), fully aware that he’s probably sending her straight back into Hawkins’ arms.

Prior to the episode, SciFi Vision spoke with costars Greensmith, Rosende, and Daniel Kyri, who plays Ritter. We asked for the lowdown on the love triangle, how Violet feels about Hawkins at this point and what happens when they all turn up at Molly’s bar. Check out the video of our conversation, which centers on that big [spoiler]!

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays a 9/8c on NBC and is available the next day on Peacock.

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