Exclusive Video Interview: Outer Range's Pullman, Podemski, & Arraiza

Lewis Pullman, Tamara Podemski, and Isabel ArraizaOuter Range, which is available to stream on Prime Video, tells the story of Royal Abbott (Josh Brolin) and his family, whose lives change after he finds a void on the edge of his ranch. Recently, to promote the series, SciFi Vision talked to some of the cast about what attracted them to their respective roles.

For Pullman, who plays Rhett Abbot, Royal’s son, it was partially the location, but he also found he related to the character. “For me, personally, it was [part] of the world of Outer Range that I was really familiar with. I grew up partially in Montana, and my aunt and uncle have a cattle ranch out there. So, that was something that really touched a chord with me.

Lewis Pullman, Tamara Podemski, and Isabel Arraiza

“I think Rhett is some somebody that I really relate to. I think his relationship with his father is something that I think most sons can relate to, that desire to emulate and be and keep up with this father figure, while also trying to cut your own path simultaneously. It's an impossible task. You know, it's the myth of Sisyphus. I think that there's just an unending wealth of stuff that I could I could grab from.”

For Isabel Arraiza, who plays Rhett’s love interest, Maria Olivares, it was the character, but also the love story. “Just the story, I think it's so fascinating. I've never seen anything quite like it, to be honest. But also, I love Maria. I love her determination. I love how proud she is of her roots. I love that she knows what she wants in life.

“But I also love that I get to tell the story about love in this really crazy, scary world and that I'm in charge of that of those moments, and we really want to root for them, [for] Rhett and Maria, and for their love.”

Tamara Podemski, who plays Deputy Sheriff Joy, related to her character right away as well. “I was so excited to see a native woman in a dominantly kind of white cowboy Western world. The potential impact of seeing her in that space and the opportunity to deconstruct the Western, that was just so exciting to me. She really is one of the greatest characters I have ever had the chance to play. So, that was very clear right off the bat, and I hope to spend a lot of time with her.”

For more, including what it was like for Podemski to play the antagonist to some of the characters, whether Pullman really road the bull, and more, watch our interview below and don’t forget to check out Outer Range, now on Prime Video.

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