Josie Loren and Cassie Scerbo on 'Make It Or Break It'

Josie Loren, who is also known as Josie Lopez, has appeared in different television series, ranging from Veronica Mars, to Hannah Montana, to Medium. She also recently appeared in the movie 17 Again, as well as the Disney Channel movie Hatching Pete.

Cassie Scerbo regularly appeared on the television series Dance Revolution, based on the video game Dance Dance Revolution. She also had a starring role in the movie Bring It On: In It to Win It. Scerbo will also be appearing in the upcoming films Not Another Not Another Movie and Bleachers.

The new ABC Family series Make It or Break It deals with the world of competitive gymnastics. Loren plays the role of Kaylie Cruz, who is expected by her father to be the perfect gymnast. While trying to live a normal teenage life with all the pressure she is also hiding a secret relationship with Carter Anderson (Zachary Abel). Scerbo plays the role of Lauren Tanner, a very competitive and often mean gymnast who is in it to win, but struggling with family issues and her father’s new girlfriend.

The two recently spoke to MediaBlvd about the preparations that going into playing such dynamic characters.

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