Clive Barker's The Departed to be Featured at 2015 Sci-Fest L.A.


(LOS ANGELES, CA March 9, 2015) – Sci-Fest L.A., the Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival has announced that fantasy/horror icon Clive Barker has granted Sci-Fest L.A. the right to present Christian Francis’ stage adaptation of Barker’s acclaimed short story THE DEPARTED in their 2015 Festival.

Sci-Fest L.A. will take place from May 5-31, 2015 at the ACME Theater, 135 N. La Brea Avenue in Hollywood.

Barker, the renowned British author, director, producer and visual artist, has made a lasting impression with his short stories, novels, films, plays, and comic books. His films have been adapted from his own published writings, and include the “Hellraiser,” series (the first of which he also directed), and the “Candyman” series (the first two of which he also produced). Barker also Executive Produced the Academy Award winning film “Gods and Monsters” and co-founded the film production company Midnight Picture Show.

Barker is also known for his collection of short stories “The Books of Blood,” and his bestselling “Abarat” series. His novels include The Damnation Game, Weaveworld, Cabal, The Great and Secret Show, Imajica, The Thief of Always, Sacrament, Galilee, Cold Heart Canyon, Mister B. Gone, and The Scarlet Gospels.

The collaboration between Barker and Sci-Fest L.A. was initiated by Rob Hollocks, one of the Associate Producers of Sci-Fest L.A. and himself a transplanted British writer, director, producer and former studio executive. “When I first mentioned the possibility of presenting one of Mr. Barker’s plays at Sci-Fest LA in 2015 to David [David Dean Bottrell, one of the three founding producers of Sci-Fest L.A.], he was extremely excited about the prospect,” said Hollocks. Bottrell added “Clive Barker is one of the most influential and important creators of fantasy and horror fiction working today and Sci-Fest L.A. could not be more honored and pleased to be presenting his play THE DEPARTED at the 2015 Festival.”

Sci-Fest L.A. will be presented May 5-31, 2015 at the ACME Theater, 135 N. La Brea Avenue in Hollywood.

About Sci-Fest L.A.

Co-founded by veteran theatre producers, Michael Blaha and Lee Costello, and actor, David Dean Bottrell (“Boston Legal”), SCI-FEST L.A.: The Los Angeles Science Fiction One-Act Play Festival debuted in May of 2014 to sold-out houses and critical acclaim. The organization’s mission is to produce an annual festival of new, beautifully realized, visually compelling sci-fi one-acts featuring many well-known actors from beloved sci-fi and fantasy franchises.

In addition to the festival, Sci-Fest L.A. also promotes quality short science fiction through its two writing competitions, the Roswell Award and the Tomorrow Prize for Short Fiction, which is open exclusively to Los Angeles area high school students.

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