Syfy Digital Press Tour 2013 - Day One + Exclusive Photos & Videos

By Jamie Ruby

Syfy Digital Press TourOctober 6th was the start of the annual Syfy Digital Press Tour, this time in Montreal, and it kicked off with cocktails and dinner at Auberge St. Gabriel. In attendance were stars of Syfy's Defiance, including Stephanie Leonidas, Jesse Rath, and Trenna Keating. From Haven were Lucas Bryant, Eric Baflour, and Adam Copeland. The Ghost Hunters in atendance were Amy Bruni, Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Adam Berry. The director of Sharknado and the upcoming Syfy creature feature Sharknado 2, Anthony C. Ferrante, was there as well.

Stephanie Leonidas, Jesse Rath, & Trenna KeatingThroughout the night I chatted with the talent, and had a very enjoyable time.

During cocktails I hung out with Erin Willard of SciFi Mafia and we talked at length to the Defiance actors about the changes moving forward in season two. They also talked a bit about prosthetics and makeup. Leonidas discussed with us how her character will be on a different path this season as well.

MenuWe then talked to Eric Balfour about his favorite episode coming up (episode 11), which his friend is in, and also about how great the team is and the quality of Haven.

Next we talked a bit with Lucas Bryant and Adam Copeland before it was time to head over to the dining room.

For dinner, which consisted of four courses, reporters' tables were assigned by the number on the back of their ID badge. The table I sat at was the one that Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves were at, who I had talked to earlier in the night about the Hillview Manor, a location they they visited that is very close to where I live.

Throughout the night I took candid photos of the guests as well as approached each of them for photos with them.

Jason Hawes and Steve GonsalvesLater into the evening I decided to get some of the actors to do a quick spot introducing SciFi Vision. I was surprised when I was treated to a quick impromptu a capella performance by the Haven men that they made up on the spot with my web site name, which was VERY cool.

Lucas Bryant, Adam Copeland, Jamie Ruby, and Eric BalfourI very much enjoyed talking to the men of Haven. At once point, Lucas was talking about and demonstrating when he asked Adam to hit him. They are quite the fun, yet still very charming, bunch.

After dinner, some of the talent as well as the attendees met at the bar in the hotel (Le Saint Sulpice) for drinks. I talked to Jesse Rath during this time, and we ended up discussing our love of the series Lost.

Afterwards, it was time to go. The night was really enjoyable, but everyone had to be up to leave for the start of day two at 7:00 a.m.

More photos will continue to be added to the Event Gallery as time permits (including photos from day two), as well as videos which will be added to the site.

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