Stargate Universe Takes You Beyond Your Imagination

The Stargate phenomena first started on film in 1994 and then on television in 1997 with Stargate SG-1, and in 2002 was picked up by Syfy (formally Sci Fi) who made it their own and the series continued for a total of ten seasons, as well as some post series movies. The show focused on a team of a soldier, an astrophysicist, a civilian scientist, and an alien, who used a Stargate to travel to planets outside our own solar system. Towards the end of the original series, the scientists of Stargate discovered a use for the eighth chevron on the gate – to travel to Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy. Thus became the spin off of Stargate: Atlantis. For years the ninth Chevron was not mentioned, until now. If activated the ninth chevron could take them far beyond that of the Pegasus Galaxy. Stargate Universe was born.

Originally published at Media Blvd. on 02 October 2009 as a review for the Stargate Universe two part premiere, Air.

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