The Margaret Dunlap Examination Experience

The Middleman recently finished its first season on ABC Family. This show combines science fiction and comedy to make a very unique experience. Margaret Dunlap, the assistant writer for the show, penned the next to the last episode of the season, entitled, The Clotharian Contamination Protocol.

Dunlap’s episode, the eleventh of the season [112], deals with nanobots from outer space sent by the alien race the Clotharians, released after Voyager 2 comes back to earth. They infect Ida, (played by Mary Pat Gleeson) causing a lockdown at Middleman Headquarters, and cause her to think that the Middleman (played by Matt Keeslar) and Wendy (played by Natalie Morales) are against her. The episode also features the introduction of the comic book character Manservant Neville, played by Mark Sheppard.

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