Killing Eve - You're Mine - 5.08 - Review & Recap

Killing EveOne of the things that makes Killing Eve interesting, is that while you want Eve (Sandra Oh) and MI6 to prevail, you also don’t want Villanelle (Jodie Comer) to get captured or killed. This season with Villanelle working with MI6, it has made the lines blur more and even made it easier to forget sometimes that Villanelle is not only a coldblooded killer, but she enjoys it. The whole operation was bound to fail from the beginning, but it was a lot of fun to watch play out.

Obviously, the title of the episode, “You’re Mine,” is partially a reference to the line at the end of the episode, which we’ll get to, but it also represents the twisted and obsessive relationship between Villanelle and Eve. For the first season, most of it was in Villanelle’s head, but throughout this season, Eve’s obsession with her has continued to grow. The relationship between Villanelle and Eve has always been a strange one to say the least, but also very interesting and one of the best parts of the show.

Lately Eve has been moving ahead full force and not looking back, ignoring everyone who tries to get her to see what she’s doing, fully trusting Villanelle at this point. She sometimes seems to recognize she is behaving abnormally, but she still doesn’t stop. Before she was intrigued but also scared, however, as her obsession has grown, she has become more and more comfortable around Villanelle. After her husband left her, it only got worse, opening it up to her being less likely to hold back. Niko (Owen McDonnell) was a sort of tether for her at one point, but now that she feels she’s lost him, all bets are off.

Killing EveFrom the beginning of the episode things take an interesting turn when Villanelle finds Aaron Peel (Henry Lloyd-Hughes)’s computer with the videos of the women he’s not only watched, but murdered. If it was anyone else, you would be worried for her, but Villanelle’s not scared; she’s plotting, which can only mean trouble for Aaron.

Eve wakes up, and Hugo (Edward Bluemel) expects some kind of reaction from Eve after sleeping with him. She’s unfazed and just wants coffee. It’s kind of funny to see him out of sorts, his ego a bit deflated. It just shows though that Eve is once again beyond focused on Villanelle, and that’s generally not a good thing.

While Hugo goes on a coffee run, Eve listens in while Villanelle talks to Aaron in the dining room.

Aaron tells Villanelle about a potential buyer coming in, who turns out to be The Twelve’s handler, Raymond (Adrian Scarborough). That can’t be good for Villanelle. She says to him that he is a weird looking “gentleman,” triggering the safeword. Villanelle has no doubt Eve will rush to her aid.

Eve has obviously done many questionable things throughout the season, but for me, the big turning point is when Eve finds Hugo on the floor in the hall, having been shot, and possibly bleeding to death. She tries to at least get him help, but then seems unconcerned for a big part of the episode, planning to simply leave a note at the front desk. It seemed slightly out of character, but it was likely just to show how far off the deep end she has gone. Throughout the episode you can see her continue to spiral out of control.

When Eve arrives to find Villanelle laughing with Aaron, she at least realizes that she is toying with her, but it doesn’t stop her from staying by her side and begging her to leave, even when she blows her off.

It’s unclear how much Villanelle has actually told Aaron, because he’s not surprised that she has been lying. However, he is surprised that the two of them are working together.

Villanelle surprises Aaron again, admitting she saw his videos of the murders. He wants her to work with him making these “movies.” This is what made me curious exactly what she said to him, because he fully expects her to want to kill with him.

Eve continues to plead with her just to leave, but Aaron tells her that she will never be bored with him like she would with Eve, and that he will give her absolutely everything she wants.

It appears Villanelle thinks about his offer, but it’s clear to the audience she’s been baiting him and doing it to taunt Eve. It can only end one way.

Aaron makes the fatal mistake of wanting Villanelle to start by killing Eve. She asks Aaron if he wants to watch, and when he confirms it, she slices his neck from behind and holds him up to the mirror to watch himself bleed to death.

Eve starts freaking out that he’s dead, as she was told not to let Villanelle kill Aaron. She should have known that she wouldn’t listen.

Killing EveIt does seem clear though that Villanelle may do what she wants, but she’s still on Eve’s side, for the moment anyway, and she does know that Eve came just to save her. A lot of times she is delusional, but in this case, it’s true.

Eve keeps panicking, and in a fantastic move, Villanelle slaps her in the face, telling her she needed a surprise, like for hiccups. This is probably my favorite bit of the episode, especially because Eve just goes with it.

A distressed Eve, however, isn’t much help, but Villanelle manages to get them to safety.

It’s all for naught though when Eve decides she’s going back to the hotel. She’s not willing to leave until she gets the recordings. It’s the only thing they have now that Aaron is dead. At least her head is somewhat in the game, trying to save the botched mission.

Villanelle thinks it doesn’t matter, but Eve says that it does to her and starts to walk off.
[quote]VILLANELLE: You think you’d be fine without me?
EVE: I think I’d sleep a lot better.[/quote]

Villanelle finally relents and tells Eve she’ll find a car and meet her in five minutes. It’s clear Villanelle is genuinely worried about Eve’s safety.

Returning, Eve finds Hugo gone and no evidence he was ever there. All the equipment is gone from the room as well. Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) is there and tells her they cleaned up, and it’s over.

Surprising Eve, Carolyn doesn’t care that Villanelle killed Aaron. Basically, that’s what they expected. In fact, she tells Eve that even though she “orchestrated everything,” she makes it seem like it was a setup and they used Eve to get it done.

I found it kind of heartbreaking realizing that Carolyn had been playing her all along. Carolyn had seen the changes going on with her, but did nothing to stop it, and used her relationship with Villanelle to her own advantage. Although she never coerced Eve to do anything, she helped move her along the path and in the interim helped to push her closer to Villanelle, contributing to her increasingly bad decisions.

Knowing she was played, Eve refuses to return with Carolyn, but she asks her to at least tell Kenny (Sean Delaney) what happened. She says that he already knows; he was part of the cleanup crew. The audience and Eve realize that he knew all along, and that was why he tried to warn her not to go to Rome, which only makes it sadder. She never should have fired Kenny.

Killing EveMeanwhile, Villanelle runs into Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) who has left a car for her escape, because Raymond is coming. He was going to kill Villanelle but was told by someone to wait until she killed Aaron.

The fact that Villanelle was also being played added an interesting twist that surprised me. In a way it pushes her more towards Eve (not that she needed any help), just as Eve was being pushed more towards her by Carolyn.

Konstantin is still giving her a way out, because they are friends, but makes a point that she is not family. Villanelle questions that that is what Carolyn is giving him. He says it is, which he chooses over her. He says that’s what you do with family. She says she wouldn’t know; her family members are all dead. He then makes a point of saying “most of them.” This is something that the series will likely come back to next season.

Konstantin urges her to go, but she will not leave without Eve. He questions if she would do the same for her and says that she probably already left with Carolyn.
[quote]KONSTANTIN: What is it about her?
VILLANELLE: We are the same.[/quote]

Again, before Villanelle was delusional, but more and more parallels can be drawn as Eve continues to spin further out of control. Some of her irrational actions have made it seem like she might actually be becoming a bit more like her.

It’s also obvious Villanelle now completely trusts that Eve is on her side, even though Konstantin isn’t so sure. She thinks she is finally getting what she wants, and it just feeds her own obsession. Konstantin can see it, but Villanelle, like Eve, is constantly blinded by that obsession, which is likely a big reason why Raymond and the others want her killed. They can’t control her anymore.

Konstantin leaves, and she gets in the car and takes a small gun from the dashboard that Konstantin left for her.

Either sick of waiting or worried for Eve, or maybe a bit of both, Villanelle goes back into the hotel in search of Eve, ignoring Konstantin’s warnings of the danger.

Raymond is waiting there with an axe. After they taunt each other, he puts it down, and they fight and struggle. Raymond gets the upper hand and starts choking her.

Eve, having walked in on what’s happening, comes up behind him and threatens him with the axe. Villanelle tries to get her to use it, and he mistakenly underestimates how far gone Eve is, thinking she won’t do it, but she axes him in the back.

He’s still alive, so Villanelle tells her to take it out and hit him in the head. He will come after them if she doesn’t.

[quote]VILLANELLE: Imagine he’s a log![/quote]

Killing EveEve hesitates, but makes a decision, bringing down the axe.

As mentioned, Eve’s mental state has obviously been deteriorating throughout the season, especially when at one point in one of the previous episodes she seemed to, maybe not quite fantasize, but definitely think about what it would be like to murder someone, when she imagined pushing the man onto the train tracks. She’s well past that now. She could legally easily argue self-dense or that she was saving Villanelle, who was working with them, but that doesn’t change what it will likely do to her. She’s killed someone, and she can’t undo it. She’s finally gone too far on her quest for the assassin.

Villanelle has finally done it. She’s broken Eve’s resolve. Eve is still in shock from what she’s done, so Villanelle, for the second time in the episode, helps her escape.

She guides her through an underground tunnel. Eve is still in complete shock.
[quote]VILLANELLE: It’s okay if you feel weird. You just killed someone for the first time...with an axe.[/quote]

Carolyn meets Konstantin and gives him something, likely the location of his family.

Villanelle and Eve eventually make it out of the tunnel and come to some ruins.

Villanelle is off in la la land, talking about dinner and them running off to Alaska together. It’s obvious Eve is still a bit out of it, until she is partially snapped out of her shock when she realizes that Villanelle has had a gun at her back the whole time. She asks why she didn’t shoot, and she says that Eve had it under her control. Eve realizes it was her plan all along to get her to kill him.

Villanelle tells Eve that she’s proud of her; she made them safe. Head clearing, Eve finally bursts her bubble and says that she is going home, but Villanelle wants to talk. Eve questions what she thought was going to happen. Did she think they’d go off on a killing spree together?

Upset that she’s ruining the moment, she tells Eve that knows she loves her and that she loves her too. Eve says she doesn’t understand what that is, but Villanelle insists that she does, repeating “you’re mine.”

Becoming increasingly angry, she tells Eve that she thought she was special. Eve says that she’s sorry to disappoint, and a solitary tear rolls down her cheek.

Killing EveI feel like if Eve had been in a better state of mind, she maybe could have gotten out of the situation, but she seems to have no fear telling the assassin how she feels, and she lets her know that they won’t ever be together.

She starts to walk away, thinking that Villanelle won’t hurt her, or perhaps not caring at that point.

Villanelle suddenly shoots her in the back and Eve falls, coming full circle from Eve stabbing her at the end of last season.

In the end, the episode did not disappoint and served as an excellent ending to the season. I really enjoyed it, and I can’t wait until season three to find out what’s next.

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