Wynonna Earp - I Hope You Dance Review

Wynonna Earp - "I Hope You Dance" - Welcome Baby Earp

Wynonna EarpThe story so far:

The third seal, aka Doc (Tim Rozon)'s ring of immortality, has been broken, which means the Widows are about to be successful in bringing their husband Clootie, the originator of the Earp curse, back from the dead. Bobo (Michael Eklund) has decided to join their cause if it means he won't return to Hell again.

At the end of the last episode, Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Nicole (Katherine Barrell), and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) blew up the trophy and themselves to end the spell that Gretta (Rachael Ancheril) performed that made Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) no longer exist. It worked: Wynonna awoke in a field to not only see Bobo walking with the Widows, but to possibly a contraction.

Wynonna EarpAt the beginning of this week's episode, Waverly and Wynonna try to stop Bobo and the Widows, but even Peacemaker can't kill the Widows now that the third seal is broken, and they're protecting the revenant.

I appreciated seeing a "good" side to Bobo/Robert earlier in the season in the flashbacks, and he even helped Waverly in the previous episode, but apparently he's back to his old self, which is to be expected, though I will miss that side of him.

I did like what he said to Waverly, however: "New, gay Waverly's a little judgey, though I like the new sass..." and also how Wynonna said, "All I smell is fried bride," and that Beth (Megan Heffern) called them "Earp-a-tizer(s)."

After waking up in a body bag, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) goes to the homestead, and he, Wynonna, Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy try to come up with a plan.

I enjoyed the gang's conversation, and Wynonna's quote to Jeremy was funny; she actually mentions her lady parts quite a few times in the episode:

WYNONNA: We need a plan, and we need it fast, 'cause this sucker's comin' out my vagina. Yeah, my vagina, Jeremy.

Wynonna reveals that when she puts Peacemaker near Edwin's plate it glows like the gun, "like they know each other."

Wynonna tells Jeremy to find Bobo and the Widows, while Dolls will go to find Doc, who hopefully has returned to the living as well. Nicole is going to take care of something Wynonna asked her to do that they haven't told Waverly about. Wynonna and her sister will try to see what to do with the plate.

There's another fun quote when Jeremy says he would know if Doc was dead:

JEREMY: I'd feel it in my groin
WYNONNA: I feel like just for that, I get to say "vagina" again.

During this, at the mine, Bobo reveals to the Widows that he found the body of Clootie while searching for the Stone Witch (Rayisa Kondracki)'s sons' bones, and moved it to the mine. The three of them open his tomb, but Clootie is weak.

Bobo sits unconcerned with anything while the sisters argue. Beth is eager to serve their husband, while Mercedes (Dani Kind) says she wants a separation and suddenly cuts off his arm to take his ring. They reveal Clootie's true name is Bulshar. Mercedes goes up to the surface, leaving a screaming Beth below.

Unconcerned, Bobo tells Beth that like their sister Constance, Mercedes likes to trap people in stone and darkness too. The mine collapses.

When they finally did resurrect Clootie/Bulshar, I was surprised that Mercedes decided not to serve him, especially that she used Wynonna's skills as an example of things changing. I loved that she left her sister down in the mine, but even more so, I found Bobo's reaction entertaining. Through their whole exchange, he was very unconcerned about what they did. He wants his immortality, but is happy to let them do the work and apparently will have no trouble getting out of the mine.

Mercedes puts on Clootie's ring and transforms, gaining white hair and a different look.

Though I did like Mercedes new look, I was confused by the need for her physical changes.

Meanwhile, Wynonna and Waverly go to see Gretta. Walking in pointing Peacemaker at her, Wynonna says, "Witches get stitches," which was perfect. Wynonna forces her to help them make the plate, which apparently was a shield, into a weapon.

While Waverly has a heart to heart with Wynonna about the betrayal, Nicole's wife, and that she's not an Earp (which Wynonna doesn't except), Gretta melts the plate. Unfortunately, it was only big enough to make one bullet. Wynonna thinks it's enough; it's for Clootie, not the Widows.

I really was moved by the sisters' conversation, with Wynonna telling Waverly that she still is an Earp regardless of her DNA, and I was glad that Wynonna finally said something about her sister's betrayal.

Meanwhile, Dolls has found Doc who is upset he is mortal. Dolls talks him down from jumping in the well by telling him that Wynonna isn't the one who broke the ring, and she's back. So is Bobo, and they need his help.

This scene was an emotional one for Doc, and Rozon played it beautifully. Once he knew Wynonna was back he wanted to live. There is also a clue in this scene, however, that Doc may be dying of TB again now that he's mortal, because he makes a comment about feeling it in his lungs.

I also really enjoyed the quote by Dolls in the scene, that Wynonna is "still pregnant and still itching to shoot something."

Back at the homestead, Wynonna has another contraction.

WYNONNA: Oh, I haven't felt this off since the 2005 Chili Cook Off debacle.
WAVERLY: Wynonna, I don't think that's chili.

At Black Badge, Jeremy tells Nicole that he's figured out Bobo and the Widows are at the mine.

There is also a nice conversation where Nicole tells Jeremy that he's family, and he says he likes that he can be himself around them.

Before they can do anything or tell anyone of the location, Widow Mercedes comes in. She says she will use them as bait and freezes them. Apparently her change cured her lack of poison.

Doc gets a call from Waverly: code pot of gold! The baby is coming! Dolls takes Doc's car to get the doctor, while Doc heads back to the homestead.

I enjoyed Dolls and Doc's bantering, with Doc complaining that Dolls changed the radio.

Waverly rushes Wynonna to the homestead, but they are stopped by Mercedes. Waverly, Nicole, and others are paralyzed on the ground from her poison.

There's another humerous quote:

MERCEDES: Wynonna Earp, time to meet destiny.
WYNONNA: Better not be a nickname for your beav, 'cause I'm not in the mood.

Beth comes up behind Waverly and grabs her, pissed her sister tried to blow her up.

Mercedes tells Wynonna that the weapon she is after is actually Wynonna herself, and to use the bullet on Beth, and they can take down Bulshar together.

Beth says to shoot Mercedes or she'll kill Waverly.

I'm not sure if Mercedes really wanted to kill Clootie and was ready to work with Wynonna, but it Would have been a fun possibility to explore.

Thankfully, Doc shows up and starts saying that maybe he should take the prize they're fighting for, insinuating he could shoot the baby; he's the greatest gunslinger that ever lived. He tells Wynonna that mercy comes in many forms.

He says it's not so bad up there: he saw Wyatt and he's so proud of her. He will kill himself and her before he lets her walk in service of the devil. Wynonna realizes if she dies, they can't use her. Doc says, "Two birds...one stone."

The Widows think he's bluffing.

Wynonna aims at Doc, and he aims at her. She shoots first, and his bullet hits hers, splitting it in two, one for each Widow.

The Widows break apart and Bulshar's ring falls. Everyone is released from the paralysis.

The tense scene worked perfectly. I do have concern though about what would have happened if Doc couldn't split a bullet. I'm pretty sure Wynonna caught on right away to what he was planning, but what if it hadn't worked?

Wynonna EarpWynonna starts having more contractions, so they take her to Shorty's as it's much closer. Wynonna says they were supposed to go to the homestead where the revenants couldn't interfere. Doc says he will bring her there.

WYNONNA: If you touch me, I'll bite it off. This is all its fault anyway!

Outside Shorty's, Nicole readies to leave and admits to Waverly that Wynonna asked her to help her, by doing the only thing she could. Nicole tells her Wynonna will need her to watch over her after. They kiss and go their separate ways.

Rosita (Tamara Duarte) comes in to help, and there is another amusing quote:

WYNONNA: Outstanding. Now the whole gang's here and going to see my destiny. Should we Skype in Nedley?

Wynonna says they need to know if Bulshar got out since she used the only bullet. Doc and Jeremy go to leave, and Doc kisses Wynonna's head on the way out. The way Doc kissed her was really sweet.

Dolls stops his car when he comes to the Order blocking the road. Ewan (Brendan Fehr) tells him that they killed the doctor; no one can know about the baby. He tells Dolls the heir is coming right about now.

Wynonna is fully in labor, and Rosita and Waverly are helping her. While Rosita goes to get towels, Waverly admits that Nicole told her the plan. Wynonna says giving up her baby is the only chance to keep it safe. She also says she doesn't know if Waverly can even leave the Ghost River Triangle. After her vision quest, she suspected Waverly was part revenant. She asks if Bobo is her father, but Waverly doesn't know for sure.

When Rosita comes back in the room, Waverly says if Jonas (Mark Ghanimé) is the father of Wynonna's baby, it will be half-revenant and not able to leave either.

Rosita suddenly slams Waverly's head into the pool table and knocks away Peacemaker. She tells Wynonna she is done with her and her judgements and her "I'll shoot you last, Rosita." The baby is currency - everyone is after it. Rosita promises the baby will survive, but she can't promise anything about the mother.

Throughout this scene and the following ones, Rosita seems very reluctant to be doing what she is doing, in my opinion. She's doing it selfishly to save herself, but she doesn't seem like she wants to hurt Wynonna, which makes me feel like there may still be hope for her in season three.

Meanwhile, Doc makes it to the mine and finds Bobo. He tells Doc that Bulshar is free. Doc tells him he killed his brides, but Bobo says he will take another one; he promised him his angel, Waverly.

Jeremy comes up with a gun yelling; Doc yells at him to stop and throws his knife towards Bobo, who deflects it. The knife comes back and sinks into Doc's right hand.

Back at Shorty's, Rosita says the baby is close.

WYNONNA: Oh, good. It's fairly bad etiquette to kill someone after you've had your fingers up their vag.
ROSITA: I'll be sure to embroider that on a throw pillow in your memory.

Rosita comments that Doc doesn't love her, but Wynonna thinks he does in his own way. Rosita knows what he was like when Wynonna was gone: hard and cruel.

Wynonna tells her that she will have to run far and fast, because she'll never stop hunting her. Rosita just says her brethren are coming and she needs to star focusing on pushing. Again she seems really reluctant.

Wynonna asks her to at least let Waverly go, but her sister pops up that she's not going anywhere. She's holding pointing Peacemaker at Rosita. It misfires. Rosita tells her that it won't work: she's not 27 or the heir.

Wynonna says that she is her sister, one of good guys, and she's just as much a part of her as the baby is. She grabs Rosita by the hair and tells Waverly that she has to do it. Waverly hesitates until Rosita punches her sister. Wynonna yells to Peacemaker that they need its help and to get in the game.

Rosita breaks a bottle and says that for the record, she really liked Waverly. She seems sincere.

Suddenly Peacemaker turns blue and Waverly pulls the trigger. It fires. It appears it was just a glancing shot. She just says to Waverly, "Good for you." and takes off, upset.

I get that Waverly is still an Earp in a family sense, but DNA not so much, so I'm not sure how Wynonna can just tell the gun to work, but it does make for an interesting scene.

Also, the last time we saw Peacemaker turn blue is when Wynonna shot Willa. I also noticed the glowing patter is much different. Regardless, I'm happy the Waverly essentially missed her.

The baby is coming.

Meanwhile Dolls is still at a standoff with the Order. He kills one of them, and says that he will die before he lets them hurt Wynonna. Ewan says that as an Earp and a Holliday, the baby will be a demon fighting machine, but it needs the right training, and Wynonna will screw it up. He says they will raise it well and teach it the proper values. I was surprised that the Order was that adamant about taking the baby and would go to such lengths.

Dolls says their values can burn and shoots fire from his mouth, torching them. It was cool to see the "Lizard King" again.

Back at the mine, Doc pulls out the knife and punches Bobo for Waverly and for betraying Wyatt. He then pushes him on metal spikes and says it was for leaving him in the well. He may be able to move metal, but he can't move himself.

Back at Shorty's, the baby has been born. The revenants are coming. Wynonna says they always come for her and everyone she loves. She didn't realize how much she wouldn't want to give the baby up. She tells the baby it will have a better life than she did and kisses it.

Before Waverly leaves to take the baby to Nicole, she asks her sister if she will be okay with the revenants.

Actually the sixth reference to Wynonna's womanhood, she says, "I got throbbing lady bits and a rage to match. They're doomed."

Quote count: vagina: 6; penis: 2.

She tells her to make sure Doc gets a moment with the baby.

Nicole and Waverly pull up to the edge of Purgatory, and Waverly takes the baby toward the line. Nicole will be ready if either of them are affected by it and can pull them back.

Waverly walks over the line and nothing happens. She, nor the baby have revenant blood; Bobo lied. She's not an Earp though, and asks her girlfriend what she is. Nicole tells her she's extraordinary. They kiss and go back to the car.

Fans have been waiting to know if Waverly and/or the baby were part revenant, so it's great to see that play out. This of course confirms the baby is Doc's, which I was really happy to find out. Of course Wayhaught fans will be happy as well.

Back at Shorty's, Wynonna pretends to be meek and tells the revenants not to hurt her and her baby. She then jumps up and says never to cross a mother. Dolls comes in and both of them shoot and kill the revenants.

The battle was excellent, as was seeing Wynonna kicking ass only minutes after having the baby.

Doc tells Jeremy the metal won't hold Bobo for long. He tells Doc he will stand guard while he goest to meet the baby, and that "WayHaught" is taking it to the rendezvous point. He gives him the coordinates.

Jeremy's comment makes "Wayhaught" canon, which is pretty cool since it was a term the fans coined for Waverly and Nicole's relationship.

Waverly and Nicole arrive in a field with the baby. A helicopter lands and Perry gets out; he's even brought a wet nurse.

Doc comes to see the baby and asks where they are taking it. He's taking it as far away from triangle as possible; Aunt Gus is waiting.

The plan makes sense, though it will be interesting to see if it sticks next season.

Doc tells the baby goodbye. When he says "Good bye little girl," I completely lost it. The scene is very emotional, and especially watching Rozon, I couldn't help but tear up.

Dolls and Wynonna watch the helicopter fly overhead, and Dolls tells her he knows they made it.

Meanwhile, Doc has put Bobo down the well. Bobo reveals that Waverly is not his daughter, but is kin.

This is important, because Waverly is all human, so it's curious that she could still be related to Bobo in some way. It must be way back in her family history.

Doc admits to Bobo that he actually went to Hell when Dolls killed him. Bobo tells him that deep down he's always been one of them; Wyatt buggered them both, and now he's mortal.

Doc starts to cover the well, telling him he's sealing the tomb, and this seal is made of wood. Good luck moving that. Bobo just replies that he can't end him; his master is coming, and there will be a reckoning.

The whole scene is very informative. Doc told Wynonna that he saw Wyatt, so either he lied, or Wyatt is in Hell. I feel it's more likely he just made it up for Wynonna. Aside from that, I love the idea that Doc got revenge on Bobo by leaving him trapped in the well.

Doc and Wynonna finally get a chance to talk. Wynonna says that they will get Bulshar and break the curse so their daughter doesn't have to. She tells him that no one looking for an Earp will find her, and that she named her Alice Michelle, after his mother and her own. She wipes a tear from his cheek. He says it's a fitting tribute to those who have left. Wynonna says, however, that Mama Earp is still waiting. She leans over and kisses him on the lips as he closes his eyes.

Another super emotional scene. It's fitting that Wynonna named the baby after Doc's mother. Although Scrofano was amazing in the episode, Rozon really is the one who takes the scene. The kiss was also very sweet.

A woman talks in voice over about there being mean men and demons as sweet as clover as Dolls brings coffee to a laughing Waverly and Jeremy outside of Shorty's.

I'm curious about "demons as sweet as clover." Did she actually know Dolls, or was she referencing other "good" demons, and will they get to meet them?

As the voice over continues, Nicole is in her car looking at divorce papers. She pulls out a file on Bulshar and takes out his ring. She and Dolls share a look. Nicole then comes over and kisses Waverly.

Wynonna EarpWhat was that look about between Dolls and Nicole? Was it just a "we're going to kill Bulshar" look, or was there more to it?

Wynonna rides her motorcycle down the highway as the voice over continues. The woman says that "he" was real and she never stopped believing. He will rise, and when he does, Wynonna will believe it to.

Off the bike, Wynonna approaches a woman with her back to the camera. Wynonna tells her she's right and asks what they do about it, calling her "Mama."

It's another big reveal in the episode, that not only is Wynonna's mother alive, but she's also apparently been in contact with her. This will be interesting to find out more about next season.

All in all, the season finale was very fitting and emotionally satisfying. I can't wait until season three!

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