Wynonna Earp - Forever Mine Nevermind Review

Wynonna Earp - Forever Mine Nevermind

Wynonna EarpThis week's episode storyline is a direct extension of the last episode. Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) realized in her vision quest that Doc (Tim Rozon) had the third seal all along, his ring; however, the ring is what keeps him immortal.

This episode is my favorite so far this season! So much is going on, and so much is revealed. I didn't take my eyes off the screen.

Wynonna EarpThe episode starts with one of the many brilliant moments of the season, when Wynonna and Waverly (Dominique Provost Chalkley) spar at the office. Wynonna is far along in her pregnancy, and watching her battle with Waverly was impressive, but I was kind of worried for her baby, until I got to see that back flip she did. It was beyond my expectations to see a pregnant woman do such a thing. Emily Andras keeps reminding us that a pregnant woman can still do anything.

Wynonna, Dolls (Shamier Anderson), and Waverly rethink who will be their next target as they look for the third seal, chasing after the Widows, because Wynonna has not told them about the ring.

We follow Doc Holliday to an "Antiques and Libations" store where we get to see the special guest star of the episode, Beau Smith, who wrote the comics for which the series is based. He's a legend among comics book writers. He is holding a doll. You know what Anton Chekhov said about guns: "If in the first act you have hung a pistol on the wall, then in the following one it should be fired;" only now it’s a doll, not a gun. Doc and Smith share a moment crossing each other right before he leaves the store.

Doc gets a drink, and the salesman is really impressed by Doc's ring and wonders if he would consider selling it, saying that ring is a rarity and would bring in good coin. Doc is not interested, so the man offers him a painting that attracts Doc's attention. It looks like it belonged to the Earps. Doc is interested and tells him to wrap it up for a gift.

Meanwhile, in Shorty's basement, Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is getting his medical checkup with Rosita (Tamara Duarte) as is usual once a week. Rosita has used a different serum, which is better than Black Badge has ever used. The only thing is that it goes bad after eight days.

Dolls thanks her for helping him with the formula and doing a lot for him. Dolls insists on
giving her a present of a massage gift card, so she can take Doc and have some time together.

Upstairs, Wynonna and Rosita talk about Wynonna considering giving birth "naturally," but Wynonna doesn't realize she means drug free. Rosita jokes she could mix up a cocktail for her. Doc arrives and distracts them from the conversation.

At the Purgatory police office, Jeremy (Varun Saranga), Dolls, and Waverly are watching a female cricket game. Jeremy seems really excited about the sport, but he is just trying to impress Dolls. Waverly is hungry and comments tactlessly in front of Rosita that Wynonna has taken all the food, because she is having dinner with Doc at the homestead. Awkward!

Wynonna EarpDolls remains indifferent to her comments and asks about Nicole (Katherine Barrell) who it ends up has actually just arrived. Nicole updates Dolls on a body that has been found in Purgatory. Since she and Nicole had a fight, Waverly confidently says that maybe she stole the body and hid it, because she thinks she had the right to make what was definitely not her decision. Dolls just asks if it's BBD case; Nicole says it's everyone's case.

Cut to Nicole, Dolls, and Waverly at the crime scene looking for evidence to identify the burnt body. Shout out to the art and makeup team on the show; it looked so real I felt nauseous.

Dolls identifies the body as Tucker Gardner (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark).

Later at the station, Tucker's sister, Beth (Meghan Hefferm), is the first to see the body. She thinks it was his own fault, saying that he liked to play with fire growing up.

Beth then collapses in Dolls' arms and wakes up at the office in front of Waverly. It's obvious to the audience that Beth is faking her grief. She and Waverly have a moment sharing family issues they have in common. Beth is impressed at how well Waverly is dealing with all everything, and compliments Waverly, saying that she's so lovely.

Nicole enters the room holding a cup and gives it to Beth. Beth apologizes to both of them for Tucker's behavior. Waverly forgives, but Nicole doesn't accept his behavior. Beth says to Nicole that of all people should understand that he was in love with Waverly.

Nicole and Waverly argue about Tucker. Waverly says, "Sometimes lying is a kindness." Nicole brings up their relationship, and that she tried do that with Waverly, and it backfired.

She then tries to explain to Waverly that Tucker wanted the girl he kidnapped to be her, and she wants her to see how dangerous he was. Even though Nicole and Waverly are on some kind of break, Nicole still loves and cares about her.    

Wynonna EarpMeanwhile, at the homestead, Wynonna and Doc are eating dinner, talking about the baby. They are looking at the painting he gave her. I have to admit that Wynonna and Doc are a perfect match. Both of them are strong and fearless, and Melanie and Tim look good together; they have natural chemistry.

Wynonna tells Doc she knows what the third seal is; it's his ring, which is why demons have been after him. She asks him to give her the ring, because she wants to break the seal and break the Earp curse for good.

Back at Shorty's, Waverly and Rosita are having drinks, and Waverly seems depressed about her and Nicole's situation. She also doesn't like to drink alone. She tells Rosita she will do anything to get out for one night, and Rosita says she has something in mind.

Back at home, Wynonna tells Doc she thinks she will be able to break the Earp curse; all she needs is his ring. Waiting for his reaction, she says he should say something like, "What? Sick plan!" or "Go Earp!", but Doc thinks it's an insane idea.

Suddenly you can see that the doll on the painting is missing.

I really love Wynonna waiting to see his reaction, and saying that line. It was a comic moment in a very dramatic scene.

Rosita and Waverly are at the spa that Dolls gave her the gift card for. Rosita jokes around with Waverly while they have some drinks. Waverly doesn't feel comfortable. All she is thinking about are the Widows and not being there when Wynonna finds the third seal. I love Rosita's description of Waverly's "cute but annoying behavior."

Someone is watching them.

Back at the homestead, Doc claims that he will do anything to protect the Earp sisters, but he can't if he gives up the ring, and he vowed to himself to protect her. It's obvious Doc fell in love with Wynonna right when he first set his eyes on her.

It was a really honest moment for him to share with her. Wynonna, on the other hand, thinks he's only taking care of himself. He tries to convince her that keeping the ring with him is the right thing to do to keep her safe. Wynonna thinks he is only worried about losing his immortality, as she saw in her vision quest that he had a chance to be saved by Robert/Bobo (Michael Eklund), but he turned him down.

Wynonna EarpDoc doesn't want to stay anymore next to Wynonna, and he ask for the keys. Wynonna can't seem to find them. He says he'll walk.

We move into the Gardener's house and Beth is there using spells, still looking for the seal.

Down in Shorty's basement, Dolls ask Jeremy to help him in the lab. He took Rosita's notes for the serum that he needs to control his transformations into the "Lizard King." Jeremy doesn't want to plagiarize the serum and says that's why they have Rosita as a part of their team.

Jeremy gets stabbed by a fingernail when he walks up the stairs. He yells, "Holy Stephen Hawking!" He's such a geek, and I love it. Jeremy remembers Beth had a bandage on her finger.

At the homestead, Wynonna isn't going to accept no for an answer and blocks him from exiting, literally using her belly to stop him.

Doc admits to her that Clootie (Rayisa Condracki) chose the well as a reason. When he was fourteen he watched his mother die of tuberculosis from in a crawl space under her bed, and since then doesn't handle small spaces well.

Suddenly they hear something.

Back at the spa, Waverly is still exploring her sexuality, and perhaps this is her first time in a hot tub with a woman. When Rosita gives a speech about how champagne bubbles are formed, Waverly leans over and kisses her. They are both surprised and say they are each with someone else. Rosita leaves to go get changed.

Waverly goes after Rosita but finds Tucker, (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark), who shows up from apparently out of the grave. I was confused at that point; he was supposed to be dead. He was the one sneaking after Waverly at the spa.

She sees him standing next to Rosita unconscious. He's seems different this time, but still scary as Hell.

He says he's there to protect Waverly against the ones who have taken over his sisters.

Wynonna EarpAt the Gardner's house, Dolls prepares to go inside and tells Jeremy to stay put.

Tucker says Rosita was corrupting Waverly.

Wynonna and Doc get a feeling something strange is inside the house. Wynonna finds Peacemaker inside Doc's coat. She asks how he could think she would shoot him just to get the ring, but he thinks she can't handle everything in her condition.

Wynonna gives a great quote: "So you think that because I'm the size of a giant cheeseburger with a baby cheeseburger inside me and maybe really hungry right now, you think that I can't handle my job?"

She says she is the Earp heir and owns anything to do with the curse and to give her that damn magic ring.

Back at the spa, Tucker shares his thoughts about not being a part of his family but an outsider, and he believes Waverly can relate to that. They are two lost souls.

He also tells her that the demons that took over his sisters didn't possess them; they have their own bodies.

Waverly pretends to play into his hands and cooperate with him. He ask her to join him for a road trip just the both of them.

At the Gardner's house Dolls searches inside, and he and Mercedes (Dani Kind) play a game of cat and mouse. It was so cool and mysterious. He does get away.

Tucker and Waverly are about to leave the room when suddenly Rosita shows from the behind Tucker, smashing a broken bottle on his head. Waverly can't understand how she is alive, and Rosita revels that she is a revenant.

When Doc takes off his ring, the doll from the painting is in the room, life-sized. Wynonna says that she's sorry, they already have a Dolls and shoots her with Peacemaker. It was an awesome line.

Doc gets down on one knee and gives Wynonna the ring and agrees to work with her. She says that what is going on is something bigger than both of them. She promises him that she won't break the seal until after the baby is born, and he will be by her side when she does it.  

Tucker is in the woods brokenhearted that he lost Waverly once and for all. He sees his sister Beth. Knowing she's been betrayed, she says it's about time to go home, and she will be his girl. Then she kills him.

Mercedes takes another chance to find the third seal, praying to her husband for a miracle that will reveal it.

Wynonna EarpWaverly and Rosita are safe, talking at Shorty's. Waverly thanks Rosita for saving her. It's official now; they've become friends. Rosita asks her for a favor, to not tell Wynonna yet about her being a revenant. She says she will keep her secret, as she thinks she may be half-revenant herself.

Waverly is still drinking, but remembers the text messages she sent to Nicole. She is upset, and Rosita pushes her to go talk to Nicole and get her girl back, and that Nicole will open the door for her.

Next we see someone knocking on a door, and Nicole opens it, thinking it's Waverly. I did too, but to my surprise, standing there is Mercedes with a creepy look on her face.

Wynonna Earp airs every Friday Syfy.

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