Wynonna Earp - I See a Darkness Review

Wynonna Earp - "I see a Darkness" - At All Costs

Wynonna EarpThis week's episode continues from last week, with everyone still running after the third seal, Doc's ring.

This episode of Wynonna Earp begins with a good action scene as we see the Widow, Mercedes (Dani Kind), standing in front of Nicole (Katherine Barrell). Mercedes is sure that Nicole has the third seal, and she attacks her. During the struggle, Nicole tries to convince Mercedes that she doesn't know where is the last seal is.

Wynonna EarpWaverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) shows up right on time to save her girlfriend. Now it’s a fair fight. Dominique must have worked very hard physically, as she it makes the scene look even more exciting. She brings so much energy into the character.

They eventually win and Mercedes leaves, but Nicole is hurt, bit by the Widow while trying to stop her from getting to Waverly. Nicole tries to stop the bleeding from her arm as Waverly begs her to stay alive.

We follow Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) at the hospital as she visits the real Mercedes. Wynonna feels sorry for her; she was her friend, and it is hard for her to see her like that.

Dolls (Shamier Anderson) enters to the room; he tells Wynonna what really happened to the Gardner sisters. He leaves.

Suddenly Wynonna hears Waverly screaming out for help for Nicole.

Waverly sees who she thinks is Mattie (Rachael Ancheril), who is working as a nurse at the hospital.

Waverly bursts into tears and falls into her sister's arms as she sees her. Wynonna wants to know what happened.

Still at the hospital, Waverly tells Dolls and Wynonna that she was on her way to meet Nicole, because they had been fighting. She says she cannot die when they're still fighting. She tells Dolls and Wynonna that Mercedes thought Nicole had the third seal, and she bit her. She also tells them that she betrayed Nicole by kissing Rosita (Tamara Duarte), and lets out that it turns out Rosita is a revenant.

Waverly realizes that Wynonna knew all this time where the third seal was, and it makes her angry knowing that Nicole is the one that paying the cost. Waverly leaves to get some air.

Back in Mercedes’s room, Dolls reminds Wynonna what happened to Juan Carlos (Shaun Johnston) when the Widow bit him; he didn't survive. Wynonna won't let it happen again. Whatever it takes, Nicole will survive and the Widows won’t kill another person.

Outside the hospital, Waverly can’t believe this is happening to her; her girlfriend has been hurt again. Suddenly Beth (Meghan Heffern) surprises her. She offers her a deal to save her girlfriend, if she will get her the third seal. Beth knows Waverly will do anything to save Nicole's life, so she uses that, telling her she is the only one who can cure Nicole. Beth also tells if she doesn't believe her, she can check Juan Carlos’s body to see what the venom did to him.

Waverly pulls out a gun and threatens her, telling her to tell her how to save Nicole. Beth tells her that all she needs to do is get her the third seal. She had better ask Wynonna, because she knows where it is. Waverly says she would never betray her sister and refuses the offer.

Inside the hospital, Dolls tells Waverly that Wynonna is with Nicole now. He also updates Waverly about Nicole medical condition. They can't identify what bit her yet, but he ordered a tox screen. They want to put her in a coma to slow down the venom, but Nicole is asking to see Waverly before they put her under.

Wynonna EarpIn Nicole's room, the doctor is checking on her. She is in pain, screaming, and Wynonna goes in so see how she is feeling and asks for the doctor got get her something for the pain. The doctor leaves.

Nicole tells Wynonna that when the time comes, she doesn’t want to be a burden or have a machine keep her body alive. She needs her to do that, because she knows Waverly will forgive her for it, and they both know Waverly won’t let her go.

Right after Wynonna says, “You have my word,” Waverly comes in the room, and Wynonna leaves.

Nicole is ready for the worst case scenario, her death. She opens her heart and says she’s sorry to Waverly for everything that happened, including her lying to her about the DNA results. She thought she doing the right thing. Waverly only cares now about her, and she will be there for her when she wakes up. They will set up a big "sorry party" and forget that it ever happened. Nicole is more realistic and tells her that if she doesn’t survive it, Waverly has to know that she never loved someone the way she loves her. Waverly is not ready to say goodbye yet, but Nicole's words go straight to her heart. Both of them cry. Waverly tells Nicole that they will find a way to stop the toxin. The doctor gives Nicole something, and she falls asleep. Waverly kisses her gently.

We are still at the hospital when Dolls, Wynonna, Waverly, and Jeremy (Varun Saranga) talk a bit about how the Widows' poison works. Jeremy tries to make a joke that the Widows are like Komodo dragons, and that it is so cool, but he is not being sensitive to Waverly.

They need more venom and a test subject to experiment on. Waverly volunteers, but Jeremy says that the cure can kill her same as the poison, just like it's killing Nicole, being insensitive again.

Waverly tries to put the papers sitting there together and asks them to act like they are winning. She is a storm of emotions, and while organizing Jeremy's papers, she breaks his favorite cup. Jeremy tries to calm her down about the cup, saying that it's only a mug, and he can fix it. She’s worried he can’t and that they can’t fix anything.

Wynonna tells Jeremy to do what he can with the “veil juice,” and that she’ll worry about a test subject. Dolls says he will talk to the Order about Juan Carlos and his body, which is full of venom.

They all are going to work together to save Nicole and find a cure. Wynonna is going to ask Doc (Tim Rozon) for help tracking “Faux-cedes,” and says that he can “find a dlido in a nunnery,” which is a hilarious line. Another witty line is when Wynonna says that when they will find Beth she will “milk that bitch like a snake.”

At Shorty’s bar, Doc is playing poker with some friends. Rosita tells Stevie, (Reamonn Joshee), who used to work for Bobo (Michael Eklund), that he's not supposed to be there.

Doc's tells him that if he wins the next hand, he will get him another bottle, but if he loses, he will tell him what he was searching for down in his basement.

Wynonna EarpWynonna comes in and Stevie runs away. Doc's not up for doing her favors. He's not going to help Wynonna go after the Widows now that he's mortal, until he realizes Nicole was bit. Wynonna and Rosita share a forced smile with each other.

Outside the hospital, Beth shows up again to Waverly and wants to know if she got any information about the last seal that will unleash her husband Clootie. Beth says that the Earp family will always be in danger regardless of what she does. Beth is holding the cure formula that will save Nicole. Waverly tries to reach out to get it, promising Beth that she and Mercedes will soon join Bobo Del Rey. Beth answers Waverly that Nicole will die first.

Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) holds Waverly back before she can stop Beth from leaving. He asks for the keys to Nicole's place. He hugs her and says warm words about Nicole, and that as an officer, she is the strongest person he ever had. Although Waverly is Nicole's girlfriend, he has to call Nicole’s next of kin. Waverly knows Nicole doesn’t talk to her parents.

In Nicole's room, Waverly enters to see a woman (Clark Backo) holding Nicole's medical files. She assumes she is a doctor. Waverly this time does not introduce herself as Nicole’s girlfriend; she just says her name. Shae reveals that she is a doctor, but she is not Nicole's doctor, but her wife. This was shocking.

Dolls visits the Order and finds they burnt Juan Carlos's body. Ewan (Brendan Fehr) gives Dolls back the plate, as it might help them defeat the Widows.

Back at the hospital in her room, Waverly talks to Nicole, when she is unconscious, asking why she did not say something about Shae.

Shae appears holding two cups in her hands and informs Waverley that they still are searching to ID the toxin. Waverly confirms she was the one to find Nicole.

Shae tells her that she and Nicole met rock climbing in Nevada, and they got married in Vegas, but things cooled off.

Nicole wakes up in pain, and the doctor comes in. Shae informs him that Nicole has allergies to some anesthetics that she found out about during a rock climbing accident she had during their honeymoon. Waverly feels useless and goes out of the room.

Meanwhile at Shorty’s, Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker. Rosita's eyes go demon red. Wynonna tells her that Waverly was the one who told her secret. Rosita claims in her defense that she was the one who saved Waverly from Tucker (Caleb Ellsworth-Clark). Wynonna says she really likes her and appreciates what she’s done, but if she wants to help, she had better get to the BBD and help Jeremy test the anti-venom. She cannot die like the rest of them. I love it when Rosita tells her that she just had to ask her, not threaten her.

Back at the hospital Dolls comes to check on Waverly. She hugs him and asks if there's any new information about Juan Carlos.

At the BBD lab, Rosita shows up, not wasting time and injects herself with the anti-venom. Jeremy tries to stop her, but he can’t do anything.

Wynonna EarpAt Nicole's apartment, Doc and Wynonna are looking for some evidence of where Mercedes is. They find Nedley’s hat, which leads them to the conclusion that she came back to the crime scene, and this time she got the sheriff.

Dolls and Waverly come into the lab and stop Rosita and Jeremy. Jeremy tells her that Wynonna insisted they do that.

Waverly reveals that Beth wants her to get the third seal, but she didn’t give it to her.

Dolls asks her what if she did give her the third seal, all in the name of love? Then Nicole would be there when they raise their dead husband to help send him back. He says he could order her to do so.

Back to some more action, at the barn, Mercedes has captured Nedley. Kind’s performance was phenomenal in this episode. Also you can’t forget the funny parts like when Nedley asks her if she is a witch or a Pokémon.

Back at the hospital, Shae explains that Nicole's body isn't responding, and that there is nothing they can do about it. She was told she better get ready to say her goodbyes. Shae tells Waverly what she had with Nicole was just fun, but what Waverley has with her is real.

Waverly goes out the room and sees who she realizes is actually Gretta. She is the twin of Mattie the Blacksmith. She knows the story of the two Widows, and Waverly tells her the story her grandmother told her is real. Waverly promises to do anything she will ask her if she can cure Nicole. She gives her a note that leads to Nedley's office. Waverly finds Doc's ring inside a cup and figures out that that ring is the third seal the Widows are searching for.

Doc and Wynonna are waiting for the right time to break into the barn, while inside Mercedes tells Nedley that no one is coming to save him, not even Wynonna. Out of nowhere, Wynonna and Doc break in through the door with the car. That moment gives us a very cool slow motion of Mercedes smashing into the wall, screaming out that she wants the seal! Wynonna says she wants her Nedley!

Rolling over the hood of the car, Doc shoots at Mercedes, one time for each and every one she hurt on her way to get the last seal, which was a badass moves right there! We have a wonderful and strong fight as Wynonna is winning, but instead of killing her, she just shoots her leg.

They take Mercedes to the Black Badge office, covering face like in the film Hannibal Lecter.

After they extract the cure, Wynonna goes back to the hospital to check on Waverly and Nicole. She is delighted to see Nicole feels better and is awake, and she hugs her. Wynonna seems surprised, as she was waiting to tell that they found the cure. Waverly doesn't seen that happy about it; she didn’t wait for Wynonna, but instead she made the deal, giving Beth the third seal, Doc's ring, to save her girlfriend.

Back again at the BBD, Dolls reveals to Wynonna that he knows the Widows have the seal now.

At Shorty's, Gretta shows up to collect from Waverly. She wants the trophy with the demon inside. She casts a spell in German making a wish about Wynonna.

Wynonna is angry with Dolls. He gives her the plate.

Wynonna EarpDoc comes in and tries to stop her, but as he touches the trophy, he disappears. Gretta wants Waverly to live without a sister as she has.

Meanwhile, Wynonna tells Dolls that she figured out what they need to do, but before she can say more, she disappears too.

Waverly is screaming as she realizes both Wynonna and Doc have disappeared. A minute later she has lost her memory of them existing. Jeremy comes in and she tells him that they have a wedding to plan.

Meanwhile, Doc Holliday is back to square one! He screams as he is back down the well again.

What is going to be happen next on Wynonna Earp? Will Waverly remember Wynonna and Doc? Where are they actually? What wedding is Waverly talking about? Moreover, will Wynonna get the third seal back? We are getting closer to the season finale. More answers will be revealed.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays on Syfy.

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