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(New) Site Created!

Finally the day has come. I got joomla to work for the most part, so now the new site is live. For any of you visiting for the first time, please realize that this is a new version of my old site so there isn't going to be much back news (except in concern to my own articles), so most categories are pretty empty yet but will grow as I add news. There are a few kinks yet - the forum isn't done and there are a few things I need to add, like a FAQ and more items need added to the latest photos. That and I have a published article to add yet (Sanctuary interview) and I need to make templates for each section (ie see Fringe). But since the site pretty much is complete I wanted to go ahead and make it live so everyone can start enjoying it. This way it is a lot easier to add news and organize it so I can update easily and quickly! Now all I have to do is update my journals to tell that the site is up...

Site setup is pretty self explanitory - I have grouped together all of my published articles, interviews, reviews, etc. I will also have up non-published stuff soon too (like all the recaps I right before the podcasts each week and never upload, they're coming). But for now I think all the important stuff is there. If you see any errors please let me know. For now I'm keeping the full "about" article at the top. The only other thing really I can say is that if you click the "more articles" links on the right sidebar it takes you to list view and you are better just looking at the published articles link. I'm trying to figure out how to change that as well as a few other problems I'm having.


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