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A Note From the Editor


I recently realized that a few previous articles for whatever reason had either not gotten published, or were not set to "live" on the site and were therefore not available. I decided that if I were to simply publish them under their respective dates, that because things are listed by date on the site, most visitors would never see them. I decided that the best way to present them was to post them as if they are new articles so that they show up on the front of the site. They will also will be released over a short period of time so that they will get a chance to be featured. I chose the order because two of the articles actually fit well with the start of the new episodes / seasons of these shows. Please bare with me, as they are great interviews and I don't want to see them go unread. Once I am able to find a better way to manage publication (at this point I am the only person who publishes anything on the site / manages it) with my team, things will go a lot smoother. I am currently working on finding an editor that will allow contributions so that I am not trying to manage everything on my own.

There are also some things that unfortunately do to time constraints and other commitments had to be postponed as I have been catching up on the previously mentioned articles, that are still planned for future updates, including but not limited to: a gallery including all of the photos taken during the Syfy Digital Press Tour (many previously unpublished to the site), exclusive video clips from interviews with the talent at the press event (i.e. personal videos of my own questions), and a fans look at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including photos and videos, which in the interest of interviews I have yet to have a chance to complete.

Please accept my apology for the delays as I work to make SciFi Vision a better science fiction and pop culture resource.

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