Caprica Episode 112

As part of the Syfy Digital Press tour, Sci Fi Vision was given an exclusive early look at episode 112 of Caprica, which will air on October 19th at 10pm/9pm central. First, here is the official press release.

“Things We Lock Away”

Written by Drew Z. Greenberg
Directed by Tim Hunter

LOGLINE: Tamara attacks Zoe in New Cap City, seeking revenge for the MagLev bombing that killed her. Daniel wins back his company but with unexpected consequences, while Clarice attempts to break Lacy.

SYNOPSIS: Zoe’s search for Tamara in New Cap City ends in the Arena, where Tamara attacks. Tamara rallies her followers in New Cap City to take revenge on Zoe for the MagLev bombing. In order to earn Tamara’s trust, Zoe must atone for her past sins and confront old demons.

Clarice and her family hold Lacy captive, looking for Zoe’s one-of-a-kind avatar program. The STO plans for Apotheosis hinge on it, and Clarice hopes to learn where it is from Lacy or to break her completely in the process.

Daniel thinks he has won back control of Graystone Industries cleanly, but Joseph and the Ha’La’Tha demand the death of Tomas Vergis.

More Caprica coverage to come, including an interview with Ron Moore and David Eick, so stay tuned!

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