Lost "Across the Sea" Detailed Recap

Below is a full recap of "Across the Sea" written by Jamie Ruby.


A woman washes ashore on the island. Upon standing we can see that she is in the late stages of pregnancy. She struggles inland and as she takes a drink from the stream she is stopped by a woman who helps her, taking her to her camp. They talk in Latin at first, but change to English so we lose the need for captions.
The woman, who we find out is Claudia, asks questions after she is told by the woman that she arrived the same as she did, “by accident.” Fixing her wounds, the woman tells her that “Every question I answer will simply lead to another question,” and wants her to rest. She tells Claudia a little forcefully that she will look for the other survivors of the ship for her.

Claudia goes into labor and the woman delivers the baby boy and swaddles it in white, who Claudia tells her she named “Jacob.” However, she is not finished and delivers a second boy which the woman wraps in black. Claudia only came up with one name. She asks to see the babies but the woman apologizes and bashes her head in with a rock.

The Boy in Black finds an Egyptian box/game on the beach. It has dark stones and light stones. Jacob comes up and he gives him the light stones. He tells Jacob that he just “knows” how to play the game, obviously making up his own rules. He will show him if he doesn’t tell their mother, because she will take it away.

The woman who killed Claudia, who the boys think is their mother, is working on a loom when Jacob comes in. She asks where his brother is, and he tells her that he’s down at the beach staring out at the ocean. She asks him what they were doing, and at first he just says, “walking,” but then she questions his love to get a true answer and he tells her what really happened.

The Boy in Black is sitting staring at a big turtle and the ocean when his mother walks up. He knows Jacob told her. She tells him that Jacob doesn’t know how to lie - he’s not like him. When he asks her what he is like, she tells him that he’s special. She says she left him the game and that he can keep it. He is disappointed it didn’t come from somewhere else, “across the sea.” She tells him that there is nowhere else; the island is all there is. He asks where they came from. She tells him that they came from her and she came from her mother. After inquiring about her mother, she tells him she is dead. He asks her what dead is, and she says that it is something he will never have to worry about.

A boar runs through the woods and the boys chase it. They see three men who kill it. They hide from the men and then they run to their mother and tell her they saw people – men who killed a boar; however, the men didn’t see them. Jacob asks where they came from; they looked like them. She says they aren’t like them and don’t belong there. She and her sons are there for a reason. Jacob’s brother asks for what reason, but she just tells him that it’s not time yet. He repeats it and she decides to show them. She leads them blindfolded. She says that she didn’t tell them about the people because they are dangerous, and what makes them dangerous is the same thing that makes all men dangerous – they come, fight, destroy, corrupt, and it always ends the same. The boy in Black asks where they come from. She tells them that they come from another part of the island that they are never to go looking for because they would hurt them if they found them, because they’re people. The Boy in Black says that they are people too and asks if that means that they can hurt each other. She takes off their blindfolds and tells them that she has made it so that they can never hurt each other. She turns them around and up ahead there is a cave of light at the end of the stream – the reason they are there. She tells them not to go in it. Down there is light, the warmest brightest light they have ever seen or felt and they must make sure no one ever finds it. The Boy in Black says that it’s beautiful and she tells him that that is why they want it – a little bit of the same light is inside of every man but they always want more. They can’t take it, but they will try, and if they try they could put it out. If the light goes out there it goes out everywhere. She has protected it but can’t forever. Jacob’s brother asks who will. She tells them that it will have to be one of them.

The brothers sit in the woods playing the game. Jacob makes a move and his brother tells him that he can’t do that - it’s against the rules. Jacob knows that he made up the rules, but his brother tells him it is because he found it. He tells Jacob that one day “you can make up your own game and everyone else will have to follow your rules.” The Boy in Black looks up to see an apparition of his real mother. Jacob doesn’t hear or see her. He tells Jacob he is going for a walk on the beach and will meet him later.

He follows her and she tells him that Jacob can’t see her because she is dead. She wants to show him something – where he came from. It’s across the island, a place he’s never seen. He follows her and sees other people. She tells him that they came there thirteen years ago, the day before he was born. They were shipwrecked in a storm. She has to explain that a ship is a way for people to get from one place to another, and is how they cam from across the sea – there many things across the sea. He comes from there too. He says that that is not what mother told him. She tells him that the woman is not his mother, she is.

The other mother is asleep when the Boy in Black sneaks to leave with their stuff, trying to get Jacob to come with him. They are leaving and never coming back. Jacob asks him where they are going, and he tells them they are going to the people. Jacob tells him no and he tries to get Jacob to understand they are their people. They will live with them; the woman they know as their mother lied about everything. He doesn’t want to go by self. He tells Jacob that their mother doesn’t love them, it’s all a lie. She’s not even their mother. Jacob gets mad and knocks down and punches him. Their mother comes up and stops him, but he tells her that his brother is leaving going to the other people. The Boy in Black says that he knows there is another place across sea where he is from and that he is going to go home. His real mother told him that and that she killed her. He tries to get Jacob to believe him – they don’t belong there or with her. Jacob won’t come. She tries to stop the Boy in Black and tells him that whatever he has been told, he will never be able to leave the island. He says that it is not true and one day he will prove it. He leaves.

Their mother sits at the beach and Jacob comes up. He asks if she thinks his brother will come back, which she doesn’t. Jacob questions that the woman said that she killed their mother. She admits it, yet he doesn’t seem to get mad. She tells him that if she let her live, she would have taken them back to her people and that they are very bad. She couldn’t let him become one of them; he needed him to stay good. Jacob asks, “Am I good mother?” She tells him that he is. He asks her “Why do you love him more than me?” She tells him that she loves them in different ways and asks him to stay with her, which he says he will.

An adult Jacob works on the loom. His mother is tired.

Jacob goes to observe his brother and the others. He and his brother play the game again. Jacob’s brother asks if Mother knows that he visits. He tells him that she doesn’t ask about him. His brother questions why Jacob watches them. Jacob watches them because he wants to know if their mother is right about them. He wants to know if his brother’s people are bad. He tells Jacob that she may be insane, but she is most definitely right about that. Jacob says that they don’t seem bad to him. He tells him that that is easy for him to say, looking down on them from above. He has lived among the people for thirty years. They are greedy, manipulative, untrustworthy, and selfish, but also a means to an end. He tells Jacob he is leaving the island, who responds that it is impossible. Jacob’s brother throws a knife at the well and magnetized, it sticks. Jacob goes to look. His brother tells him that there are very smart men on the island who are curious and have discovered places all over the island where metal behaves strangely. They find it and dig. This time they found something. He asks Jacob to come with him, but he won’t. He asks Jacob what he is going to do when their mother dies. Jacob just says that she won’t. He tells Jacob that everything dies. Jacob doesn’t want to leave his home. His brother responds that it isn’t his home.

When Jacob comes back his mother asks where he was, and he tells her that she already knows where. He tells her what his brother said and that his brother thinks he has found a way to leave the island.

She wanders out and sees the men at the well and goes down to see her son. She is worried and he says that she should be. He tells her that he spent thirty years looking all over the island for the waterfall with the light. He couldn’t find it, but then thought that he could get to the light that is under the island from someplace else. It took a very long time to figure out how to reach it. He admits that the people with him saw the light too and have ideas of what to do with it. She starts to tell him that he doesn’t have any idea about the light, but he interrupts her, saying that it is because she wouldn’t tell him anything. He pulls a stone out if the wall of the well and there is the yellow light. It lights up a wheel he has made. He says that they will make an opening much bigger than that, and then they will attach the wheel to the system they are building that channels the water and the light. Then he will turn it, and when he does, he’ll finally be able to leave. She asks him how he knows it will work. He just says sarcastically, “I’m special.” She begs him not to do this, not to go, but he tells her that he has to go because he doesn’t belong there. She tells him then that it is good bye. She hugs him and he hugs her back, telling her good bye. She looks upset and tells him that she is so sorry, and then proceeds to smash his head into the rock wall and knock him out.

Jacob is sleeping and his mother wakes him. She tells him that it’s time. He knows that something happened. She tells him that she had to say good bye to his brother. She had to let him go, because it’s what he wanted. She brings Jacob to the light again. She tells him that he is going to protect it now. He asks her what is down there. She tells him that it’s life, death, rebirth; it’s the source, the heart of the island. They sit down and she tells him to promise her that no matter what that he won’t ever go down there. It would be worse much worse then dying. She takes out a bottle of wine and pours him a glass. She chants something in Latin over it. She tells him that he will drink it and accept the responsibility that he will protect the place as long as he can, and then will have to find his replacement. He doesn’t want to do it, but she tells him that someone has to, because her time it over; it has to be him. Upset, Jacob says that she wanted it be his brother, but now he is all she has. She tells him that it was always supposed to be him, and that she sees that now and one day he will see it too, but until then he doesn’t really have a choice. She asks him to please take the cup and drink, which he does. She tells him, “Now you and I are the same.”

Jacob’s brother wakes up on the ground to find the wells filled in and everyone gone. He sees smoke in the distance and runs too it. There are bodies everywhere and the wells are on fire. He finds the game amongst the rubble and picks it up and cries. He goes from sad to angry.

Jacob walks in the woods with his mother. There is a storm coming. She tells him to get the firewood ready and he says he’ll see her back home. Meanwhile, she goes to see his brother. She finds the Egyptian game and looks at it. She picks up the dark stone and looks at it when suddenly she is stabbed from behind by Jacob’s brother. She falls. He asks her why she wouldn’t him let me leave. She tells him it is because she loves him. She then thanks him and passes on. He cries. His brother comes in and he tries to get Jacob to listen to him. Jacob just gets angry, ignoring him, and asks what he did. He knocks him to the ground and then starts punching him. Then he pulls him away, and he tells Jacob not to, telling him that their “mother” burned all his people, and that she was crazy. He also tells him that he can’t kill him because she made it that way. Jacob tells his brother not to worry, that he is not going to kill him. He then throws him into the stream near the light. Jacob’s brother looks up and sees the light and is upset that their mother brought Jacob there and not him. Jacob tells him that it is because he has to protect it now. Jacob lifts him back up and says that if he wants to leave then to go. He proceeds to throw his brother into the stream again and he hits his head on a rock. His body floats down into the light. Jacob looks on, upset. There is some rumbling, and then black smoke with lightning flashes within it flies out of the cave, knocking him back, and disappears into the trees. An upset Jacob walks further down the stream and rinses his face. He then sees his brother’s dead body, caught on a tree. He cries and hugs him, and then takes his body to the caves. He then goes to his mother’s body and picks up the stones putting them in a pouch.

The scene changes to show what we already saw much earlier in the series - Jack and Kate finding the bodies and the stones.

Jacob closes his mother’s eyes, carries her body, and lays it down next to his brother.

The scene switches to show Kate asking Jack where the bodies came from. He reminds her that they shot a polar bear and questions where that came from.

Jacob clasps their hands together and puts down the pouch.

Locke comes in and finds Jack and Kate. He asks who the men are and Jack tells him that one is female. Locke says, “Our very own Adam and Eve.”

Jacob tells his brother good bye, crying.

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