FlashForward Gets a Full Season Order!

After only three episodes have aired, FlashForward has already gotten a 22-episode order from ABC! The premiere of FlashFoward was the first scripted show since Friends to beat CBS's Survivor. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "When factoring DVR viewership, "FlashForward" gained a larger number (0.8) than any other freshman series." You can also see the full premiere week DVR analysis there. According toTV.com ABC has said that FlashForward has the potential to be a long-running series, as the producers have said they already have a few seasons' worth of material. I'm curious to see how the story will pan out considering the current timeline on the show, April 29th is sure to come around before then, at least as fans we can hope so, unless they decided to go the route of Lost and tease us for a few years.

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