Review: Orphan Black: The Next Chapter Returns

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterI was so excited to hear that Orphan Black: The Next Chapter is back again. I very much enjoyed finding out out what happened after the television series and was curious where it would lead. The first book surprised me in the fact that they revealed to the world the truth about clones, which is something I never thought they would do. It, however, opened up new story possibilities and also introduced new clones and left it of course open for even more.

Season two picks up eight months after the events of season one. Although season one did explore some of the fallout from the world finding out the truth, now the world has had time to ruminate, and as expected, many people still do not accept the clones or treat them as equals. The sestras bear some responsibility in those who weren’t self-aware being unprepared, but can they themselves even deal with being ostracized? The beginning of season two starts to delve deeper into how the characters are coping with it, as well as with the idea that it’s not just them against the world anymore.

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterThe second season is a bit different than the first in a few ways. First, it is now free to listen to (with ads). However, if you want to have text as well, you will ahve to pay for a subscription. The other big change is not only is Tatiana Maslany, who originally starred as all the clones in the series, providing voice to characters, but so are original cast members Evelyne Brochu, who plays Delphine, Kristian Bruun, as Alison’s husband Donnie, and Jordan Gavaris, who had a surprise appearance in the end of the first book, as Sarah’s brother, Felix.

The narrator of the book has also changed. That actually does not bother me as I thought it would, but it actually helps to separate the narrator from the character voices, so I didn’t find it a negative at all. It just was a bit strange at first. There are also a few other voices here and there.

The voice work is as impeccable as before; it really brings the book to life, and it’s always so much fun to listen to Maslany voice all the different clones. You don’t even really need descriptions of who is talking, because each voice and personality is so unique.

The characters feel spot on to the series. I especially always enjoy Alison and Donnie together and their bickering, and I loved that she was getting a bit jealous of his fans. Now that Bruun is a part of it, it’s even better! It’s really easy to get lost in listening to the book.

There is also a really important part with Cosima and Delphine that made me smile, but I don't want to give it away.

It was also great to see more character development on Charlotte, who has obviously grown up quite a lot since the series. She realizes that perhaps she acted in haste in revealing the truth, and she’s taking responsibility for what she’s done.

I’m also happy that it appears Vivi will be a part of the story again, as she was such a great character from book one, and I hope she continues to grow closer to Arun. I also am eager to see Jay and Art together later in the book, and I do hope they give a satisfactory explanation to how they (assumingly) cure them so they can’t hurt the clones.

I’m very much looking forward to what happens next and how the characters deal with all the problems they are facing. I think fans of the original series will once again be happy with the new chapter of their lives.

As with last season, I will be posting a recap of the chapter, so look for it after chapter one is released!

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