Orphan Black: The Next Chapter - Episode 5 Review & Recap

***Contains Spoilers***

Orphan Black: The Next ChapterToday Serial Box released the fifth episode of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, titled “Every Child is Cast from Paradise,” by Madeline Ashby.

This week’s episode is mostly about the characters trying to get information from each other. I’m happy to finally see Sarah and Delphine talking to Vivi, even if they haven’t really uncovered much yet. Not only that, but it looks like Art may finally have to let Jay in on Clone Club. I was curious if he could make up some kind of cover story on the fly that was believable, but it seems like it is going the other direction. I do feel that he can trust her, however. It is fun though to see someone else like he was back in the first season of the series, confused that nothing adds up. Also, how far will he go to get Cosima back?

As a side note, Sarah realizing right away that it was Vivi pretending to be Cosima and tricking her was great, as was the information about the musical security system Cosima and Delphine have set up. Even if it wasn’t really important to the story, it was still entertaining.

I’m also interested in finding out more about Davis and what part he will play. Regardless, he’s bad news for the clones. Now we just have to wait for Arun to catch up to Vivi and fill her in.

This week Kira barely was part of the narrative, but nothing was really going on on her end specifically.

More than anything though, for me, the most interesting part of the episode was the cliffhanger ending. Will people believe the stories in the news? It obviously would be extremely dangerous and disastrous for the sisters if people found out the truth. I really don’t see it going there, but I am excited to see how they deny things and clean up the mess. Also, who even talked to the press? Was that part of Davis’s way of ending their program?

It’s going to be hard to wait out the hiatus to find out what happens next. As I’ve said before, it’s frustrating to feel like you are reading a book one chapter at a time, but at the same time, I appreciate that you have time to digest and think about and talk about what’s going on, just like in the series. It makes it seem more like a television show, and of course, Tatiana Maslany being a part of it makes it even better.


Delphine gives a presentation to the members of her team, those of the GRIT task force, and a visiting delegation from a developer of microdrones about ethics in medicine and science and about horrible atrocities of the past. She argues that collecting DNA without consent is wrong. Most of the group doesn’t want to hear it.

Before she can take questions, however, she gets a call from Cosima telling her that Sturgis is dead and that she is under arrest.

Meanwhile, Vivi breaks into Cosima and Delphine’s place pretending to be the former.

Sergeant Jaysara Priyantha interrogates Cosima, who just keeps asking for a lawyer. Jay can tell she is upset about Sturgis’s death, but she still thinks she is actually Vivi and a spy. Cosima tells Jay she doesn’t know what she is talking about.

She continues to interrogate Cosima and accuses her of dating Delphine, because her handler told her to. Cosima tells her that she loves her wife. Jay continues to accuse her and says that she already spoke to “Davis,” and that he told her everything about Cosima. She asks exactly what he told her.

Meanwhile, Vivi may have been able to fool Cosima’s neighbor, but not Sarah when she shows up at the house. She tricks Vivi into taking a truffle spiked with THC. Sarah tells her she wants to know who she is and what she’s done with her sister.

At the hospital, Charlotte’s rash is spreading. She thinks about how her life would have been different knowing others like her growing up.

A man walks in the room and talks to Dana while Charlotte hides under the bed, though she isn’t sure if Dana is actually awake or groggy from the drugs. He says that he took over the department that oversees the cloning experiment and he doesn’t like how his predecessors handled the case. They are all a risk, and their program doesn’t bring any benefits. He would think someone would have found a way to use an unknown population of clones to their advantage. He wants to figure out a clean ending to the program. He says that they are very resilient, but all stories must end. He then does something to her IV drip.

Back at Cosima’s place, Sarah and Vivi are fighting, and the latter is starting to get dizzy from the drugs. Sarah asks if Rachel sent her, but Vivi has no idea who she’s talking about and asks if they are all really sisters.

Sarah ends up smashing Vivi’s hand with the frying pan and asks what generation she is from, as she is younger than the Leda clones, and are there more of her? She asks if she is there for Dana, looking for a cure.

Suddenly Delphine enters the room and Vivi feels a pin prick as she holds an empty syringe against her neck, threatening to inject her with air. Delphine tells Sarah to get the duct tape.

Meanwhile, Jay is still talking to Cosima when someone arrives wanting to talk to the sergeant. It’s Greg Kurzmann from the Department of Defense, who says that he is taking her suspect out of her custody. Jay is not okay with it, because Cosima is part of an active murder investigation and they can connect her to the bombing. He says he has no idea what sensitive information her wife might have leaked to her, and they need to know what she knows. He tells her that she’s dangerous and has been associated with bio-terror groups. It seems like he is talking about the Neolutionists. Jay thinks that they must not be aware that the suspect is a spy and says that she wants access to their files as well; they could potentially help her with her case. He just says that it’s “need-to-know” and takes Cosima.

On the way out, Jay asks her if she has anything else to say. Cosima tells her that all cops are bastards except for Art, who knows exactly who she is and can vouch for her. She tells her to talk to him and adds that “Sturgis really kept the platinum close to his chest” and to take it to Delphine.

Back at the hospital, Alison and Arun come into the room and talk to Charlotte, who fell asleep under Dana’s bed. She tells them about the man and to check Dana’s IV. She also mentions he was looking for someone. Arun tells her to describe him, and then says that it is someone he knows named Davis. After she tells them the rest of what happened, Arun says that they have to round up all the clones in the wing and leave. He also has to get a message to Vivi or she is at risk too.

Charlotte gets a call from Kira, who tells her that Cosima has been arrested and that they have evidence. They have to do something. After a short amount of time, Charlotte passes out.

Jay goes to meet with Art. She asks him how he knows Cosima. She thinks that he knew she was a spy and didn’t tell her. He says they have to talk elsewhere, and she realizes he is frightened.

He says that Cosima is not CIA; she’s his friend and his old partner’s sister. She comments that Cosima has no sister listed. He tells her that there would be no official paperwork linking her to any of her sisters.

When she asks how many sisters she has, Art admits it’s over two hundred. She understandably thinks he’s crazy. He guesses correctly that she has evidence implicating Cosima, but something didn’t line up. She confirms they have her on camera entering the building where Sturgis was killed and that she had his blood on her. They don’t however have a gun or motive; all the evidence is circumstantial.

She tells him that the DoD took her. Art tells her that they have to do something.

Back at the house, Delphine tells Sarah that they have to take Vivi to the police. She knows, but they also need to find out who she’s working with; they know she framed Cosima. Vivi tells her that she had her orders and didn’t know about Clone Club.

Sarah asks Vivi where Kira is, but she doesn’t know. They also ask who ordered her to kill Sturgis and blow up the lab, but she says she didn’t do either of those things.

They want to know how many American clones there are and why they didn’t know about them when they distributed the cure. She has no idea what they are talking about.

Before they can interrogate her further, the doorbell rings. All three of their phones ring as well. Vivi knows from her ring that Arun is calling and realizes something must be wrong.

Delphine partially opens the door and a reporter from the Maple Leaf Rag pushes her way in.

The reporter tells them that she is there to ask about the clones and asks if it’s a hoax or perhaps a marketing campaign for a TV show. Drones also make their way in to record them.

Vivi takes her opportunity and yells to the woman and the others with her outside that they have her held captive, are crazy, and think she’s a clone. At that point other reporters push their way in. They pull Sarah and Delphine away and free Vivi, who punches one of them to get away and runs out.

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