The InBetween Episodic Photos - Pilot - 1.01 - Premiering 5/29/19

The InBetween MultimediaThe InBetween - 1.01 - "Pilot" - 5/29/19

Cassie Bedford was born with a rare ability. She has visions … whether she likes it or not. Sometimes Cassie sees events that have previously occurred or will happen in the future. In addition, sometimes she encounters unsettled spirits who need her help. When her father, Det. Tom Hackett, and his new partner, former FBI Agent Damien Asante, need assistance solving a dark and puzzling murder, Cassie reluctantly agrees to use her abilities and helps solve some of the city’s most challenging cases.

Episodic photos from the first season episode of The InBetween, "Pilot," airing 5/29/19, after the jump.

The Inbetween Episodic Photos - 5/29/19
1.01 - "Pilot"


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