Exclusive Video Interview: American Rust: Broken Justice Star Maura Tierney Talks Grace’s Impulsiveness, Attending Games in Pittsburgh & More

American Rust: Broken JusticeAmerican Rust, which is based on the novel of the same name by Philipp Meyer, originally premiered on Showtime in 2021. Season two, American Rust: Broken Justice, premiered yesterday on Prime Video, and picks up four months after the events of season one. This season, Del Harris (Jeff Daniels) and Grace Poe (Maura Tierney) struggle to rebuild their lives while also dealing with being apart more than they’d like, as Del is now working as a detective back in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, in Buell, a string of seemingly unrelated murders take place, hinting that there may be a larger conspiracy at play.

Earlier in the month, when star Tierney spoke with SciFi Vision, she talked about how Grace’s circumstances change quite a bit this season when she’s given a gift from her son (Alex Neustaedter). “In a way, it's the same character with the same hang ups and the same flaws in a completely and utterly new set of circumstances,” the actress explained. “So, I think it'll be hopefully interesting to watch, and it was interesting to play.”

During the interview, the actress also talked about how she tried to infuse more humor this season and how she considers Grace a “deeply ironic character,” how she enjoys playing Grace when she is impulsive and doesn’t hold anything in, because it’s opposite to her, as well as the difficulties she had driving in Pittsburgh and her experiences attending games for both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Steelers.

Watch the full interview below, and check out season two of the series, available now to stream on Prime Vide.

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