Exclusive Video Interviews: Stars Flannery, Young & Kalopsis & Director Bharoocha Talk The Prank, Now in Theaters

The PrankBen and Mei, inseparable best friends, have reached their limit with Mrs. Wheeler and her harsh teaching methods. She's threatened to fail everyone unless the suspected cheater confesses, causing frustration to boil over. In response, Mei hatches a plan to set up Mrs. Wheeler for a crime she didn't commit: the murder of a former West Greenview High School student.

Their scheme unfolds in The Prank, a comedy/horror indie film that hit theaters on March 15th. This long-awaited release had its world premiere at SXSW in 2022 and boasts a star-studded cast including the iconic Rita Moreno, along with Connor Kalopsis, Ramona Young, Kate Flannery, and Keith David.

SciFi Vision interviewed The Prank cast members Connor Kalopsis plays (Ben), Ramona Young (Mei), Kate Flannery (Loretta) and Director Maureen Bharoocha. Check out what they had to share in the video below:

The Prank has the possibility of not being a standalone film; it holds immense promise for a full-fledged franchise. With its rich story and captivating characters, the potential for prequels and sequels is evident. I eagerly anticipate the indie film's future endeavors, hoping to delve deeper into the intriguing personalities they've introduced.

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