Exclusive Video Interviews: Star Rory Culkin & Writer & Director Phil Allocco Talk 5 Lbs of Pressure, Now in Theaters, Digital & On Demand

5 Lbs of PressureToday the film 5 Lbs of Pressure premieres in theaters, on digital, and on demand. The action-thriller, written and directed by Phil Allocco, stars Luke Evans as Adam, an ex-con who just finished his parole after serving sixteen years in prison for murder. Wanting a second chance to get to know the son who grew up without him, he returns to his old neighborhood where the brother of the youth he killed contemplates revenge. Meanwhile, Mike, played by Rory Culkin, wants out of his drug-dealing life where he works for his Uncle Leff (Alex Pettyfer).

Recently, Allocco, as well as star Culkin, spoke with SciFi Vision about the film and what viewers can expect.

Watch the full interviews below.

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