Exclusive Video Interview: From's Pegah Ghafoori

Pegah GhafooriIn season two, the MGM+ thriller From is amping up the terror, and right now there’s probably nobody more terrified than Fatima (Pegah Ghafoori). Newcomers are stretching the community’s resources, people are dying almost every night, her fiancée Ellis (Corteon Moore) was accidentally stabbed, and oh yeah, Fatima thinks she might be pregnant. The only thing scarier than living in the town would be bringing a child into this world, but thus far no one has ever had a baby, and it’s not clear if it’s even possible to get pregnant.

In a video chat with SciFi Vision, actress Pegah Ghafoori (Hello Au Revoir) shared her thoughts on where Fatima is mentally and emotionally coming into episode 207 (“Belly of the Beast”).  

“I think in the back of her mind, there's still a shoe to drop,” Ghafoori suggested. “Whether that is the town going ‘JK, you're actually not pregnant, but I'm so glad you got your hopes up,’ or it's that she is pregnant and it's a gift from the town.

Pegah Ghafoori“She has a lot of fear and uncertainty on her mind, especially since Ellis was almost taken away from her, and that brought a lot of things into perspective. If Ellis isn't here, do I have a support system that could help me raise a child? Do I need one? Will I be okay raising a child on my own? I'm sure she spent a lot of time coming to terms with the fact that she would never have to raise a child that she birthed herself, but even raising the child, aside from giving birth, [and] especially if truly her body isn't capable of bearing a child and she is now pregnant, I can only imagine the horrors that she's been thinking.”

Ghafoori also talked about Fatima’s sense of responsibility and innate desire to help others and the moment in season one where that starts to change. Watch the video to hear more!

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