Exclusive Video Interview: Sadie Laflamme-Snow Teases What’s to Come on The Way Home

The Way HomeIn Hallmark’s The Way Home, after teen Alice Dhawan (Sadie Laflamme-Snow) is expelled from school and her mother, Kat Landry (Chyler Leigh), loses her job, she uproots them to her estranged grandmother Del (Andie MacDowell)’s farm in Port Haven, Canada. After finding out that her father’s girlfriend has moved in with him, leaving her no place else to go, Alice runs off. She ends up at a pond on the family property, and angry, throws the bracelet that her father gave to her mother (which she regifted to her) into the water. Regretting it, she reaches for it and falls into the pond, only to be pulled out in 1999 by a teen girl she later finds out is her mother in the past.

The series takes place in both timelines as Alice befriends her mother in 1999 and learns more about why her family is fractured. 

The Way HomeLaflamme-Snow recently spoke with SciFi Vision about why the role first appealed to her. “I feel like when the audience first meets Alice, you see this teenager who's really going through it and acting out as a result,” the actress told the site. “She's making her parents' lives really difficult. She's rejecting her life on the farm. She's rejecting Del's attempt to start having a relationship with her; she doesn't want to be there, and all she wants is to just have everything go back to normal and be done with all of this. Then, once she realizes that she can time travel, and she sees her family back in 1999, she's completely transformed by how warm and loving and welcoming her family is, and I think we see what is the real side of Alice and who she is at her core…So, when I saw that there was that really vulnerable side to her, I was like, ‘Wow, this is such an interesting character.’ It's such an interesting story, and I think that we see as the story goes on, it's not that simple that you have one visit to the past and then you change who you are completely and you just forget everything that you're going through in real time and decide to be nicer to your mom. Right from the get go, as soon as I understood what the concept was around Alice and her journey, I was excited to dive into the role.”

During the interview, the actress was also able to tease a bit about what’s to come for Alice on the series. “Alice is present in her family's life throughout the time in their lives where they had this big falling out that leads to Kat and Del not really speaking anymore,” she explained. “So, she will get the answers to what happened, and the audience will be along with her for that ride. So, I won't tease what that is but just say that you're going to live through it with Alice. I feel like Kat jumping in the pond after Alice is just the first mind-blowing [experience] of many. So, I think that that's what people have to look forward to in terms of the time travel twists going forward.”

For more from Laflamme-Snow, including a bit about the inevitable confrontation between Alice and her mother now that she has followed her into the past, how she keeps the timelines straight, what it’s like working with Leigh for a mother, what time in her own family’s past she would like to visit, and much more, watch the full interview below.

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