Exclusive: Cast and Director on Making Out of Exile, Out Now

Out of ExileGabe Russell (Adam Hampton, 90 Feet from Home) has been recently released from prison and wants to start a new life for himself and his estranged daughter (Hayley McFarland, Lie to Me), but that doesn’t stop him from going back to his old ways, and he and a group of men rob an armored car. The heist goes awry when his brother Wesley (Kyle Jacob Henry) shoots one of the guards, and the FBI, including Agent Brett Solomon (Ryan Merriman, Final Destination 3) work to hunt down the crew. The film, written and directed by Kyle Kauwika Harris, which came to theaters last week, is now available on digital and on demand.

SciFi Vision recently spoke with Harris, Hampton, and McFarland in a virtual interview about working on the film. Watch the full interview below.

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