Exclusive Video Interview: Alex Pettyfer Talks Immortality and His Film Warning

Alex PettyferThe science fiction thriller Warning, which takes place in the near future leading up to Earth’s destruction, takes a look at short narratives of different groups of interconnected people as they contemplate the meaning of life in a time when the technology we’ve become to depend on is often a substitute for human contact.

The scenes with Alex Pettyfer, who plays the role of Liam, who comes from a wealthy family and brings his girlfriend (Annabelle Wallis) home to dinner, tell a cautionary tale of immortality.

Watching the film, directed by Agata Alexander, is not a passive experience, as it’s definitely one that will make you think about things, including technology, in a new light. According to, Pettyfer, who talked to Jamie Ruby in an exclusive interview, our evolving technology can cause you to lose yourself, and he misses the personal connection. “I think that we are in a point in time where technology in its evolution is so drastically advanced that we are in a place where our communication has evolved into a kind of a distorted reality. I think that, unfortunately, we've gone through a very, very hard time the last few years.

Alex Pettyfer"Even talking…[virtually], I miss the authenticity of being in a room andtalking and connecting. I think there is a certain amount of connection [t]here, but I also think that there's a connection that is far stronger when you're in the room with someone and can hold that space. And I think, for me, being mindful about how we present our lives and incorporate technology into our lives, and not being overindulgent, I think that it's still important to keep a sense of self.”

The film is relatable in that way. “It's a very thought-provoking film, a film that has a lot of very relative truths, especially towards what's happening in technology and AI and the way that we view technology and AI…I definitely came away from the film more mindful.”

Be sure to watch the rest of the interview below, and check out the film, Warning, which premieres in select theaters tomorrow and will be available to own October 26th.

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