Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite on Joining Stargate Atlantis

Stargate AtlantisAmanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1 fame, has not only been working on executive producing and starring in the new made for the Internet supernatural thriller Sanctuary, but after a decade on SG-1, will be joining the cast of Stargate Atlantis this season.

She will be returning as Colonel Samantha Carter, who has been sent to oversee Atlantis. Tapping will also be returning to her SG-1 roots for the upcoming DVD movies titled Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Stargate: Continuum, which have been dated for a 2008 release.

This season Stargate Atlantis will also be introducing the new character, Dr. Jennifer Keller, who will be taking over as Chief of Medicine, now that Dr. Carson Beckett is gone. Dr. Keller will be played by Jewel Staite, who is most notably known for her role in the science fiction series Firefly, and the subsequent big screen adaptation Serenity as Kaylee Frye, the ship’s mechanic. Staite can also be seen soon starring in the new thriller The Tribe.

Both Amanda Tapping and Jewel Staite talked to MediaBlvd Magazine about the new season of Stargate Atlantis as well as other projects of their past and future.

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