Exclusive Mark Ghanime Talks Revenants and Hybrids on Wynonna Earp

Mark GhaniméTonight Syfy aired the episode of Wynonna Earp, "Everybody Knows." In the episode, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) reveals that Doc (Tim Rozon) may not actually be the father of her unborn child. It's possible that the father is the revenant, Jonas, played by Mark Ghanimé, who she met one night in a bar when she was drunk.

Thursday, Ghanimé talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about guest starring on the show, his thoughts on his character, and what's next for him.

**Interview contains spoilers for 2.07**

I know you said you didn't audition for the part, so can you talk about how it happened?

Mark GhaniméThis was basically an offer. Emily [Andras] and I follow each other on Twitter. We're sort of social media friends, and I was well aware of the show. I read for the pilot; I read for the Dolls (Shamier Anderson) character. So, I guess she was aware of what I was capable of.

I was contacted by her people, by casting and producers, to see if I would be willing to do this role. And it was an offer - no audition, so that was really cool; that's quite exciting. It's nice to get those. It's nice to feel like people have trust in your abilities, and they're willing to give you a part without seeing your take on it first. So that was nice.

Then what I got after that was just a look at the character to see if I wanted to do it, just some sides for audition purposes. They don't want to give out too much information, so they write these sort of fake sides. Fake sides, fake character names; they didn't even say that I was dealing with Melanie's character. You don't even know the name of my character; you don't know who he's talking to. It was sort of just like an idea of the overall arc of the character in a couple of fake scenes.

Her writing of the show is great; so I got the dialog, and even though it wasn't the real stuff, I was pretty confident what they would write for the character would be great. So, I said, "Yes, let's do this; let's play."

So that was that, and a few days later, I flew to Calgary and shot the episode in minus twenty degrees.

When your character, Jonas, slept with Wynonna, she was drunk, but he obviously knew who she was. In your own opinion, do you think he thought about the risk of sleeping with the heir, of her realizing he was a revenant, even coming back later? Or did he just want to have fun and didn't care?

I mean, he knew who she was. He knew what he was getting into, but that's sort of par for the course with these revenants. They're definitely a cocky breed, and they think they're invincible, and obviously they seem to meet their match, more often than not. And I think that was it. I think he figured something like this was going to happen; he just didn't know when and wasn't too worried about it.

Jonas is somewhat happy about the news, in the sense that he wants to brag to the other revenants, and he talks about how he had heard rumors that there had possibly been a hybrid before. Do you think he was thinking of a specific future of what this baby could become, or did he just want it to grow up evil do you think?

Mark GhaniméIt's like a new race, and I think he's thinking on his feet. Everything has happened so fast; he's still not believing. And when he realizes the opportunity that is in front of him, it's partially a selfish opportunity for himself to brag about and everything, but also, it's biological. When, you're having a kid, some people react very strangely. Men and women biologically may have different reactions to finding out there's a kid on the way. And for him, it seemed to be more for his own purposes and his own goals. I think he was trying to capitalize on this idea of this hybrid baby.

I think it happened all too fast for him to really think about that. He discovers it; he gets knocked in the face, and he wants to find out. Is this really true? Is it really his? So, he confronts her in the alleyway.

And I think it's part curiosity and maybe a bit of fear, but a guy like him is not going to show that; he's not going to show the fear, so it's going to come out in this cocky behavior.

And also for him, it's an opportunity to be revered as a top revenant as having this golden child. It makes him boss hog until the kid is old enough, so I think it was a selfish thing and also an exciting challenge for him to be a father to this baby.

Wynonna doesn't want him telling other revenants. What do you think it is she fears will happen, or is she just worried he will want to make it evil?

Absolutely. I mean, I'm a father; I have a child. A lot of your life changes when you become a parent, and it's about protection of your little one, regardless of who the partner is, whether you're in a loving relationship, or something went wrong, or if it was a one night stand like in this story. It doesn't matter; at the end of the day you want to protect your child [laughs] if you're not a demon revenant, but a normal human with normal feelings. Obviously I can't speak for Melanie's take on this whole thing, but I think for her it's about protecting the baby.

And I think in this triangle with Doc and Dolls, she's got a lot of other things to worry about, and I think her main goal is just to make sure this baby is safe and sound and comes out okay and healthy. And also it's different when you're a pregnant human with a kid on the way; you obviously want your kid to be safe and healthy and happy, but you don't have to [laughs] normally worry about attacks from demons. So I think she's got a lot to worry about there.

Mark GhaniméI know you can't tell me whether he is or not, but just out of curiosity, did they tell you whether or not he's the father?

Even Emily didn't give me that information, and I think that is an important part of the ability to move on the fly for television. Things come up; things change; storylines have to alter here and there, but no, they didn't come on outright and say if he was the father of this kid or not, which opens it up for different things, different storylines, and different opportunities.

Talking a moment about the special effects on the show, it's all digital, right, like you didn't have any contacts or anything, did you?

No contacts, no prosthetics, no nothing; it's all visual effects.

Can you talk about working with Melanie?

Melanie was also really pregnant herself during filming, so for her it must have been uncomfortable, wearing that kind of gear. It was twenty below; we were all just trying our best to stay warm on the first day. But she was very welcoming, very kind. Dominique [Provost-Chalkley] was very sweet. Kat [Barrell] was great; they were all just wonderful; they were really nice. They're pros, and we'e all been doing this long enough that we just get into the flow and go, and it was great.

And the director, Paolo Barzman, he was great; he's one of those directors that knows how to give notes that if he wants to correct something, it's not some vague note that you can't work from. He was pretty great. It was fun.

Do you have any other upcoming projects?

I just did an episode of a show called The Detectives. It's a show that's about the cases and the perspective of the detectives and the police. It's not about the victim; it's not about the crime necessarily; its more about how they deal with it.

I play one of the lead detectives on the show, and it's about real crimes, and the real detectives come in and are actually part of it, documentary style. There are actually interviews of the real detectives that dealt with the crimes in real life.

So it was really kind of cool to give the audience a glimpse into what it's like to be a detective. It's not all crime fighting and bad guys and sliding over the hood of cars. It's really difficult stuff, hard core graphic cases and circumstances, and it's tough to process, and you know, there's post-traumatic stress. It was nice to shine a bit of light on that side of these police procedurals.

Mark GhaniméIt's a spinoff of Real Detective; they did two seasons of that, and they've created this new show, and it comes out in the fall. It's an anthology series, so every episode is a different case and different characters and different detectives. It was fun.

I'm also in the process of working on an independent sci-fi film right now that's really in its infancy stage, but it's going to be really cool and something different.

It was shot with a couple of people from Helix and some of the crew from Helix, so it's going to be a really cool project that I'm excited about. I play the lead on that one.

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