Tyler Robinson: No regrets leaving "The Voice" Plus Mahoney, Ramsey, & Dawson

By Karen Moul

The VoiceThe Voice
has entered the battle rounds, with the first four contestants eliminated in head-to-head singing competition. Although it's tough to be among the first to go, Tyler Robinson has no regrets.

A fan favorite for his open and quirky personality, Tyler drew a tough assignment when coach Blake Shelton pitted him against country singer Patrick Thomas. During the episode, Tyler struggled a bit at first with an unfamiliar song, Elvis Presley's "Burning Love."

"The song was so far away from anything I've ever sang in my life before. That was the first hurdle that I had to go over," says Tyler.

But it was a challenge he could accept. "It's a competition.They want to push us to be our best and to make us work really hard because if you don't do that then what's the point of the competition? I was obviously given a song that was really far out of my box and I think I took it and I really did my best with it.

"Most people who cover Elvis either end up sounding like Elvis or like karaoke," he continues. "And I'm not saying that Patrick sounded like that because he sounded really great. But I just think that I did my best with it and I was actually really happy with the song choice after working with it.

"I couldn't have been happier with my performance," Tyler adds. And the other coaches seemed to agree, as Christina, Cee Lo, and Adam all indicated they would have awarded Tyler the win. But the only opinion that counted was Blake's, and he chose Patrick.

Tyler took it in stride. "There are so many factors that go into making a decision like this," he says, "but the stress that [Blake] was under and the pressure that he was under from producers, from himself, and from us because we really did both give an amazing performance.

"And if I was in Blake's position, I don't know what I would have done. It's a terrifying experience for anyone to make a decision like that. And people may say that he made the wrong choice but there's no wrong choice because we're both really strong singers.

"Obviously, I would have been a little happier if it went my way but I'm totally happy for Patrick because he's a killer singer and such a nice guy. And now I'm going to be rooting for him because he did promise me a spot on his album so I'll hold him to that.

"And, you know, maybe something bigger is coming to me. I never know what's next because everything happens for a reason and you don't want to mess with the way of the world because it will come back to get you."

So what's next for Tyler? He's going to "keep working really, really hard. I just moved to LA so I don't really know what's in store for me yet but I'm ready to be the busiest little person in Los Angeles."

Tyler has a couple of collaborations in the works and is thinking about "trying to get into the rap scene and sing hooks on rap songs. Because I think it would be sort of funny almost."

And he does have another TV show in his sights. "I really, really want to be on Glee," says Tyler. "And when I say 'want' I mean I'm going to be on Glee. I don't know how yet but I'm going to make it work. So maybe you'll see me as like a young, sexy substitute teacher on the show."

Tyler recently joined fellow contestants Tarralyn Ramsey, Niki Dawson, and Tim Mahoney – all of whom were eliminated in round one – for a Q&A session with reporters.

The Voice
Conference call with Tyler Robinson, Tim Mahoney, Tarralyn Ramsey, and Niki Dawson

May 11, 2011
12:00 pm CT

QUESTION: What would you say is the most important lesson that you learned from your time spent on the show?

Tyler RobinsonTYLER ROBINSON: I think that the most important thing that I learned on the show is cherish the time you have there because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and, you know, I just had a really good time being there and I made some lifelong friends. I know that I did.

And it's just been - it was an amazing experience and it's really weird to think that it's over because I'm still hanging out with these people who are still on the show and who are no longer on the show as well. But I think that it's just been an amazing experience. I've learned so much about myself and I've learned so much about other people and about the business. So I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

NIKI DAWSON: Yes, I think that I also learned just the whole feeling of how TV and the music industry works altogether and how things are so - kind of like, not pushy in a bad way but it's kind of like cutthroat to the point that you know that you have to push yourself to the best [of your] ability. And for me, I'm a newbie, and this is the first time and I think also a really great experience for me just to be stuck with the whole cast that was really family-oriented. And it wasn't bad at all. Everybody was really cool and really nice so I really enjoyed myself also.

TIM MAHONEY: Yes, I agree also, those comments, just talking about, you know, that it was a great experience but also...just to be on TV, that was my main goal with the whole thing was just to get in front of an audience on national TV and then try to make some wheels off of that. So that's what I'm trying to take from it.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Yes, and I absolutely agree. I think for me it was never really about, okay, am I going to win this again or could I possibly - it was just about trying to bring more awareness to myself as an artist and kind of hoping that something else great comes out of it at the end of the day.

QUESTION: Is there anything that you were surprised to learn about yourselves or your respective coaches?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: It's so weird because I haven't been placed in a - well, a competitive setting for years. You know, I think I did Divas in 2003 so it's 2011, seven or eight years later. It just really let me know that I don't think I do competitions quite well at all. I admit it.

And I just think that - I just realize that this is not for me, this is not what I want to do so - but it was a great opportunity to be on the show, to be able to meet a lot of people, to have the opportunity to wake up every morning and to go to vocal rehearsals or to selectively say I'm going to go to the gym and then I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that and then to have to actually be in a studio or working on the songs, it was great.

I just think for me it was an overall great experience. And I don't think - at the end of the day I think the one thing I realized is that Frenchie's a lot like me. She has been doing this for years in one avenue or another and I think that I've had two albums or three and she hasn't had one.

And I think when we would sit down and talk about it, I realized that she never had an album. So I think Christina and them made the right choice to give her the one shot to have a recording career. I think it's great.

QUSETION: Tyler, the other judges were saying that they would have chosen you. Why do you think Blake didn't?

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, it was really - there's many different factors that go into making a choice like this. Under the pressure I couldn't even imagine. And truthfully, Patrick and I killed that song together and we really did sound amazing. And I think Blake made his decision because that was - I mean that's the way he was feeling at the time.

And, you know, if we had sung it a different day it could have changed - I mean it could be anything. You know, it was one of those battles where it literally could go either way. Obviously, I would have been a little happier if it went my way but I'm totally happy for Patrick because he's a killer singer and such a nice guy. And now I'm going to be rooting for him because he did promise me a spot on his album so I'll hold him to that.

QUESTION: Tarralyn, what surprised you about working with Christina? Did she live up to her diva rep at all?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Wow, Christina was very sweet. I never got any type of diva-ish attitude. Obviously, as a female vocalist and if that's the role that you carry like a diva you always want to be the center of attention. I mean it just kind of comes with the territory. Most female singers that are great singers, they want to be the center of attention.

But she was very sweet, very accommodating, offered amazing advice, and absolutely seemed like she wanted to actually help us succeed. She didn't seem like she was just doing it to get a check or some other reason. So no, I think she was great.

QUESTION: Tim, you wanted to prove to the other judges that they should have chosen you. Do you think that you accomplished that?

TIM MAHONEY: Well, you know, I think I did. I think I felt strong about my performance. It was something where, you know, we had a great song. We were actually the only people that had an official duet.

I just felt really strong in my performance. I'll be honest, I was shocked but I also was like a lot of people say, it's what they're looking for and what Adam is looking for to maybe shape as an artist.

You know, Blake and Christina were for Casey and then Cee Lo was for me, which I thought was really cool because he's been really critical towards me. I think his comment was great and that's kind of actually gotten a lot of wheels from his comment alone today with all the press and stuff like that. So I think I did. They just didn't show it.

QUESTION: Niki, Cee Lo told you at the end when you guys hugged that he was going to help you with your career. Has he called you? Has he done anything?

NIKI DAWSON: I mean if you would say, if he said specifically that but for right now there's - you can't really speak of what's going to happen and what not so just hopefully that people will just watch out and look for me and seeing that things will and could take off.

QUESTION: If you had to choose one other judge who would you have wanted to work with instead?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: I started laughing immediately. You know, it's funny because on the show I'm such a Christina fan all day long, that was so true. But I wanted to say that...when they edit the shows they edit the comments but I think if I had to go back and redo the moment it would have been - based on something Christina said, she said, I was listening to your voice and I had a lot of different emotions at first.

I was nervous, scared, jealous, thinking oh my gosh. And I'm thinking, what are you saying? I could never sing like you. And then I still chose to work with Christina. But I think I should have chosen to work with Cee Lo. He was the only...other judge that turned around for me. And I think, I always go back to say a momma's always right. My momma told me to choose Cee Lo and not Christina and I think I should have listened. So I think I wrote my ticket home on that one.

TYLER ROBINSON: I think that it would have been a really - after hearing people's comments I would have loved to work with Christina because I'm sort of like a male diva a little bit when I sing. I mean I have the Christina hand movements down so I could pull it on Christina's team. And I think it would be a blast to just be on the diva team (unintelligible).


NIKI DAWSON: I think that I'm pretty happy with my choice. I don't know. Like, maybe Adam but I don't know. I think I've gotten so home with the whole feeling with working with Monica and Cee Lo and just the fact that they are just so - Monica was to the point saying that she was so impressed and I guess with the uniqueness in my voice, which was really weird because I thought that I sound pretty plain.

I didn't think that I had a unique sound to my voice at all really. So I think that just working with them, it just gave me a total impression. I was sold. Even though I didn't make it through I still want to be on their team.

TIM MAHONEY: Yes, I think I would definitely go - other choice would be Cee Lo just because I learned that he just seems really smart musically not just because he gave me one positive comment because the truth is he kind of ripped me the first time but they didn't air it on TV. But he just seemed really smart musically and he was very - when he said stuff it seemed to ring with people.

QUESTION: What's next for each of you? Has this experience made you want to push harder in your career? Has it opened up any doors for you?

Tarralyn RamseyTARRALYN RAMSEY: It's really weird. I definitely - I've been doing this for so long and I think you have moments where you feel burnt out and tired. However, I've had a lot of stuff working prior to doing the show. The same week I was signing the contracts for this show I had two other large companies that submitted agreements that I could not sign.

So I'm kind of just in limbo right now but there's a part of me - I live in Florida and I live part-time in Florida and part-time in California but what I think I'm going to do is go to Florida, hang out, lay on the beach a little bit, you know, do some tanning and go to the gym and try to lose about a good 15, 20 pounds, and pick up pieces of my life and kind of start all over again.

I posted on Twitter last night and I said, ya'll, I'm going to hang up my microphone for a little bit. Every girl needs the time to hang up their microphone for a bit. That doesn't mean that I'm quitting. So I'm not quitting, let's just say I'm not quitting, but I'm going to hang up my microphone for a little while until we figure out contractually what's going on with the television show.

And then depending on that then I will pursue the other opportunities that I have. It's crazy some of the stuff that's coming in but, yes, so I'm just going to go relax for a bit.

NIKI DAWSON: I guess for me, I can't like really say what's really happening because I'm still kind of not sure because I'm a little slow about stuff. I don't - I'm kind of ADD. I don't pay attention all the way. But for right now I'm just getting ready to do a little bit of live shows and just performing because - I mean I'm super-duper young.

I'm still a kid. Like, everybody keeps calling me a baby so I'm just like, okay, I guess I'll just be the baby and just run around and keep singing. So I'm going to go to Pensacola and just around Florida and stuff and start singing and trying to grow my fan base because, you know, I'm not like Tarralyn and Frenchie and everybody.

Everybody has this big old community and stuff like that and I'm just like, just starting. I'm like a little ant right now. So I'm going to try to - you know, grow a little bit and just reach out and try to find myself still. So that's what I'm going to be trying to do for the meantime and hopefully something good will come out of that.

TYLER ROBINSON: Well, I'm actually going to keep working really, really hard. I just moved to LA so I don't really know what's in store for me yet but I'm ready to be the busiest little person in Los Angeles (unintelligible). Here goes.

TIM MAHONEY: Yes, you know, so I've been doing this for a while, doing shows. So I'm always right back into playing live shows. You know, just been talking to my agent. I'm trying to just utilize the PR company, you know, to make a major label record, which one thing depends on if the record label takes the option with you - with this show, which we're on kind of a hold period.

But I also have a song coming out in a national commercial in about two weeks, a song called "Piece of You." So, you know, it's just about hustling but it's also about trying to capitalize on all these numbers you've been across and just making it build off of itself.

TYLER ROBINSON: You know what? One more thing I forgot to [say]. I actually forgot to mention this but I'm actually working on [some] collaborations right now.

I got a few emails. I'm actually trying - I was thinking about it last night, trying to get into the rap scene and sing hooks on rap songs.

Because I think it would be sort of funny almost. This white (unintelligible) singing rap hooks. But I've been approached by a few people via Twitter and via email and people are sending me some samples and a few R&B artists. It sounds really good so...

QUESTION: Was it difficult to find a balance between taking the coach's advice and being true to yourselves? Tim, it seemed like it was sort of difficult for you.

TIM MAHONEY: Yes, for me it was something where the song, "Leather and Lace," was a little high for me and I made a little bit of a compromise because if we went lower key it would be a little too low for my partner Casey.

So me and Adam kind of decided that I would kind of take the end of that and just do it in the higher key. So when we were working together on some of the phrasing - the truth is I - that stuff, I mean I totally took from, it just was really high. It was a high song for me. But it's also something where, you know, some of the stuff - I think you do got to stay true.

But then there's also part of you that when you're talking to someone who's sold millions of records and you haven't, there's a part of you that's just got to listen to what they have to say as well.

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, for me, it was really different because the song (unintelligible) that I was given was so far away from anything I've ever sang in my life before. So it was truly - like that was the first hurdle that I had to go over. And then Blake gave me some pointers and told me not to riff very much and I mean I love - I mean I love to embellish just because it's a way to enhance - not really enhance but throw some special little tricks into your song and make it sound cool in a different way.

And so when he told me to hold back on the riffs I took his advice because that's what he wanted to hear and I didn't give up any part of me as an artist. And I still gave you a new, current, modern version of Elvis, a classic Elvis song.

And I was really proud of myself because I didn't - like, after watching the performance last night, because I didn't know how well - how good it sounded because I - I mean I was on the stage and I was truthfully just proud of myself for staying true to who I was and accomplishing what he wanted me to accomplish. And I couldn't have been happier with my performance.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Well, I am definitely not "All the Single Ladies" girl. It just seemed like the wrong song. So I tossed and turned day after day trying to figure out how to make this song relevant to me. I love Beyonce all day long. I mean I play her music all the time but I was kind of not really happy about the song choice because it didn't seem to me that if Frenchie and I were going to be in a vocal battle and you're trying to find the best singer that that was the best song. I felt we should have had a singing song.

So yes, it was completely out of my element. And then the fact that I'm really a girl who cannot dance. I'm horrible when it comes to dancing and trying to move on the stage, you know, when it comes to trying to shake a booty, I'm not good at all. So yes, it was just a little bit out of my element and I think that it kind of came across and showed.

NIKI DAWSON: Well, I guess for me I think the song Perfect by Pink was...just perfect for me. I mean I thought that the way that we were kind of - kind of delivering - I'm more of the extreme entertainer chick, like, let's do the pop music. I'm going to dance across the stage, kind of crazy thing.

And I'm really energetic so it was - I kind of was interested in doing the serious tone and on top of it Vicci is more of the - she sings the lower notes so I'm used to singing the lower part and that was just my thing that I always did. So I was like, okay, you know, I'm going to take the high part. I took the initiative and I'm, like, okay, I'm just going to sing the high part even though that's not my thing.

So I think I was really - I guess impressing myself because I didn't think that I could hold the high note that long, going into the verse and then jump up and sing soprano for the rest of the chorus. It was intense for me. But I think I just really work with myself and I'm, like, wow.

Now I just pushed myself to a whole other level and I think I'm really thankful that Cee Lo saw that in me. And just kind of saw whatever the things that me and Vicci have. ?So [I'm] pretty happy.

QUESTION: Does your contract allow you to be involved in any other TV shows at this point?


QUESTION: What does it say?

NIKI DAWSON: You cannot appear in an unscripted series for a period of time.

QUESTION: So no chance of you guys getting on the X Factor at all?


QUESTION: Tyler and Tarralyn, you guys were singing songs that were not really the best choices. What do you think the point of that was, to have you sing a song that was out of your comfort zone?

TYLER ROBINSON: Well, you know, I think the reason for that is really just to see how we deal with it. It's a competition. They want to push us to be our best and to make us work really hard because if you don't do that then what's the point of the competition? I was obviously given a song that was really far out of my box and I think I took it and I really did my best with it. I changed it. I modernized it and I made it me.

And I truthfully can't say that about a lot of people who cover Elvis because most people who cover Elvis either end up sounding like Elvis or like karaoke. And I'm not saying that Patrick sounded like that because he sounded really great. But I just think that I did my best with it and I was actually really happy with the song choice after working with it.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Right, and I kind of echo Tyler's sentiments. Actually to the point of "Single Ladies," most people know me as singing - I'll sing a ballad or I'll sing a mid-tempo so I think that Christina wanted to have us do an up-tempo song that was a little bit out of my element, although Frenchie had done - was it, "I Kissed a Girl?"

So I think that she knew that she was comfortable with it but she had never heard me do it. So I think she had us do that song because, number one, "Single Ladies" is a simple song. Number two, she probably felt like we could show more stage presence. It would expose either our strengths in one way or our weakness.

And I think that with the few little - I say a little funky parts. I say my little bad notes, a little over singing there, I still am very proud of my delivery of the song and the way that it came across with me having not really been the girl to work the stage like that.

You know, I would stand in the mirror and try to practice and I think at the end of the day, maybe for whatever reason, Frenchie gave the better performance, at least that's what Christina must have thought because that's why she chose her. So at the end of the day I'm comfortable and I'm happy with the decision. And - but I'm still proud of my performance.

QUESTION: How long do you guys really get to rehearse those songs before you perform them?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Well, we have a couple of days because everything is taped over a period of time. I don't know if I'm supposed to say that but it's taped over a period of days. So like, we'll go to rehearsal. We don't have three-hour long rehearsals with Christina. It may be 30 minutes or 45 minutes tops. And then you take your song back to our sequestered place and we work on the song either with your partner or by yourself.

And so Frenchie and I never worked together. I think there was only one time and that was the night before – no, two times, two times we worked together on the song. And I'd say a couple of days to kind of practice it and make it your own as much as you possibly can.

QUESTION: When [Christina] didn't choose you I heard that your mom got a little upset. Was that true? And did she say anything to Christina?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Interesting. My mom was never on the set. My understanding is that she was in the back with me. You know, the family's in the back where they never make it in the audience. So my mother never made it in the audience. I keep hearing this story and I'm, like, what?

I don't know where it's coming from but, no, she was never in the audience. And no, she wasn't really upset. She just said that Christina made a call on - off camera to me but never did she speak to Christina from my understanding. She left with me. So I don't know if maybe it was somebody else in the group but I don't know.

QUESTION: Do you have any favorites among the people that are left? Is there anyone that really stands out to you?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Javier is my favorite.

TYLER ROBINSON: I think Dia might be my favorite left. I think she just has this really cute personality and she's such an artist when she does anything with music. And I love her and I think she's going to do really well.

NIKI DAWSON: I would second Tarralyn's opinion. I think I love me some Javier.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: He's a - Javier in my opinion is - he's a real entertainer and a real musician.

Yes, he's like sold to it. And then I think not only that but his story and the fact that he's married and he has kids and he understands. He's had a record deal before and been through the ups and downs of the business. I think that he's just great. And I think that he deserves the opportunity to really win this and take care of his family and basically make up for the time that the record labels dropped him. You know, so I think this is good.

TIM MAHONEY: I really liked that Xenia girl, the young one. I still think there's something - she's got to be shaped a little bit, but I just think there's something in her voice and I think that's really cool.

QUESTION: That moment that you stepped out to do your big battle round performance what was going through your head?

NIKI DAWSON: Goodness, going through my head at that moment was to put on the game face because you don't want to look scared and don't want to look like a deer in the headlights and just get ready to sing this song. It was kind of almost at the same time a comforting feeling from before.

Like, final audition I thought I was going to die but this time it was very, like, all right, I really like this song, you know, just ready to sing my heart out. So it was a very definite reassuring feeling all at the same time.

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, for me walking on that stage I wasn't nervous that day. I don't know why. I don't know what it was about the day of the battle but I just was not nervous. I was just really, really excited to get out there and perform that song because in our rehearsals that week we were having so much fun, so much fun and just bringing it 150% every time. And so I just couldn't even wait to get on the stage and perform it and show all of the coaches and everyone in the world how hard we've been working and how amazing we sound.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Wow, well I was thinking, "oh my gosh, let's just go and get this over with!" I was just thinking, okay, let me just see. I was trying to remember all of the words to "Single Ladies." Oh my gosh, I never knew it had so many words. It's just tons of words in this song.

And so I was thinking, "Lord, please don't let me forget these words and hopefully let me try to remember how to move on this stage" because I would ?literally stand there and freeze up because I'll concentrate so hard. So that's pretty much it. I was just thinking "let me just get through this, remember the words, and remember to move." And I guess I was just thinking, whatever happens happens but that's it.

TIM MAHONEY: I wasn't that nervous. I was kind of ready to just do it. We'd been rehearsing in the hotel for a long time and it was just one of those things where you're just kind of ready to do it. You've been working on the song and sometimes if you work on it too long you just over think it. So I was just ready to get out there.

QUESTION: [How did you feel] stepping into the shoes of a role model? Did you have one moment where you felt like, wow, this is the moment that I realize that I'm a role model?

Niki DawsonNIKI DAWSON: For me it was really interesting because at first I kind of wanted to - not saying I want to be a role model but if anything I always thought I want to have that person to tell me I don't have to fit in, conform to society. ?That's what I'm all about, that's what I push so much to everybody, anybody that really wants to listen to me and talk with me about that.

And I thought it was really interesting and it really hit me just last night. I was looking on my Facebook and then I was like, "oh my gosh, a lot of people like me!" And then all these young girls are just like, "oh my gosh, I admire you so much." It was weird but at the same time it was totally cool.

Like, I was just, like, wow everything that I went through and everything that I stand for I'm making a difference to some younger girl that's, like, kind of confused or whatever the case may be. So I think that made me feel ten times better about everything.

TYLER ROBINSON: Yes, you know, it's funny because going into this I didn't realize that I had the potential to be a role model. And after the second - the airing of the second episode, the blind audition, and the way that they edited my footage and just made it all about me coming out to my dad was just - it was shocking to me because I sort of felt like they were going to use all of that footage that we took but I was just not - I was not ready for that.

And I was freaking a little bit. And then I started getting these emails and these messages and these Tweets from people. And oh my God, the nice things that people were saying and all of these really young kids, like 15 and 16 years old, telling me - they were emailing me and saying, "I just came out to my parents because of you, thank you for being brave enough to do that on national television."

And I seriously - I don't even know. I was overcome by some of these messages because I didn't realize that I had the power to make people feel the way that they were feeling about everything in their moment. And...it took me by surprise a little bit. I didn't realize that I had the potential to be a role model in this way.

And I'm so happy that I helped people out because it's - it is one of those things that people are scared to do and you just can't be scared any more. And I'm glad that I could help them. So I love it.

QUESTION: Do you feel shows like Glee or any reality shows like The Voice or the X Factor have really opened kind of doors for you all?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Yes, I absolutely think that reality shows are the new way to get heard, to get a deal, to basically take off ten or 15 years of work. In the matter of three to four to five to six months you alleviate ten year's worth of work without a television audience, without press, without media. For some strange reason people gravitate to what they see.

The power of television is - there are no words that can describe. I always tell people that television will change your life. It will do more for you than getting in your car and from city to city and passing out posters of flyers. You know, so it definitely has changed the way that artists get signed.

And I think it's a great vehicle for a lot of artists that don't fit the mold, that most times never get the opportunity to walk up into a record label, present demo, do a showcase. It's just a great vehicle.

QUESTION: Niki, do you think that Cee Lo regrets putting you and Vicci together?

NIKI DAWSON: I don't know. I can only guess because you never know what's in somebody's mind. But it was kind of funny because I kind of feel that a lot of people - somewhat underestimated me. I think it was just because of the song choice that I chose the first time because I kind of like to do pop music but I can also sing ballads.

And I think that when we actually started going into rehearsal, it was funny to hear Cee Lo be like, "oh crap!" in the middle of us having rehearsal. And it was just kind of like - a little bit confusion. Everybody was kind of looking like, what's going on, but it was still cool.

So what's done is what's done and I think that everything will still work out in the end no matter who won. I think I'm just happy that I did get teamed up with Vicci because she was a really great opponent to work with.

QUESTION: You can't do any unscripted television but any of you have any hope for doing scripted television, say Glee or anything?

TYLER ROBINSON: Yes, I really, really want to be on Glee. And when I say "want" I mean I'm going to be on Glee. I don't know how yet but I'm going to make it work because - it's really funny, I never actually expected to want to be on Glee until - when we were in the hotel and hanging out and these past few months people have just been walking up to me and they're like, "you should be on Glee."

It never even crossed my mind until people told me that I looked like I could be on Glee. So maybe you'll see me as like a young, sexy substitute teacher on the show.

NIKI DAWSON: Everybody makes fun of me but I love Disney Channel to death and I've always wanted to do something for them or work on - at least have a little show. I don't even care. I don't care if I get a tiny, little part. I do not care. I want to be on Disney Channel so bad because I just love kids and I love the happy-go-lucky vibe and everything. I know it sounds lame but, yes, most definitely Disney Channel.

TYLER ROBINSON: Niki, you'd be such a good Disney girl.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Playhouse Disney.

TIM MAHONEY: I would be definitely open to it. It's something where I've always liked acting and comedy and stuff. I would for sure be open to it. You know, I do music for a living. It's what I do but it's something where I've always been interested in acting so if someone had a cool offer, a cool show or movie, bring it on.

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Wow, that is so funny that you asked that question because this probably is a long shot but I absolutely - when Dream Girls came out they called me to audition for Effie. ?So I didn't make it but I would love to freaking play in Aretha Franklin's story for sure because it's so my life. You know, I'm a church girl. She's a church girl. And then I do have an agent and I do have somebody that works with me for acting so, yes, I definitely want to do television.

QUESTION: Tim, there's been a lot of talk that Adam has his mind made up going into the battles. Did you have a feeling that he maybe paired you up with one of his favorites because he had you picked to go home?

TIM MAHONEY: You know, again, like everybody's talking, you know don't know what the possibilities are with that. I guess I didn't really think so, no, especially because [Casey] didn't really know the song at first.

So, we're totally two different types of things but it's something where – I guess maybe why I was surprised because she was one that first got cut and then got called back for a second time.

I guess I will say no to that, I didn't think there might have been any predetermination.

QUESTION: Tyler, how are things with your family now that the show's aired?

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, I actually haven't gotten a call from my father but he has been talking to my sister and she said that he hasn't actually mentioned anything about the show or about what I said to him on the show. And, you know, I think it's just something that he has to work through on his own time.

And when he's ready to give me a call I will pick up the phone because I don't want to be estranged from my dad. It's not a very fun place to be. But on another note, my mom has - she became even more supportive somehow throughout this process.

And she has been calling me and texting me every day and just telling me how many compliments she's gotten from people in our community. And she is such a sweetheart and she's just - she was the same way when it first happened. She was very off put and didn't know how to deal with it but it's been two years now and she has been the most supportive person in my life.

And she has been telling me that she didn't realize how brave I was until now because she's like, "I didn't know how scary it was for you to do that." And I just think that she's the strongest person that I know and that, coming from her, was the best compliment that I could have gotten out of anything.

QUESTION: What was your most memorable moment with the coaches, one that means the most to you going forward?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: More so when [Christina] turned - when she hit the buzzer and turned around first and talked about how she wanted to work with me, I think that's my most memorable moment.

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, I think the most memorable moment with Blake was during an interview that we had and it was him and Reba and I. And we were sitting there and were just talking. It wasn't really and interview or anything, it was just us casually sitting there talking.

And it was so casual and so easy and it was such a great experience getting to sit there with Reba McEntire and Blake and just having a little conversation, and pretending that Reba and I were best friends for five minutes. But, you know, it's just - that was a great experience just being able to sit there and talk to him and not even about music, just about everything.

And I thought that was so fun because he's a musician but he's one of those musicians who doesn't always talk about music. And it's sort of refreshing.

NIKI DAWSON: I would have to say, similar to Tyler's little interview. I had an interview with Cee Lo and Monica and I think within one of those moments, besides me being star-struck in the midst of us talking, I kind of started listening to what he was saying. And he was just basically telling me how he felt that even though I have this kind of really cool voice and it was unique and what not.

But then he really just sat there and told me that he really admired and could tell that I am this person that really tries really hard and won't give up and keeps persevering through everything, even though I'm super young. And he was, like - he says he see something in me.

So I think that's one of the most memorable things for me is wow, this dude is one of - one of the most talented musicians trying to tell me that he sees something in little old me. So I think that was something very memorable for me.

Tim MahoneyTIM MAHONEY: Probably for me there's two. One, of course, being the comment, the whole "you sounded like a chick," that of course, I can't get that out of my head because I've done about a million interviews just on that statement alone.

And then the other one is probably just the comments that he said at the end of the battle round, which some of them got edited but just that he - that I listen to some of his phrasing ideas and that he just really thought I brought it. I think I was just happy, you know, for myself that he thought that.

QUESTION: Tarralyn, can you talk about how you and Frenchie worked through the early tension to support each other for the performance?

TARRALYN RAMSEY: Yes, well, we had, I think, one conversation after Christina said what she said in our rehearsal. And we just kind of talked about things and we just said, okay. We're going to do what we need to do and make this a great performance. And I think we worked through it. And I'm happy with it and I think she should be as well. And I think she is.

QUESTION: Tyler, can you talk a bit about Blake's decision? Do you understand why he went with Patrick?

TYLER ROBINSON: You know, it could be anything. It could be the time of day. It could have been the day of the recording. There are so many factors that go into making a decision like this but the stress that he was under and the pressure that he was under from producers, from himself, and from us because we really did both give an amazing performance.

And if I was in Blake's position, I don't know what I would have done. It's a terrifying experience for anyone to make a decision like that. And, you know, people may say that he made the wrong choice but there's no wrong choice because we're both really strong singers. Obviously it wasn't meant to be.

And, you know, maybe something bigger is coming to me. I never know what's next because everything happens for a reason and you don't want to mess with the way of the world because it will come back to get you.

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