Kenton Duty Talks About His Part on 'Lost'

Kenton Duty is fairly new to the acting scene, but he does have a few roles under his belt, with a role in the web series Ctrl and a part in the Tim Allen movie, Crazy on the Outside. He also appeared in an episode of the television series Cold Case. His talent, however, more than makes up for his lack of experience. Duty may be fifteen, but having been part of one of the most popular television series in history, Lost, is bringing him into the spotlight and is sure to help his budding career.

On Lost, Duty played the role of a young Jacob, although no one, including Duty himself, knew who his character was until nearly the final episode of the series. He was billed simply as “Teenage Boy.”

Originally published at Media Blvd. on 4 May 2010.

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