Mary McCormack Plays The Lead in "In Plain Sight"

Mary McCormack stars in USA’s summer series, In Plain Sight, as smart, smart mouthed and very sexy U.S. Marshal, Mary Shannon.  Assigned to the federal witness protection program, Mary must aid the reluctant victims who have had their lives upended by either what they have done, or what they have seen, and find themselves starting new lives and new identities.  This is a job that is part baby sitter, part law enforcement, and sometimes involves being a new best friend.  Along with her partner, Marshal Marshall Mann (Fred Weller), Mary investigates murders, buys groceries, and helps the folk in the witness protection program get through their days, sometimes even buying porn so a witness can choose her new breasts that she has been promised as part of her deal for testifying against her former boss.

Her lover (Christian de la Fuente) doesn’t know exactly what her job is and is left hanging often as Mary runs off to live her secret life on the job. Coupled with the family drama of a returning sister with her own hang-ups (Nichole Hiltz) and a mother who can see that the sister does know wrong (Lesley Ann Warren), the show is full of family drama against the backdrop of Mary’s secret occupation.

Mary recently spoke to MediaBlvd Magazine and other press outlets about her character and the series which premiered on June 1, 2008.

Read the full article at Media Blvd.

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