Kirsten Prout On The Final Season of Kyle XY

Canadian born actress, Kirsten Prout, plays Amanda, the teenage neighbor and love interest to Kyle in the ABC Family Drama Kyle XY.  The show recently began airing its   fourth and final season after premiering in June 2006 to the highest ratings in the networks history.  The show was also the very first to picked up by ABC as a summer replacement two years ago and it was so successful that it paved the way for other ABC Family shows to be showcased on a major primetime network!

Kyle XY is about a mysterious boy that was found naked in the woods and appears to be missing a belly button. Nobody knows where he came from and for almost the entire pilot episode he doesn’t speak, but manages to tell everyone how he is feeling through his expressive eyes. At the end of the episode he masters the language and begins to imitate his surrounding peers and in addition his heart is captured by his beautiful teen neighbor, Amanda. At the end of the first season, we find that Kyle is human and is a product of science and posses superhuman powers.

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