Spotlight: NYCC 2015 - The X-Files Press Room - Chris Carter + Exclusive Photos

Chris CarterOn Saturday, October 10th, the second press room at New York Comic Con I attended, directly following its panel, was for The X-Files on FOX. The X-Files returns for season ten January 24, 2016. As SciFi Vision intends to cover the series extensively, I have transcribed the majority of each of the roundtable interviews.

Following is a transcript of some highlights from the interview with Chris Carter, followed by the video. Don't forget to check out the full photo gallery and other interviews from the press room, as well as highlights and photos from the panel and premiere.

FOX Press Room
The X-Files
Creator and Executive Producer Chris Carter

Chris CarterOn why it’s returning now

For the reason that I got a phone call from Fox saying they wanted to do it, and I heard that the actors wanted to do it. It was good timing and good fortune.

On if writing for a short season of six episodes informed the plot

Not exactly, because if you really look at the way we structured it, it would be like a quarter of a season, and so we put in as many mythology episodes as we could into a quarter season and as many standalone episodes and one comedy episode.

So it was really also a feature of who came back to do the show. So when Darin [Morgan] signed on, we knew we'd get a comedy episode. So when Glenn [Morgan] signed on, we knew sort of what we'd get; we had a good idea. And then James Wong, and that rounded out the bunch.

On his initial thoughts when filming the first scene

It wasn't like it was this loaded moment; we all hit the ground running. And it was a big day and lots and lots of dialog. David [Duchovny] mentioned that today when we were at our panel, that it was just a huge day of work. We run like crazy just to get the work done. So I think that it wasn't like we all had a chance to sort of like smile and enjoy the moment; we were off and running.

On why it's time to bring the show back

It's a chance to do good work simply - I mean when I got the call, I knew it was an opportunity to do good stories. I had some in mind. You'll see episode four is something I'd been thinking about for a while: the mythology, how I wanted to come back and reinvestigate. So it was an opportunity to do some things I'd been thinking about.

On if the mythology is dropped through the middle of the season or just not as threaded

We really, I'd say we kind of drop it, but the relationship has an arc, so while we drop the conspiracy per se, the relationship continues to follow a path.

Chris CarterOn things that were important to add to bring the show out of the 90s

Well, the technology obviously. Also, we're in a different time. When the show went off the air, we were putting all our faith in the government after 9/11, and we're in a different time now, and if you're sort of paying attention to what's going on online and alternative media, there's a lot talk about possible conspiracies, so we wanted to be true to the kind of time that we're living in.

On dealing with the fact that new technology brings things like camera phones, providing a way to get quick proof of things before they disappear

You're going to see in episode three we sort of deal with that a little bit. You're going to see some use of new technology and the results of that. So we're trying to be honest to the time we're living in.

On juggling servicing the fans versus new viewers

[In the first episode] you see that in the beginning, we kind of give you a rundown of who Mulder and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are, where they've been, what they'd done, and what their relationship is. That's for fans, but it's also for newbies; it's for people who don't know what this show might be. But, you know, if you're coming to the show new, you have some catch up to do for sure. But we came back to do the show for the hardcore fans, first and foremost.

On Tad O'Malley being even more paranoid than Mulder

You know, that's also an amalgam of a lot of what I'm paying attention to online right now, is these characters who are out there doing exactly what Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) is doing, and fanning flames, and so yes, it's interesting to get somebody who's even farther or more extreme than Mulder.

On the fact O'Malley is the opposite in the fact he became rich from his paranoia

I don't know; it's just interesting to me. Opposites are interesting and something to play. Also a lot of these guys are making money in interesting ways off of conspiracies.

On the premiere having a less "dark and moody" tone and how the rest of the season will be tonally

You're going to see the next episode will be what I would call a classic monster of the week episode. So you're going to see the darkness; you're going to see the flashlights; you're going to see things that are familiar, but, you know, I think that the show you saw is really in keeping wth the way we told mythology episodes.

Chris CarterOn if the blu-ray or other version of the series release will have missing or linking scenes

I don't know what they've got planned, but I can tell you there's plenty of material.

On non-returning and returning characters

Unfortunately Robert Patrick, Doggett, was unavailable; he has another job so that's one of the people. Alvin Kersh (James Pickens Jr.) their boss was unable to come back, also he's got a job, so I'd say those are the two people we were unable to bring back. Reyes (Annabeth Gish) comes back.

On how the Lone Gunmen were able to return

I don't want to spoil it for you.

On if the miniseries will make people go back and watch the original series differently because after the first episode, people may look at things differently

Not necessarily the whole time. He makes a reference to something, but, you know, to take people at face value, to trust what they're saying, you know, everyone's got their version of the truth, and they may be lying as well, so we want to sort of throw that out there.

On the audience's reaction and on there being a new generation of fans who weren't around during the original series

That blows my mind. I mean [the fan in the audience] wasn't born when the show started, so that's really a feature of the time we live in, when you can watch these episodes streaming on Netflix. It's a really a brand new time and a place for television shows to live past their usual lifetime when I was a kid.

On if he thinks the younger audience may be finding something different than the original audience

I have no idea. You know, when you look at the show in 1993, it's a little dated. Hair styles are dated; wardrobes are a little dated. So, are they watching a show that's a historical artifact or are they watching it fresh? I don't know.

On the possibility of getting in trouble for saying the government lies.

No I'm not yet, but the show hasn't aired yet, so we don't know. (laughs)

On the idea if Fox decides to do more episodes, how much he already has mapped out

I have some ideas, but right now I'm going to finish these episodes. I actually have a lot of work to do; we're not quite done yet.

Chris CarterOn clarifying that after the premiere we still don't know the truth, just a new take on the conspiracy

I'm not saying they're no aliens. I'm saying that I threw a new light on the conspiracy, what it is, and this is one man talking about it, and this is Mulder taking it hook line and sinker. So we don't know what the truth is.

On why to get rid of the problem, people haven't just killed Mulder and Scully

They don't want to turn him into a martyr, and that's always been the way we've played it.

On the idea of tagline changes this season

Stay tuned.

On how much revisiting he did to the original series

A little bit. And I know the show and I know the mythology, so I didn't have to go back a lot. You'll see a reference to the second episode in here, so I wanted to be truthful and honest as possible to what we've laid down. So when the guy the old man says "Roswell that was a smokescreen," it's a reference to the second episode.

On the possibility of Millennium coming back

I'd love to see Millennium come back, and I think it's a show with life to it. I saw a picture of Lance with Megan Gallagher and Mark Snow recently so I know people would be interested in coming back.

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