ATX Television Festival - Day One

This year the annual ATX Television Festival is being held virtually so SciFi Vision is able to attend part of the event. The festival this year is spread across ten days, with evening programming during the week and day-long programming on the weekend. Unlike last year’s free three-day festival with panels available on YouTube, this year’s content is only available to paid attendees and press.

Today marked the first day of the festival and there were a few events to start it off.

First up was The Daily, which will air everyway, where festival co-founders Caitlin McFarland and Emily Gibson previewed how the festival would be running this year. They were also joined by directors of the festival, Jennifer Morgan and Laura Kincaid. Most of the panels and such is pre-taped, but there will also be live things to come, including surprise “pop-up” events.

The evening kicked off with the Friday Night Lights Pep Rally as well as a 20th anniversary panel for Degrassi: The Next Generation. The night ended with a live 90s trivia event sponsored by Hulu.

You can read more about those below.

ATX + FNL Pep Rally: 10 Festivals Later – This 90-minute event was a look back the past nine years of the FNL related events of the past, complete with clips and live guests. There were pre-recorded messages from some of the cast members as well. The Friday Night Flashbacks will be available on VOD as part of the festival to attendees. Some of these interviews included Louanne Stephens, Zach Gilford, Brad Leland, Scott Porter, Stacey Oristano, Derek Phillips, and Mae Whitman.

Degressai: The Next Generation 20th Anniversary Panel – This panel for the Canadian series was presented by Tubi, marking 20 years since the series premiere and featured cast and crew from the fourteen seasons of the show. Panels included Linda Schuyler, Stephen Stohn, Stefan Brogren, Aislinn Paul, Shane Kippel, Luke Bilyk, Lauren Collins, Munro Chambers, Jake Epstein, Daniel Clark, Andrea Lewis, and Christina Schmidt.

ATX TV Trivia Night – Sponsored by Hulu, the trivia event, which featured 90s trivia, was a celebration of Pride Month and was live, including special guest contestants. Eight attendees were also chosen to play live on-camera.

While we will not be covering every panel, we will try to bring you some roundups of what’s going on at the festival and some of the highlights of the best content. We have also tried to connect for interviews for the series highlighted at the festival. Most series are waiting to closer to the premiere, but we will at least be bringing you some content, including interviews with the cast and crew of Kevin Can F*** Himself, coming to AMC.

See you for Day Two!

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