SciFi Vision and the Syfy Digital Press Tour

Syfy Ice SculptureIn a first, Sci Fi Vision was invited to the Syfy Digital Press Tour in Orlando, Florida (10/10-10/11) to speak with some of the Syfy talent and have exclusive access to the Wonderous World of Harry Potter theme park. Starting today, we will be providing you with official digital content, exclusive interviews, our impressions, as well as plenty of photos and videos of the events and the parks (including Halloween Horror Nights XX). To read some of the updates as they happened, you can still ready our twitter page (@scifivision) as well as look at my own personal Facebook for more about my own personal experiences. Both myself (Jamie Ruby) and Sci Fi Vision's Karen Moul also took an extended look at the Harry Potter theme park during the week, so expect extra content on the park! All photos/videos will eventually be placed in a gallery along with many more that cannot fit within the articles.

The event started Sunday evening with dinner and drinks, followed by Halloween Horror Nights XX that ran into early morning.

We continued with panels (see below) on Monday, followed by our exclusive, private tour of the Wonderous World of Harry Potter, where we got to access everything the park had to offer! So stay tuned to hear more!

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