Syfy Press Tour 2014

Syfy Press Tour 2014This past weekend SciFi Vision attended the Syfy Press Tour in Orlando, Florida. As time progresses and articles and photos are published, this page will be updated to make it easier to find everything in one place. First will be photos and overall recaps and impressions of the events. Eventually there will be information from each of the panels. Keep checking back as more of the following become links to content.

Day One:

Wizarding World of Harry Potter photos (soon all days of photos separate from the press tour will be moved below and in one place)

Dinner at Antojitos and bowling with the cast of Ascension at Galaxy Bowl at Cabana Bay hotel:
  *  Recap
  *  Dinner Photos
  *  Bowling Photos

Day Two: (recaps & more for panels coming soon)

Syfy Executives Panel - David Howe (President, Syfy), Bill McGoldrick (EVP, Original Content, Syfy), and Aaron Sagers (Blastr)
  *  Recap
  *  Panel Photos

12 Monkeys Panel - Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, & Travis Fickett (Co-Executive Producer)
  *  Recap
  *  Panel Photos

Helix panel photos - Kyra Zagorsky & Steve Maeda (Executive Producer)

Killjoys panel photos - Aaron Ashmore, Michelle Lovretta (Creator/Executive Producer), & Emily Andras (Consulting Producer)

Town of the Living Dead panel photos - Bryan Boylen, John Ware (Director), Tina Teeter (Producer), & Glenda Hersh (Executive Producer)

Face Off lunch photos - McKenzie Westmore

Ascension panel photos - Brandon P. Bell, Tricia Helfer, Brian Van Holt, Al Sapienza, & Andrea Roth

Z Nation panel photos - Keith Allan, Michael Welch, & Karl Schaefer

Wizarding World of Harry Potter:
  *  Recap
  *  Photos

Be sure to check back soon for more updates.

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