Fringe 4.17 Review: "Everything In Its Right Place"

By John Keegan

Fringe-Glyphs-meu-anjo-17630623-160-160You know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder? Well, that was certainly true in the case of Fauxlivia and the Alt-Fringe universe. While this was as much a story about Fringe Prime’s more timid Lincoln Lee finding his “right place” in the scheme of things, it was also a welcome return of the Alt-Fringe universe and its connection to the larger scope of the mutual war against David Robert Jones.
Because the episode was seen through the perspective of “our” Lincoln Lee, there was a significant amount of time spent on his interaction with his counterpart. One of the highlights of the episode, hands down, was the conversation between them regarding their shared past. It only stands to reason that the more reserved and wide-eyed Lincoln would want to know what moment in his life might have been different enough to lead to the confident man Alt-Lincoln has become.

Of course, there is a bit of irony involved, since this is ostensibly the turning point for Lincoln Prime. One can imagine that this experience, and his determination to prove his hunch correct and bring the situation to the best possible resolution for both worlds, is the first step towards finding his place in the world.

Fringe-Everything-in-its-Right-Place-550x393It’s been a recurring theme for many of the characters this season, particularly Peter and Olivia in recent episodes. And with Peter and Olivia now coming together, it’s fair to say that Lincoln Prime is the odd man out. Why wouldn’t he want to stick around in Alt-Fringe, where he’s viewed as a hero of the people? (For that matter, how nice was it to see the writers address how the cross-universe alliance is repairing the damage done to Alt-Fringe?)

Lincoln Prime’s presence in the Alt-Fringe universe, and his dedication to the mission to stop the shapeshifter and gain him as a source of intel, gave the writers a logical way to remind the audience that Alt-Broyles is, in fact, working for Mr. Jones. Considering that we haven’t seen much of the dark alliance between Mr. Jones, Alt-Broyles, and whatever version of Nina is working with them, this is a nice way to bring that back to the forefront.

The romantic in me (or perhaps the part that identifies a bit too much with Lincoln Prime) is hoping that his aborning partnership with Fauxlivia will result in a healing relationship for both. Fauxlivia seems like the kind of woman who could help Lincoln (now the only one) find his footing and confidence, and she seems to like a challenge. It might even manage to complete the process of making Fauxlivia sympathetic. It also portends much more cross-universe action as the season draws to a close, which is always a plus.

John Keegan is Editor-in-Chief for Critical Myth, a partner site of SciFi Vision.

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