LOST Blows it Out of the Water with an Explosive Season Finale

After such a monumental season three finale last year that revealed the fact some of the crash victims made it off the island, as well as with the introduction of “flash forwards,” fans were left to wonder if such a finale could be topped. They were not to be disappointed. This year’s season led up to and filled many of the gaps between “island time” and last year’s finale scene, the finale finally answering the question plaguing fans since then, “Who is in the coffin?” (although you wont find that out until the last moments of the episode).

The finale not only finally details their escape and subsequent rescue from the island, but also answers many other questions and poses new ones. The main answer revealed is probably how it is that no one has been able to find the island, even if that answer is filled with more questions.

Originally published at Media Blvd. on 02 June 2008 as a review for the LOST two part season three finale, Through the Looking Glass.

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