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Exclusive: Tim Rozon on the Possibility of Doc Being Wynonna's Baby Daddy

Tim RozonTonight Syfy aired an all-new episode of Wynonna Earp, "Everybody Knows." In the episode, Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) and Doc Holliday, played by Tim Rozon, finally talk about her being pregnant. He seems quite happy to be the father of her unborn child, until Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) spills the beans, and he finds out that he actually might not be.

Recently, Rozon talked to SciFi Vision in an exclusive interview about Doc's feelings on the matter, working with a pregnant Scrofano, and more.

**Interview contains spoilers for 2.07**

When we spoke last season, a big part of the storyline was Doc’s revenge with the Stone Witch, Constance Clootie (Rayisa Kondracki). He took care of that for now, so is there something specific that is still driving him now? Or is it mostly about Wynonna and their friends for him and taking care of them?

Tim RozonThat’s a great question to start, because last year that’s pretty much what it was. As a character choice I made, I would say that he was hell-bent on revenge. No matter what happened last year, that’s how I played it, because Doc just really wanted his revenge. I couldn’t imagine what it was like to be at the bottom of a well for a hundred and thirty years, but I’m imagining you’re pretty pissed off when you get out of there. So, that’s pretty much what everything was about for me last year, and then things happened in between, but it was mainly about that.

So then for this year - I think we kind of got into it actually at the end of last year, when he comes back to that party, because he was leaving. Doc was gone. And he came back, and he came back for her.

So I think this year, we’re seeing him definitely a little more vulnerable, in the sense that he realizes he’s all alone, and the family that he has, is the Earp sisters, and I don’t think he wants to walk away from that. He’s finally a part of something that really means something, and I think that it’s important for him to stay being a part of that, no matter what.

Can you talk about working with Melanie when she was infected with the demon goo? And even Dominique you worked a bit with too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get too much stuff with the bad Waverly, but it would have been awesome to work with Dominique like that, because she looked like she was having such a blast. At the same time, Doc’s greatest asset is that he can read people really well, and he can figure stuff out when people are off, so it would have been cool to see if Evil Waverly was able to fool Doc.

In all honesty, I think Doc was onto Wynonna pretty much from the beginning of the episode. I think he knew right away. I think that goes back to Doc being a professional gambler and poker player, and he’s had those reading abilities his whole life as a survival skill. That’s the one thing that he always has better than everyone else, his ability to read people. You gotta give Doc something, right? You have a dragon, you have the heir with the demon killing, the one gun that can kill everybody, and super-Waverly. So Doc has to have something.

Definitely. Can you talk then about working with Melanie? She’s was Wynonna obviously, but she was a different version of the character.

Personally, watching it, I loved bad Wynonna. I know from working with Mel, she had such a blast doing it. I was very lucky to have a lot of scenes with her. Mel and I always have fun together. You need to understand that she is probably one of my favorite actors, and working with her is really awesome. When you’re in a scene with Melanie Scrofano, trust me, you know you’re in a scene with Melanie Scrofano. You have to bring your chops, because she’s so invested, and I love that, because I like to be invested, too. And just to do scenes where she is just playing within the character, of fighting an evil character, but the evilness is there, and just embracing the evilness, and I could just see her playing and having fun and figuring all this stuff out. It was really something to be a part of.

Can you talk about how you found out that Melanie was pregnant and also how it affected everything and changed the direction of the show when they added it in?

Tim RozonI remember the day that we found out. We had just gotten back to Calgary, and we were about to start season two, and the producers from Calgary are bringing us for lunch. That’s pretty normal; I didn’t think much of it.

I get to see Shamir [Anderson] for the first time, so I’m super happy; we are goofing off. We’re both wearing ninja masks for some reason; so, we’re loving that, as if we’re the only two people in the world wearing ninja masks.

So, we’re just goofing off at lunch, and then all of a sudden, Emily [Andras] says, “Well, listen, you guys. We brought everyone here to tell you something.” And it’s me, Dom, Shamir, and Melanie there, and Mel says, “Actually, I’m going to say something.” So then she kind of just said it like that, pretty much as is.

So, Mel’s pregnant, and the first one hundred percent honest-to-goodness reaction was we all just cheered. And you don’t even think; my brain doesn’t process any other thing than joy. Someone says they're pregnant, and you’re happy for them. So we’re like, “Yeah, cool, cool, cool!” And the producers look at us like, “Yes, okay. Well, so how is this going to affect filming?”

So, then they let us know how far along she was, and everyone was like, “Yeah, we’re doing this; this is going to be an amazing thing.”

And then it just became about being there for Mel this year, whatever she needs.

And it was instantaneous, the three of us, Shamir, Dominique and I, we're like, "a million percent, whatever you need. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want,” we were all there for Mel. “Whatever you need from us, we’re ready to do this; we’re here to do this. We can’t wait to do this." It was embraced from day one.

Can you talk about the tension between Doc and Dolls after finding out about Wynonna's pregnancy? They don’t know for sure that it’s Doc’s. They are kind of at odds and then they get over it. Can you talk about their relationship?

Playing all this stuff, there is such a sense of realism, because everything is so real. Between Doc and Dolls, I don’t think it’s ever a jealousy thing, that’s for sure. I do think after their fight last year in episode 1.08, the one thing that they do is respect each other. Whether they like each other or not all the time, they do have a deep respect for each other. It’s evident this year; Doc literally does everything he can to save Dolls. He spends the first four or five episodes saving Dolls.

Tim RozonIn my opinion, he did that more for Wynonna, rather than personally for Dolls, but I think he’s not going to save the guy if he really doesn’t like him. So, I do believe they have a respect for each other as characters, and there is a rivalry there for Wynonna.

Maybe the reason that he actually wanted to save Dolls was because he wanted to – I don’t want to say “win” Wynonna, because you definitely can’t win Wynonna, that’s for sure. [laughs] I mean, nobody is going to win anything when it comes to her. And not that it was a competition either; it’s more I would say a respect for each other, but I don’t think he would want to be with Wynonna without her choosing who she wants to be with. Because at the end of the day, it’s going to be Wynonna who chooses who she wants to be with; no one is going to get to make a choice other than her, that’s for sure. That’s what I mean by maybe he saved Dolls, because if Dolls isn’t around, then he’s the only choice left, and then he’d never know if he was the real choice anyway. There was tension, but at the same time, like I said, it wasn’t jealousy.

It certainly was interesting because of Mel’s situation; she was pregnant. Working with Melanie this year was probably my favorite experience as an actor in my entire life and career, and that‘s just because the storyline we played, I was so involved in what was happening in real life and [in the script]. Obviously, I’m not the real father with Melanie Scrofano, but when you’re playing a suitor and possibly the father, and the woman that you’re playing with is pregnant, it really changes stuff. So acting-wise, selfishly, for me, having Mel pregnant was awesome. [laughs] It was pretty difficult for her a couple of days, but for me, any time we were in a scene together it was pretty awesome. It just helped so much. It made acting so easy, because you’re so affected. You feel for this person. I felt for Mel; I felt for Wynonna. I was always feeling, and that was it. Mel and I joked, and I said, “I don’t know what you’re going to do for season three; you’re going to have cut an arm off or something. You brought so much to the table this year, acting wise,” and obviously physically. But emotionally, it was truly an honor to be a part of acting with Melanie this year.

At the end of 2.06, Doc leaves her the note that says he’s "all in." He thinks he’s doing the honorable thing. I want you talk about that, but also, I am curious if that means he was intending to completely be with her, or just help take care of the baby? Because he was still with Rosita (Tamara Duarte), but then again, when they showed him with her, it was after he found out that it might not be his, so it's hard to tell for sure.

I think, without a doubt, one hundred percent, Doc is in love with Wynonna. And when he says he’s all in, I think he’s all in. I think he’s ready, like he said last year, to grow barley and move up to the country and build a little house. Being with Wynonna is more than enough for him, to keep him happy, and he would love that. But he understands that, like I said, it’s not a choice for Doc to make. It’s not up to Doc; it’s up to Wynonna, and I don’t think that’s what she wants, which could be one of the main reasons why he’s so crazy about her. [laughs]

But I personally think Doc is a hundred percent in love with Wynonna Earp.

Regardless of whether he knows he is the father, do you think he thought about the fact that he doesn’t grow old, how it would affect their family and him being a father?

Tim RozonI think so. I think that all these things come to light. I mean, either way you’re looking at it, her choice of fathers is not great. It’s either a demon revenant or a freakin’ guy who can’t grow old, immortal friend of her great-great-great-grandfather who’s been alive for a hundred and fifty years. Either way, the baby’s coming out a little sideways.

But that’s Wynonna Earp. That’s what makes the story so great. The thing about this child, is it’s going to be part Earp, so part heir. It’s going to be the next heir. It’s going to be either part heir/part revenant, which is absolutely madness, or it’s going to be part heir/part Doc immortal-ish Holliday.

Either way, Emily Anders and her team of geniuses are going to play us like fiddles, and they’ll dangle this craziness in front of us forever.

Can you talk about how he feels when he finds out it might not be his child?

After he finds out, after he decides he’s going to be all in - like I said, it all comes on to how he feels for her, and I told you how I think he honestly feels, I think it’s heartbreaking for him. I think it breaks his heart and shatters him into a million pieces. I don’t think he’s going to let too many people do that, know how heartbroken he is, because that’s just how stupid and stubborn Doc is. But I think honestly it tears him to pieces.

Switching gears, I know from when we talked last season, that wearing the hat was a big thing when getting in character. Obviously the character was upset without his hat, but I'm curious, when you didn’t have the hat, was it hard acting-wise, or are you just so used to playing him now that it didn't matter?

I missed my hat every day that I didn’t have the hat. There’s something about that hat. - Don’t forget, that getup makes sense for TV, but I’m walking around the streets with that big mustache. I look like the hipster of hipsters, and I’m not that hip. It takes me four months to grow that mustache, and then I’ve got it for six months. So almost twelve months of the year I’ve got that giant-ass mustache. It’s kind of weird, but when you get on set, it’s not putting on the guns, and it’s not putting on the coat. When I put that hat on, it just feels right. There’s Doc. Then I know where he is, and all of a sudden I can start speaking like him, and I get his little walk back, and it all happens.

So yeah, it was kind of difficult not having his hat. I played with that hat, and I used it, and I normally only took it off mostly when Doc talked to Wynonna, which was my choice. In season one the only time I ever took it off was when I was talking to her, or when I’d come in the house, and out of respect for the Earp sisters. I didn’t take it off at the BBD or whatever; I took off when I went in the Earps’ house or when I was speaking to Wynonna. And it was nice to have that moment, because I got to play nervousness, tapping on the hat with my fingers. And I didn’t have it this year, so not having it for a while was kind of difficult.

When I asked you last year, you said three words to describe Doc were “hell-bent on revenge.” So, what three words would you use now to describe Doc now?

Totally in love.

Right now she seems to be with Dolls, but I hope she ends up with Doc; I have to be honest.

Tim RozonYou know what though? Every time I watch it, I’m like, “Oh man, she’s gotta be with Dolls too.” And I’ll tell you this: it’s Mel. It’s the way Mel looks or talks about Dolls in her performance; she really sells it for me. It’s in freakin’ Mel’s performance, which is the heartbreaking part of all of it.

As a fan, I’m on the fence. But like I said, she doesn’t have to choose. She won’t; I don’t think she’s ever going to make that choice, but I don’t think she has to make that choice. She’s Wynonna Earp; she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants to do.

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