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Exclusive Video Interview: School Spirits’ Macpherson, Ventura, Pichardo, & Wedell

Written by Jamie Ruby
Interview by Suzanne Lanoue

School SpiritsCreated by Nate and Megan Trinrud, School Spirits premieres today on Paramount Plus. The series follows Peyton List as teen Maddie, who finds herself stuck in the afterlife at her high school along with other students in limbo. Determined to discover the truth and solve the mystery of her disappearance, she observes her friends and discovers that she wasn’t as close to some of them as she thought and they may have secrets they are hiding.

The series also stars Spencer Macpherson, as her boyfriend, Xavier, Kristian Ventura and Kiara Pichardo as Maddie’s friends, Simon and Nicole, and Rainbow Wedell as classmate and cheerleader, Claire.

Flores, Pichardo, Macpherson, and Wedell recently spoke with SciFi Vision about working on the new series, now available to stream.

Watch the full interviews below and be sure to check out the series.

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